Funny valentine

Had a good laugh at some BlackBerry display pictures yesterday. Here are some that made my day


I just totally love this one. How creative Christians can be when they want to be cheap. Lol


With this one, I just love the girl’s pout…same thing he did on Christmas…lol!


This was my absolute favourite… what violent times? are we in Iraq or baghdad?…simply hilarious.

But did you get this broadcast

Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Children’s day, Wedding day, Birthday. Independence  Day…….does anyone think of JUDGEMENT day???

Hope you enjoyed your valentine…if you didn’t there are always other days….or you can try again next year. word has it that 2015 still has February 14th in its calender so dont worry there’s hope yet… hehehehe

8 thoughts on “Funny valentine

  1. Hahahah love the girls pout too and yes o its suddenly violent every febuary the 14, what happened to bringing valentine home… Abi the violence reach him wallet too. Smh hilarious things. Well I had an awesome day at work giving gifts to all our customers and it felt real good to give. Off cos my day couldn’t have ended without getting something so yes, my mama gave me a gift, I don’t know about you all but nothing tops that :D. So mama you rock and thanks for making my day. *btw min b if u read this, pls send my gift to molete or challenge oh*


  2. In these Violent times… lol. I gotta try that one… Hehehe. To much pressure on people these days for Valentine. But Why won’t there be, when the people being “Valed” want to rub it in the faces of others?
    Anyway, it’s all good. All days are made by GOD and we would rejoice, (love) and be glad in it…. especially in these violent times. Hehehehe.


  3. Seriously laughing… especially the first.
    Judgement Day is one day we all take lightly…. we have to make sure we are constantly working towards it and stay ready no matter what other days we are celebrating.
    Pastor M, Welldone. Great reminder. May God continue to use you for His glory. Amen.


  4. “Violent times” *faints* u will fear *Philos* lol! and the judgement day message is simply epic, lol!
    The pressure on people concerning Val’s day is laughable walahi! it got some people in my office carrying the gifts their husbands gave them at home to the office and some even valed themselves and sent the gift to the office. lol! *true story*


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