hello people hope you didn’t miss me too much….LOL!  I know it’s that season of love again so of course you know I have something to say about that…

Actually I wasn’t going to say anything o! but something i watched the other day on tv got me thinking….

So, because I married a man who likes all these crime and investigation tinz …I am constantly watching the crime and investigation channel on DSTV. In fact some nights I wake up hearing rounds of gunshots and I wake up with a start till I realize that my pk must have left the tv on and slept off and there are actually no gunmen in my bedroom *phew*

A few nights ago, I was actually watching one of the ” I almost got away with it” series with my pk and this is what happened….

An elderly man who had been married for 41 years…note 41 years so imagine how old he has to be …worst case lets imagine he got married at 20, he would be 61 right? so, for lack of a better word I will call him “papa”, anyhow, this papa had a problem that his wife of 41 years knew nothing about ….a gambling problem that had caused him to write bad cheques worth 80,000 US dollars. Long story short he wakes up one morning and gets a call from the FBI about the bad cheques which is like major major crime in America and he is told that he would be indicted for the crime meaning many many years in jail..

what does papa do? first he goes into the sitting room where mama is sitting watching a movie and immediately confesses all his sins and trust women, mama is frantic and starts crying and screaming down the house. anyhow, papa is able to calm her down and they finally go to bed. in the middle of the night, mama who has literally cried herself to sleep (I’m guessing) is sleeping soundly but papa cannot sleep. he’s tossing and turning. according to him he’s worried that if he goes to jail how will mama survive? who would take care of her? by the way they have a grown up son and daughter who are married with kids of their own. well, its too much for papa to handle . so because he LOVES her so much and cant bear to see her suffer…. he does the one thing that he believes will save both of them from such heart ache…. he puts a pillow over his sleeping wife and shoots her 3 times in the head and once in the chest. then writes a letter to his children explaining how he did this out of love for her, then packs his bags….oh! did I forget to mention … and her credit cards and leaves.

ok, take a minute to grab your jaw from off the floor, then we can talk…deep breaths…yes, in…out…in…out…feel better yet?

so, now lets talk….

you see this love thing ehn! its causing a lot of issues o! me I don’t get how you kill someone you’ve been married to for 41 years because you love her too much to let her be sad and miss you… i thought the vows you took were till death …not till murder do us part. well, that’s the world’s definition of love …always selfish. that’s why the only way to love is to know God ….for God is love (1 John 4:7-8)

I’m honestly saddened by what young people especially girls are going through these days all in the name of getting a valentine….the guys are actually doing all sorts of nasty things to get out of buying a valentine present and the girls are holding on tenaciously and forgiving even the unforgivable just to get a present that may end up being just a cake….but even if its a private jet…no man should treat you like dirt just because he wants to give you a gift ….which he was trying to get out of giving you anyway …if not for your tenacity in forgiveness….lol!

love protects…love gives….love cares…and love definitely doesnt make flimsy excuses when it is valentine.

ok so now the solution? instead of allowing the world fill your head with ideas we have decided to show you God’s own way so at DCC its a weekend packed… we are even catching them young so for the teenagers on february 14th we have TEEN’S GROOVE…VALENTINE GROOVE BANNER

Then for the SINGLE GUYS AND GIRLS we have UNMASKED coming up….on saturday february 15th …unmask-2-things

of course the married folks are not left out if anything they have been well prepared for …its on sunday the 16th of February…DATE NIGHT. theirs is a black tie event…so everyone is expected to come glamorously dressed. lots of prizes to be won. they are keeping it hush hush but because i am soooo kind…i will let the cat out of the bag ….

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okay so that’s that but so you don think I’ve forgotten this is dilemma Tuesday and I have one dilemma for you. maybe because i didn’t mention the gift most of the winners didn’t call last week. so please pick up your free ticket to comedy goes to church. call bose on 08077714411…

since its valentine…this weeks winners get a box of cupcakes from sweetcerely yours sm_redandpinkcupcakes

okay so now that I have successfully wet your appetite, here’s the dilemma for this week

Dear Pastor M, I don’t know where to begin and I really would like to remain anonymous. My problem really is a bit complicated and I don’t know where to start from. my husband and I got married and for 5 years there was no child. There was pressure from every side but my husband stood firmly beside me believing that one day God would show up for us. at the end of the fifth year my husband got a contract job to work in America for two years and since I had a good job here I opted to stay back since the plan was for him to return after two years. while he was gone I got an offer to adopt a child from someone …this is my mistake…I never told my husband , I pretended I was pregnant and kept coming up with excuses why his travelling back was unnecessary (especially since he had signed a contract not to travel back to Nigeria for a year) till I had put to bed. I even came up with a story about not being able to travel so i couldn’t have them in america. bottom line, I had twin girls or so I told him as he rushed back home to see us. its been 6 years now and my babies are 5 years+  my husband is soooooo attached to them. they are very close and he can do anything for them. now the problem is, guilt is killing me and I live everyday in fear.  what if the truth comes out? should I tell him or should I leave things as they are? why rock the boat? I just wanted him to be happy…..Now I can’t even sleep at night.

okay people lets hear what you think…

remember best comments get to be my val 😉 …is it not cake that makes you a val 😀  Ehn! oya win and be my val 🙂

42 thoughts on “THIS LOVE PALAVER

  1. Well you could tell him the truth now or wait until one or both of the girls has a medical emergency and the doctor needs your husband to donate blood and lo and behold, they find out that he or they have a rare blood type and he couldn’t possibly be the father and he concludes that you’ve been cheating on him for the past Lord knows how many years and no one wants to hear your pathetic excuses by then (because they WILL sound pathetic by then) and then he throws you and your kids out of the house…… See where I’m going with this? This is the stuff of soap operas. Soap operas are built on secrets. The longer it is kept, the worse it gets when it is revealed. Note that I said ‘when’ not ‘if’. Pray about it, commit it to God’s hand, take a deep breath and tell the truth. Say like Esthet, if I perish, I perish. Funny enough, you won’t perish. God won’t let you


  2. Wow!!!!!!!!! Dis love tin sef. @ anonymous, I assume u did dis becos u love ur hubby. But u shld have told him. Marriage is two people coming to together in “AGREEMENT” to be together against all odds. U ve made d first mistake by nt telling him and u re already guilty, so no flogging it further.
    He needs to know the truth, he deserves it. Love is forgiving, he will forgive but u ve 2 tell him ursef. Make world people no help u ooooo.


  3. there’s nothing dat kills faster than guilt gnawing on ur insides.
    everyone makes mistakes. some u hear of and u go like wow but really if u tink about it, we all are infallible.
    so here’s what u can do and it will work beta dan anxiolytics n sedatives… speak out!
    u both r xtians ryt… pray, 4gv urself and ask d Holyspirit 4 help. (he’s ur superhero remember))
    did u ever watch dt program’ speak out’ on tv…lol.
    well speak out not 4 d world to hear but ur husband.
    so many thgs can go wrong…twin 1 myt end up in a fracas and need one of u to donate blood and voila. ..breeze go blow fowl ny*sh.
    I tink as humans its harder wen we hear hard truths frm pple afar off… cos its like, hello….did evry1 knw abt dis aside me…¿
    so tell him. its hard. yes. its one of dose issues u can call ur pastor in to help…adoption is nt bad. d only issue is d whole drama around urs.

    ders a little ish
    current location is abuja…
    hw wil my cupcakes reach here na?
    Happy Valentine’s day.


  4. Last time I checked Eziaha Olojo was trying to lose weight:p
    This is one tough dilemma
    Even though sorry doesn’t fix everything I believe it is best Mrs Anonymous opens up to her hubby ASAP before he finds out himself.She needs to come clean before God,ask for his forgiveness,wisdom and that God should touch hubby’s heart since the heart of kings is in his hands.
    Opening up to hubby herself might not be very good depending on his type of person but I feel talking to someone who he respects and listens to will go a long way.
    Above all prayers (that God will give hubby the grace to forgive her,remain in love with Mrs Anon. and still adorewill be the biggest tool in resolving this dilemma and trust me that home can still stand


  5. Last time I checked Eziaha Olojo was trying to lose weight:p
    This is one tough dilemma
    Even though sorry doesn’t fix everything I believe it is best Mrs Anonymous opens up to her hubby ASAP before he finds out himself.She needs to come clean before God,ask for his forgiveness,wisdom and that God should touch hubby’s heart since the heart of kings is in his hands.
    Opening up to hubby herself might not be very good depending on his type of person but I feel talking to someone who he respects and listens to will go a long way.
    Above all prayers (that God will give hubby the grace to forgive her,remain in love with Mrs Anon. and still adore his girls)will be the biggest tool in resolving this dilemma and trust me that home can still stand. It might be tough, infact it will be tough but again with prayers and wisdom it will be fixed.


  6. Hmmm…the mistake has already been made, so there’s no need to overflog the issue. The solution is, sincerely go to God in prayer and tell Him everything, pour out your heart to Him like our father David used to do. Then God will give you the strength, wisdom and grace you need to tell your husband the truth, because you definitely have to tell him. The longer you keep the secret, the worse the situation becomes. Tell him now so that he will find a way to still trust you(even though it may take a while) because trust is essential in every working marriage. If the truth comes out from somewhere else or from unforseen circumstances, he may not be able to trust you again. You also need 2 tell him so that you can finally be at peace with yourself. You can’t keep tormenting yourself for years to come.


  7. lol, i actually squealed a little when i saw this blog post… I came looking for something else, havent read yet but at least there’s a new post. we love you PM … continue to be an inspiration to others around you so help you God =D


  8. The deed is done already. Like it is said unforgiveness is like pushing someone down and still sit on the person. The person that is pushed down is down and the person that pushed the other down is also down and stagnant. The best thing to do is to tell her husband. The scenario would not be beautiful at all because so many things like “TRUST” would be at stake. The place of prayer shouldn’t be overlooked as she needs to pray for God to help keep her home in one piece after she drops the bombshell. Its better her husband gets to know about it from her than when one “amebo” tells him. Shalom


  9. The deed is done already. Like it is said unforgiveness is like pushing someone down and still sit on the person. The person that is pushed down is down and the person that pushed the other down is also down and stagnant. The best thing to do is to tell her husband. The scenario would not be beautiful at all because so many things like “TRUST” would be at stake. The place of prayer shouldn’t be overlooked as she needs to pray for God to help keep her home in one piece after she drops the bombshell. Its better her husband gets to know about it from her than when one “amebo” tells him. Shalom


  10. she needs to tell her husband because the man is living a lie …..if the husband fails to understands then she can approach someone… go to someone for help (am guessing that most couple do have someone that they are accountable to…someone that they can run to, or report their spouses if they are misbehaving…(Pastor, mentor, role model)…she can go to that figure in their marriage and explain her position) she should also pray ooooo…seriously pray!


  11. ok,…..I’m going to have to comment twice…..this post is a bunch of interesting.
    1. I literaly inhaled and exhaled as you asked… jaw dropped ooh, if not physically, then I’m sure it did spiritually……lol
    The man actually killed his wife, in the name of LOVE… it the same LOVE that I know….wow.


  12. First of all, I am actually crying within me that the saturday’s programme coincides with what av planned for 10am that day too, awwww, nooooo!… Will go for sunday’s own sha, since its close to school..
    I did call for my gift, Bose couldn’t get it to me as I am on the Island but she said this sunday am ready to win cupcakes too o, so over to this one.
    Wow! This love thing sha, twas the same trying to make her happy that made that man kill his wife and now same trying to make him happy made you lie about kids you adopted for 5years +.
    But this isn’t the kind of love God posited na? 1cor 13-Love doesn’t behave unseemly and thinks no evil. Love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in truth. You aren’t rejoicing that you lied to him and that’s great but you should set things right and tell the truth.
    It won’t be easy, pray and tell God you are sorry and let Him take control and let things go well after you tell your hubby the truth, God is forever merciful..
    If you indeed love your hubby,do what love is;rejoice in the truth,tell him the truth and let the burden of lies be rolled of you.
    God dey with you and if your man is as kind as he seems to be and loves you plenty like I think he does(he did wait for 5years when you couldn’t conceive),he’ll stay and forgive you. Commit it all to God and take the right step.


  13. What is done is done. The past won’t change but you have to decide what is more important to you- the trust in your marriage or you keeping your pride intact. The truth is the truth midear and the longer it takes to come out, the more rotten it will seem when finally exposed. So, please just tell him…. Pray it through, talk it out, counseling will probably be necessary as trust is not easily rebuilt.
    P.s. Since you haven’t had any other children (assuming) there may be something else up, medically


    1. Hmmmn, this ‘papa’ business na wa o… Anyway his kind of love is definitely not christian love. And why shoot his wife four times… Seems more like a joy kill than a ‘mercy’ killing to spare her whatever… After 41 years??? Haba, oti o, hian, something definitely SNAPPED…
      And to the letter at hand… Lie no good oo, after how many years…. The man sef no try, so nobody he knows saw wifey during pregnancy and omugo nko, abi he returned after one year,(9 months + 3 months after preggers) all the birth show-tells on a woman’s body don disappear finish ehnnnn? Ok o, pls dear anonymous, I’m not having a rant, deed is done, please speak the truth now now, as in don’t wait any longer, pray and pray, love forgives all. Hubby anon may not forgive immediately but he will eventually if the wifey speaks the truth now and repents of all lies…


  14. Ok,…here’s my second comment.
    First I wanna say I appreciate you ma and I’m amazed at the kind of dilemma letters you recieve and i’m sure God guides you to give them answers. Well done ma
    Now to my own suggestive solution.

    This woman really is going through a lot right now and the least you can get is support from around. I want to say that there are several vital things that must be done by YOU (woman)
    1. Ask God for forgiveness. Why? I was only doing this for love for my husband and marriage, you might ask. The reason is because your action not only proves that your faith in God was put to test and you failed, because clearly, you didn’t adopt the children, you purposely made them yours by faking their birth. So, God needs to know that you trust Him even after these past 5yrs. Also pray intensively and in faith that God opens the ears and heart of your husband to for give you. God will hear you. He is FAITHFUL. That’s very vital.
    2. Go to your pastor. I assume that you haven’t in this case, so if you haven’t, pls go and explain this to your pastor, most especially the pastor over your house (it would be even more beautiful if you both still worship in the church that wedded you), that way you are at home with the pastor and he understands you better. In any case, pls talk truthfully and completely about what transpired to your pastor. I’m sure he/she will go on his knees on your behalf and will give you the best counsel concerning this matter. Also, your pastor will serve as a listening ear to you both. Do not entertain outsiders.
    3. After you have spoken to your pastor, decide on an appropriate and conducive time to tell your husband….my suggestion would be for you to do this in the night time (when he won’t be able to rush out of the house in anger, this would be dangerous). I don’t mean a month later ooh! AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, KIA KIA. Then, TELL HIM THE WHOLE TRUTH (hmm this is the hard part, I know, but you just have to). He will definitely feel damned, betrayed and incapable, but be ready to take all his anger or expressions. However, TRUST GOD…..some might even ask for some space for a while….if it comes to that, then honour it, but I trust that it will not come to that, by God’s Grace.

    Having said all these, if you still don’t have any kids apart from the twins, could this mean that you both haven’t conceived a child yet? If so, then This will definitely get him worried, he would question his manhood or your own fertility. This is where the faith comes in again, you already proved God unable by your actions and the fact that it was your idea means that you just might have jeopardized your family with your own impatience.

    Seek God’s face, he’ll always be faithful even in our unfaithfulness.
    I pray that God Grace and Favour goes ahead of you and makes all things work together for your good, in Jesus Name…and the Peace of God garrison your heart and your hunband’s in Jesus Name. YOU WILL TRIUMPH..AGAINST ALL ODDS….say hi to the kids for me.

    So sorry ma for the long comment…just had to say them as long as it came…….love you ma,.muah muah…..and muah for Davida and Hadassah (She’s my Namesake by the way)


  15. Wow, this is the stuff home videos are made of. Hmmmmmmph! It’s a dilemma indeed because not telling him means continuing to live the lie and telling him means shattering his trust in you. Why u waited 5 years beats me but what’s done is done. You have to tell him and most likely he will feel upset, disappointed, betrayed and used. Be prepared for the backlash. However, if you pray about it and sincerely seek Gods forgiveness and ask for His help with your husband, I believe He is faithful and just to forgive you and cause your husband to do same . I’ll be praying for you.


  16. Oh boy! Talk about a real dilema. This situation is soo twisted it needs serious brain storming ermmmmm where do I start from sef…ok God is ur 1st stop for help ( am sure we have all in one way or the other, no matter how small @ some point in our lives asked God to come clean up our mess). Confess ur sins to him and repent sincerely. Then ask God to take control of the situation at hand. Ask for the holyspirit to help you , because he is the only one who can tell you when to tell your husand, how to tell him, if u need to tell him on your own or you would be needing the help of elders, a pastor or just anyone your husband holds in high regard. In a nutshell only God knws how this would end , so your best bet is to stick to him like glue and obey his instructions a 100%. Wish you God’s favor , grace and mercy while you are at it, cus u need those in abundance. It is well . And Pastor M , I called Bose ooo, she said midweek or sunday


  17. Well the truth always sets us free! In my honest opinion she should tell him and I am sure teh guilt would melt away. Also, he might just suprise her and be calm about it, especially as he dotes on the girls presently. He may hurt for awhile, but continuing to live this lie may be more harm than good. If he chooses to leave, God will not leave her comfortless, it is hard, but the truth is exactly what she needs. God bless U PM. Love u plenty!!!


  18. im still so thrilled that i have a free ticket to see accapella live on comedy goes to church. whoops!!!……. mama, you are the bestest! thank you so much ma! i will exercise my kingdom rights and and ask for morrre!! this valentine season. mama, pls be my val. lol!
    this tory wen dey ground is a very sensitive one o! every relationship should be built on trust o! dont t take major decisions on your own like that, even if u feel u are trying to do a good thing! i have learnt this lesson personally nd painfully! like pk says example is d best teacher nd not experience! trust is the very essence of marriage and once it’s lost, it may never ever be found. your dear husband may forgive you, but would he be able to trust you again? would he believe that you truly adopted d babies not that you were unfaithful to him.. never ever keep things from someone u share such deep ties with, it can be quite irritating. i dont know the solution to this problem but i know that prevention is better than cure.


  19. My dear, it’s hard to live a lie. And living a lie this long is even harder. Tell him the truth and be prepared spiritually, emotionally and financially for the consequences, because your husband may just put Jesus in the back sit and take a long walk away from home. Free yourself of this guilt…tell him. You never know, he just might understand and forgive you.


  20. PM did I win? *looking at PM with puppy eyes* I had to wake up at 3am to read and post my comment. I was dreaming of you handing me the box of cup cakes already.


  21. All she owes ha husband is the truth and nothing else, there’s no short cut to it. A man who has stood by you despite the pressures from all quarters for 5 years wil be in support for an adoption (double adoption-twins) in my opinion. If she can keep dis lie for dis long and still live then I tink she will be able to go through the transition period of trust before to betrayal to trust again. He might take awhile to relieve the whole experience, moreso he is attached to the children. He trusted ha no doubt if he would allow ha excuses of not bin able to travel to be with him while in d states for 9 months.
    She has to seek God’s face for guidance and forgiveness and belive dat he would handle the situation. He is human so she must expect some kain things. Love can do anything once we allow it to take its course(not talking of the love portrayed by 61 years old papa)


  22. ‘Much as I love the way d story plays out wit 2 absolutely adorable twin girls being d result of this twisted tale, I can’t get past d kind of mind that wld scheme and hide all this for 5 whole yrs!!! Mbanu…y? Is her husband that much of a monster that he wldnt understand ur need to adopt? Or did she try to ask him hypothetically and he shut her down?
    Either way…what am sayin is situations like this come out of an already dysfunctional foundation. There’s a deeper problem; fear (the lack of it for God and prob an overdose for her hubby), lack of understanding, communication issues…the list goes on and on
    My take is she shld tell him wit her pastor present and afterwards (My prayer being that he forgives her) they shld ve counselling to sort out the real underlying issues that wld make lying to her husband for 5 yrs an easier option than just saying “sweetheart how bout we adopt these cuties and make them ours forever”
    Now on a lighter note…PM PLSSSSS I WANT CAKE!!!!


  23. first of all, this is my first time commenting cus i just HAD to say something though i’ve been following you and your blog for bout 2 years now. I love you, P.k, your marriage and your ministry…oya, back to the story. First off, what kind of person lies to a man that has supported her through her ‘barreness’. Its not like if she didnt give birth, he’d have thrown her out of the house. Women and their hasty decisions sha…She should have consulted her hubby then both of them could have done the hush hush thing together. Well, all that is water over the bridge. She has to tell him the truth and face the consequences cus there’s a thing called karma, u no dey watch naija film?? Tops, the baby mama would come back and cause some drama or the kids would need some blood, pls tell your husband, he’ll be pissed yes but if he loves you, you guys would work things through…


  24. Wow, i still need help packing my jaw off the floor about these two stories. first Oyinbo people’s love is always DRAMAFULL, whick kain love will cause u to kill ur wife biko? did she beg you for relief from a problem caused by u? tsheww!
    @Anon, first i claim the blessings of a twin cos no matter how eye-widening the situation is, doesn’t change the fact that children are blessings from God and you are blessed with two. Plus me i am not one to dwell on a problem, so off to solution i go.
    God, God, God and more God is all you need. If you never cry before, get ready to cry wella to God, cos only him can resolve all this for you. And don’t put off telling your husband any longer, if he is as amazing as i am deducing from your letter that he is, then he can probably already sense that something is wrong with you. And he is probably confused about whatever it is, so put him out of his confusion and tell him the bitter truth after praying “delay is dangerous”.
    He will hurt, Oh yes he will and give you plenty drama that will hurt you and threaten to destroy ur spirit, but don’t at any point in the discussion get defensive, it will only make matters worse.
    Pray also for wisdom to answer whatever questions he might ask after telling him cos, there will probably be some heavily dicey questions and truthfully your ans can either prolong the healing process for your marriage or speed it up (cos i do not believe this will break your marriage).

    I wish you all the help in the world and as hard as it might be to believe it right now, the truth is God has got u and ur family and this too shall pass. All the best.


  25. “just to get a present that may end up being just a cake….but even if its a private jet…no man should treat you like dirt just because he wants to give you a gift” sooooo true!
    Cake of #3500 from cakes and cream

    And sister, d earlier u come out clean, d better for u & your marriage. The guilt will make u sick & old on time. Let d worse happen now instead of waiting because it won’t be funny if u continue to decieve him & d whole thing comes out in a really bad way.


  26. “just to get a present that may end up being just a cake….but even if its a private jet…no man should treat you like dirt just because he wants to give you a gift”. So true!
    Cake of #3500 from cakes and cream.


  27. Ok mama after crossing all the hurdles I did to comment on this post, I think I deserve the cup cakes.. Pretty pls with ice-cream and everything sweet. thank God, I finally got here. So Unmasked yayyyyy!!! I have started praying that I make it o, because I can’t afford to miss a meeting with you ( yes I have missed you that much) ehen!! Back to the matter.

    I actually feel sorry for those kids, because they would be most affected by the decisions that would be made. I still can’t believe this lady though. How do you lie or withhold such information from your better half, the one person you should confide in, I mean this is not a stretching the truth kind of lie, it is a devil got a hold of your tongue kind of lie. I mean your husband did stand by u, never put any pressure on you. This story could have played out differently but you chose the wrong one (how did u manage it??)
    This means you didn’t trust God to do only what God can or yourself that there was nothing wrong and in time it would happen and you certainly didn’t trust that your husband would always support you or even agree to adopt. My take, steady your walk with God, he forgives, he knows, he will be your strong tower at such a time as this. Find your husbands head, the one your husband respects, listens to, loves (his pastor, father… ) It might be rough, so you will need patience, it will take a long time to get over this (probably longer than it took you to live with the lie) but you will get through it, learn from it and hopefully grow too. I pray that God helps you through and gives you the expected end that you desire.


  28. Hmmm, for this papa. I’m just wondering if a Nigerian would do the same thing. Somehow, im beginning to get convinced that there’s something in this “yankee oxygen” that we’re not exposed to. Whatever it is, it should stay there biko!

    As for the twins issue, hmmm. In short words I’ll just say this… for everyday she keeps mute aboout it, 5yrs becomes 5yrs 1 day… 5 yrs 2 days… 5 yrs 3 days… More torture, more pain, more fear and not forgetting…d@s a heck of a LIE!
    Tell him TONIGHT! Errrm,, those were short words abi? 😀


  29. Hi Sis, only just read this. Totally amazing I must say. 40yrs only to end it with Murder in the 1st Degree?? White ppl don’t have problems like we do that’s why they are soo petty with their lives!! Now for our ‘Iya Ibeji’, meen… WA o! She worked very hard to keep the truth from both his family and hers or else the cat would’ve been out of the bag by now na. At the risk of sounding callous I’ll say she might as well keep the secret going since she’s done such a good job for 5yrs already. The husband’s been an angel, WHY BREAK HIS HEART??? He loves ‘his’ daughters, so why break the bond??? No be today we’ll have deceit and betrayal, the Bible is FILLED with em. The lady should make peace with the Lord, double check the twins’ blood group for emergencies and keep her mouth shut!!! The day she dares to open them, she had better not be alone cos the grief and anger may cause a physical EXPLOSION! I really don’t envy U Pastor Mildred…..all these stories u are exposed to eh? Why don’t all these silly folks come to u before they commit the crime? Why burden U with the details and guilt after they’ve sucked all the juice? Like I said……I sound callous!:(


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