2014….and so it begins

happy new year guys ….

yeah yeah! I know its long overdue and I’ve been dragging my feet about blogging but hey here I am finally. So forgive already…

I know…its ‘cos you missed me right?  I missed you guys too . I’m here now and theres lots of good news .

So, the year is starting with a bang for us at just us girls naija (JUGN) and plenty more testimonies on the way

First one here… I’m happy to announce to you all and especially to E’ (now i can rest abi?) that we are now no longer owing wordpress… its so cool to be able to say we are now http://www.justusgirlsnaija.com

oh! what a relief it was such a mouthful to always tell people the blog address http://www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com
and that’s just the first of many things to tell…I know some of you have heard that we had our first just us girls naija meeting for the year.

Okay so I apologize again. I didn’t blog about it earlier but will try and get the pictures and give you the gist of what happened that day but much later

for now let me quickly get this in….

so, there i was trying to get myself together to put to words the message God had given me for JUGN this year.

suddenly I get a BBM of a post someone had seen somewhere and to tell you the truth that’s what really got me out of my relaxation mode …theres too much to do and too much to say that i really shouldn’t be this relaxed at the beginning of a new year …Lord i repent

so this message i got? it left me shocked, angry, confused and sad for the entire human woman race and since today is Tuesday I didn’t want to waste anymore time

so ….. 2014 justusgirlsnaija blog kicks off with a dilemma tuesday post.

remember best comments get a prize

here goes….

“I’ve been besties with this girl for 15 plus years….she has been married for 10 yrs….

I’ve been sleeping with her husband behind her back for almost 9yrs....

we have a son & daughter together… they’re 7 & 3….

she knows nothing about this she thinks i got pregnant by one night stands….

her husband sees his kids regularly, pays child support, and pays my rent & utilities….

she is my kids godmother and her kids come over to have play dates….

her husband got divorce papers and is waiting to file them, he wants to be here with me and the kids….

my question is how should we tell her?

should i because i known her first?

should he because they’re married?

or should we all just sit down and talk?

Okay so once you get past the initial shock…try and put your thoughts together and tell me what you think

I’m still speechless….

I promise to come back and do a proper welcome post but I just couldn’t let this pass …

58 thoughts on “2014….and so it begins

  1. Hmmm, 2014 dilenma Tuesday starts with a bang!!!!!.
    They should both sit down and tell her that they have betrayed her trust,friendship, broken vows, defiled her bed for years. They owe it to her to tell her the truth or else a calamity awaits them, well…(What am I saying), whether they tell her or not, calamity still awaits them. They should brace themselves for the impact….. I heard a similar story where this happened but the original wife was not able to have kids for her husband, so the man had a children outside, and deceived his wife for years, evetually, the man decided to marry the other woman and they went to do the traditional wedding. On their return back to lagos, a. Fuel tanker ran into their vehicle and pushed their car out of the road and into the bush. Only the driver and a child survived, everyone DIED!, only then did the original wife learn about the deceit of her husband. So they should brace themselves for the IMPACT!!!!!


      1. Yipppppeeee, no oooo, I no say trailer awaits every cheating spouse! Although I won’t mind them being run down sha! Lolllll! But I mean that the consequences are better imagined!
        I hope my prize has 4wheels!!!!!!! Lollllll.


      2. Lol@ being run down. ….four wheels? Let’s see. Have faith. If God puts it in my hand I will release it to you. Alternatively, dassah’s pink four wheel is parked in the parlor if you don’t mind


  2. I first saw it on BN on Instagram and I just told Sapphire that this can’t be true. Because frankly my head couldn’t comprehend the possibility of this scenario.
    But sha, she says she would need the host of heavens to stop her or heaven/hell would be getting a visitor or two.
    Me sha, I still say tz not true… When and if I can get me to believe tz true, I will comment again.
    Yay!!! And to think I tot of JUG again today esp after I noticed femmetotale was now on a dot com level…
    Phew… Ekene dili chukwu.
    So I’m seeing a ‘live amazed’ Post under the related Posts segment. Don’t say me tz Joyce Meyer? Cos I just listened to that message and I started keeping records immediately to live amazed too. I then decided to do a post on same too only to see it here.
    Ok let me open it and see if tz the same thing from JM…


    1. i still dont believe it either but just the thought that someone can come up with this fake or real is beyond me….

      yes “live amazed!” its joyce meyer. remember i attended that conference live.. bless my pk’s heart


  3. this is a joke!!!! It has to be! Who does that?! Ok people do; apparently these people did but I’m in shock! Tell her what exactly? Sit her down and say what exactly? “Hey bestie, you know what? Your hubby and i have been sleeping together 9 out of the 10 you’ve been married” or “dear, I’m sorry, i don’t know what came over me. Your husband came unto me and i couldn’t resist!” Just painting scenarios here but how do you look your best friend in the eye and tell her you’ve not only been cheating on her husband but your two kids are his!!!! Who does that?!!!! I no be d woman but the pain dey eat me. If na d woman nko? Dis kain thing…e for beta make e no start at all!


  4. Yipeeeee!!!!!!! Finally I get 2 say sometin on JUGN. Happy new year mama. Ehn o!!!!! 2 d marra @ hand. Hmmmmmm
    I am shocked beyound words. Where do I start from
    1) U re nt qualified 2 call her ur bestie
    2) U get mind oh!!!!!!!
    3) U must b smoking sometin 2 tink he is leaving his wife 4 u
    Ooooooooooooooooooooooom, I feel like hitting sometin
    Ok, am back
    Truth is weda u tell her, he tells her or una call family meeting dere will be an IMPACT.
    And u will still remain d other woman.
    U need 2 take ur mind off breaking her home and make peace with her and GOD.


  5. This is indeed a serious case *phew* serious damage. From what I can perceive both minds (the man and this wife’s friend) are made up. If they feel like letting the cat out of the bag , they should do so with a lawyer present and an armed man too just incase cause they will need those services. God help us ooo


  6. Wait oooo. Why should the lady be told @ all? Is it possible to tell her this story without sth tragic happening? Abeg they should both dissappear and spare her the trauma. But people wicked sha…. (Nywz bible don talk am say d heart of man is desperately wicked…). How could you do this? Ladies, shey u knw Its easier to deal wif a strange woman on dis issue than a known person, talk more of a ‘bestie’ (Na God go punish am). Y dint she just poison the woman one time as she wan display wickedness. Nywz God no dey sleep…..


  7. Wow this is bad hmm,no matter how the present this to the wife the out come is gonna be Bad so they should just tell her already and pray that God takes control of the situation cos its gonna take God’s grace for the wife to forgive this and move on.. 9yrs of infidelity? :O that means she just enjoyed one year of marraige 😦 …..well all things worketh together for good to them that love Him 😀 *runs away*


  8. Ah, the wickedness that men do and can do!
    This seems unreal but it can happen…
    If they are really certain that they want to be together, they should tell her themselves and stop passing the buck after all, they knew when they were doing the evil act all these years and shouldn’t form good conscience things now..
    But they shouldn’t be deceived at all, God is not mocked,they shall reap what they sow. You think you can betray someone this way,sow evil seeds, destroy ur friends marriage and have happiness in yours? Then think again!
    Even if you repent, the consequences will still follow you.
    Ah, these people are bad sha? And playdates with their kids? Such terrible terrible act. Ah!


  9. Chai!!! Uwa di egwu!!!
    Hmmm… It’s a tough on o, so before I comment on how I suggest she goes about it, I think there are 3 other perspectives she may need to consider in all of this – the man’s, his wife’s children and her children’s.
    The Man: So he’s fathered children with 2 women, his wife and his mistress, and these women happen to be “besties” (Like seriously?! Why is she thinking they are still “besties”? “Besties” don’t do that to each other; so, wake up Sister!). Now he’s decided to divorce his wife and marry his mistress – Why? Definitely not because she couldn’t give him children, as was the case in the event that Mabel mentioned, which leaves us with the mistress’ words – “he wants to be here with me and the kids…”. The dilemma is – so who will be with the children he fathered with his wife? Is there something the man is not sharing with his mistress … and his wife (that’s aside his cheating)? Is there more to the story than what the mistress knows or is willing to tell? Is this a case of “man wants OUT of his failing marriage and his mistress is just his ‘practical and available’ IN now”? Also, how would his actions / inactions affect his children from both women?
    The Wife’s Children: How would she expect them to react, knowing that they share the same daddy with their friends / playmates? Would they ever accept her as ‘daddy’s other wife’?
    The Mistress’ Children: Do her children know that their daddy is also the daddy of their playmates and how would this affect their relationship with them? If they don’t know, how does she intend to tell them that? If they know, she’s woven the thread of deceit into the fabric of their lives and should be willing to live with the consequences – whether she becomes married to the man or not.
    That being said and *rewind to the issue at hand* .
    My thoughts – Stop looking at another woman’s man and home, face your life and make peace with God!
    I don’t think she’ll accept that sha ooo … so, my advice, as she’s asked would be – they should have the conversation with her together and this is how I think it should play out. The husband should drop the “divorce bombshell” to his wife first (he owes her that singular respect, at the least) before she joins in the conversation. Then together, they should ‘spill’ on the entire “nuclear missile” they have released to their lives and that of their children.


  10. This supposed friend has sinned against God and man,if really she wrote this story dis way too bad bcos she is unapologetic about the situation,no sign of regret for the evil act.it doesn’t matter who confesses to her friend,it should just be done and over with.she shouldn’t marry the man cos that’s pouring more salt to the wound.and for her children’s sake she should make peace with her friend which wouldn’t be easy either.
    But really she shouldn’t have done this cos it’s a sign of wickedness,if given poison she could harm her friend.and she should never call her “bestie” ever in her life.cos a true “bestie” will never do this. Karma awaits you though.


  11. Mama happy new year to you too!!!! great news o!!! JUGS is on the .com level o #fast forward tingz o! congrats ma! #im so happy
    to me o, the story can’t be true o…. but i want to win a prize o (lol!) so here goes……..
    if this story were to be true, i’d say maybe all parties involved are not born again. or maybe they are by status and not by life. The wife is the person my heart goes out to because like someone used the word BANG! the news would so bang her!!! as in not HIT o! #BANG#
    PK always says, dont marry anyone that is not born again. This story teaches us also not to be in close friendship (as in up to besties level) with someone who is not born again. in essence all forms of our relationships which we consider important to us shd be measured by this yardstick (2cor6v14) whether marriage or frienship.


  12. Is painful but to me the husband should call her and talk her and later they can sit together only when she agree with d husband.


  13. U say wetin? *mouth open, tongue on the floor*. Ah I no fit speak english for this matter o! Kai! Chineke nna mekwarayin ebele biko. People wicked o! To think that out of all d issues going on her singular problem is “how do I tell her?”
    Are u kidding me? PM if no be say u be woman of God and I know u cannot lie I wld not believe this is even possible. This woman doesn’t need advise she needs an alter call plus deliverance, the type u do with white garments and 2 kobokos #justsaying
    Anyway if u ask me, she and d evil husband deserve each other. This is y they say u shld ve good friends o! Having friends that r having kids out of wedlock and u didn’t think to help her set her life on track or free her if she continues living like that and turn her to aquaintance, u dey form God mother dey do play date…ok oooo!
    This is amazing!!! PM well done o! U are really trying. If these are the kind of msgs people send u I salute ur ministry. God bless and strengthen! (I have learnt to praise great ppl who r doing things I cannot do)


    1. And ds Diche comment gets my vote incase we are voting…
      I’m telling you… Play dates…Godmother? Haba!!!
      Koboko is needed biko… BeAstie from hell…


  14. Hmmm. Pastor M… Am still thinking on d possibility of this with many questions on my head. Since she has kids for this man n he visits them, that means they know their Dad, how come the kids have never called him Daddy b4 his wife and his other kids since both these kids visits n her friend n kids comes over to visit? Children can’t keep this secret except they don’t know.

    Again… If he pays d bills how come his wife has never stumbled on a payment reciept all these while or something?

    This sounds like Nollywood ohhh… Na Yankee where people they mind their biz this fit happen n ll remain a secret for 10 good years.

    But if its true….hmmmmmm…. I don’t know this woman may hv a mental challenge or biopolar if they just break d news to her like that. Her friend if she has a conscience should move to another state or country. Then try n hv misunderstanding with her friend so they can stop talking for long time n let her view her like a bad friend. After which they tell her. Betrayal of this magnitude by a bossom friend can be sucidial


    1. Ok so Vera as much as I would like to say my detective years are over, I’m also trying to see it from your point of view. I actually think this took place outside the country…. That is if we are all agreed that it’s real.

      Also the truth is i have friends kids and nieces and nephews that call me mummy , my dassah calls my sisters husband daddy sometimes… So?! What does that mean? If someone even says your kids and your “besties” kids look alike you are going to smile and say yes na we are sisters…. Possibly hi five each other and say besties for life.

      …except u are likely to do this kind of thing, trust me you will never suspect … It can’t even be a possibility …even if you see them hugging, your mind won’t first go to cheating… Na ur bestie we dw talk o!

      ….besides to the pure all things are pure


  15. Hmmm! Where do I start from? This is like one of those horror movies. That man is heartless, who says he loves his mistress? She better think again. Anyone who can do that to their wife or friend can never make it together, it is already a broken foundation. How did he lie to her these 10 years? Sleeping with both women and having kids with them? He must have had lessons from the devil himself. Kids talk, so I wonder how the “bestie’s” kids haven’t said anything to the other kids about their daddy coming over to their house regularly. If the wife was born again the Holyspirit would have told her o! Chai! Anyway the man should tell her by himself (he owes her that) and face her wrath or the IMPACT, I hope the woman has the strength to move on with her life. This is just too shocking, with all the good men out there you still say na your friend own you want, you must be possessed. Haba!!!!!


      1. I have a million responses to that but I’m sooooo not going there with you guys…. E be like say this my Holy Spirit no get work again . …*smh* He is not the accuser of the brethren….his work is comforter not gossip…

        Besides who says she’s not a Christian…and maybe like me she focuses on asking my dear HS how she can bless the souls that are perishing rather than daily asking is my bestie having babies with my husband?


  16. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just reading the post alone gave me a bad headache…I will be back… *kneels to pray for healing because paracetamol cannot cure this headache*


      1. Ok…I’m back…and I just can’t.
        Pastor M, I had issues with my browser. I intend to incorporate this story as a twist to the screen play I am presently writing.


  17. In my opinion I think they should all be ready for the impact of all they have sown because the law is natural . for the wife I pray for grace for speed recovery. It is well


  18. Ha!! Mildred my sister I am weak o. Trying to figure out if this story is worse than what David did to Uriah after rocking Bathsheba and meenn….I am stumped! Chai! At least David only did her for a few weeks til she got pregnant, then he IMMEDIATELY swung into ‘damage control’, but for both of em to maintain this deceit for a DECADE??? Something must have happened to the lady to make her believe she could never marry and she ‘had no choice’ but to hold on to this ultimate betrayal that will make Judas Iscariot give a STANDING OVATION in hell!!! I AM WEAK O!! Dis one pass soap opera abeg!


  19. Wheeewwww! Oh Dear! This is a really big one. However I have no doubt there is some truth in it, maybe cus I have heard worse. There are no two ways abt it, no matter who tells her or how she is told , she wld be deeply scarred. However I wld suggest dey both tell her, afterall dey both did the DO!, besides that wld prevent one person taking more fall than the other cus in my books dey are both equally responsbile. Having dem go indvidually , either party would no doubt try to whip up some sentiment in his/her favor trying to make the other look bad (yeah some men and some women are wicked like dat). Can’t say I wish you both luck cus sincerly I DON’T! (nt sure that’s very christian hehehehe) . Hmmmmm it is well oo, even in the well. God dey sha


  20. am trying to find a way to answer this question. Honestly all i can think of right now, is that this world is Wicked! having said that, this is my own answer to her questions….. i have to arrange them in Part Ma…( hehehheehe)

    A. When people decide to sit and talk about an issue, the aim of such discussion is for them to solve whatever the issue might be. so if she decides that they need to sit and talk, then my advice to her is that she has to be ready to make peace with her best friend.
    my idea of making peace;
    1. she took something that does not belong to her, thus she must return( am aware that they are kids involved and the children are innocent in all this wahala)
    2.she has betrayed her friends trust, if she wishes to talk she must be ready to acknowledge her mistake and repent( repenting means repenting, try no to do it again! yes that is wat i meant…) especially considering the fact that she claims she knew her friend first before she got married
    this would have been my answer if they were seeking for the bestie forgiveness and wanted reconciliation.
    However, since forgiveness is not part of it….they only want to inform her….then i think the besties husband should be the one to inform his own wife…( in this case prospective ex-wife) of the affair…..


  21. There’s no point pondering on d time devil will rule 1000 years. He’s already here, in a ‘bestie’. Me, I want to c d cup half full. Bestie didn’t mention d man hating his wife so she not only betrayed her friend but must av put d man under immense pressure to divorce his wife for her. What if (as in if o) d Holy spirit succeeds in giving d wife a heart of gold to forgive her husband n they now agree to remain in d marriage for better or worse or in dis case for better or catastrophe? Don’t raise noses o, der can be worse situations. Wat if d wife can convince d husband dat these kids r not yours, I’ve known this ‘bestie’ before u. I know more abt her than you do.what if d scales now fall of the husband’s eyes n he can now see that he was under some sort of influence (I hope)? What if God just takes control and a trailer comes off d road to eradicated bestie and all dat concerns her. …. I need to go pray some more, God has some work to do in this brouhaha and I’m sure He will do it well.Mama, this happy new year dilema pass us o, its better resolved by heavenly host cos only them can win this Mama’s prize ….hmmmmmm


  22. *there’s no point pondering on d time devil will reign well before the 1000 years. He’s already here, much in a ‘bestie’. Me, I want to c d cup half full. Bestie didn’t mention d man hating his wife so she not only betrayed her friend but must av put d man under immense pressure to divorce his wife for her. What if (as in if o) d Holy spirit succeeds in giving d wife a heart of gold to forgive her husband n they now agree to remain in d marriage for better or worse or in dis case for better or catastrophe? Don’t raise noses o, der can be worse situations. Wat if d wife can convince d husband dat these kids r not yours, I’ve known this ‘bestie’ before u. I know more abt her than you do.what if d scales now fall of the husband’s eyes n he can now see that he was under some sort of influence (I hope)? What if God just takes control and a trailer comes off d road to eradicated bestie and all dat concerns her. …. I need to go pray some more, God has some work to do in this brouhaha and I’m sure He will do it well.Mama, this happy new year dilema pass us o, its better resolved by heavenly host cos only them can win this Mama’s prize ….hmmmmmm


  23. I still don’t think tz true but lemme assume for a second and then talk…
    First, all 3 should NOT sit and talk… The man (and I’m using dt term very loosely here) should sit his wife down and tell her… Having d friend (another loose term) tell her personally is an insult. Having a ‘threesome’ is insult upon injury…
    So dude tell your wife… This truth hurts but she should know…
    Then shebi, he wants to divorce her? The bible cucu said if the unbelieving man wants to leave d Christian partner, aint nada d woman can do… At least nothing physical. No need to fight. She will now lose in an even more embarassing way… Cos na two against one. The weapons of our warfare………..
    Now this is d time to hit the floor in prayers… Because this battle no be here ooo… And I believe she should fight for her marriage!!! She should seek counselling too from a good church (I suggest DCC or TFOLC) and have people praying for and with her…
    Now if the divorce happens, she should keep her kids. Of cos d bible permits her to leave cos there is infidelity but she can choose to persist in prayers. God restores marriages I believe… And if her marriage is restored, she should insist that they live NOWHERE ‘beAstie’ and her kids… Of cos dude has to take care of/support his kids still…
    If the marriage is not restored, then we know God has better ahead. Ask Joyce Meyer.
    One thing is sure, she’ll need a great support system through this period. Great Pastors, church, friends (in d true sense of d word), etc.
    Now to the beAstie, I’ll say ‘we reap what we sow… Yes God forgives of course but there are consequences…’
    You may need to watch Tyler Perry’s ‘The family that preys…’ to see how people like you end up…
    Then to the man, the thing I wanna say is not good so I’ll say ‘…God forgive you…’
    But I really have one question for the wife sha… How did all of this happen right under your very nose? Wow!!! That’s why I believe tz not true cos for 9years? And d woman had NO idea… Whether a check in your spirit or a check in your physical… Even if na one-night stands, no way I won’t harangue my bestie for the fathers of her kids na haba…
    Anyways… I hope tz not true sha
    Even thinking about it is headache-inducing…


  24. Mehn its really important to be a woman of prayer, the word and principles. Ur close friends should be spiritual people even in their relationship with other people. Any1 that can gossip about,lie to or cheat someone else, will sureeeeeely soon do the same to u. Well, for this woman, I suggest the husband(he already has no shame) should tell his wife’s pastor or someone she holds in high esteem spiritually and let the person tell her and counsel her immediatey. Me I even suggest the woman should be kept there for some time o. Let them start the matter and end it in the pastor or mentors house o. And even after everything, she should remain there until she can regain sanity and emotional balance. She sure cannot handle this alone. The tears, heartaches, suicidal thoughts, revenge etc. Hmm. She shld be helped o.

    That’s y, we shld never be sad when certain people leave our lives, it’s God setting us free from something worse they may do to us. It is well.


  25. I have always been a silent reader of this blog…..that was until i saw this.
    There are two sides in my opinion to this situation.
    The first being if this is a joke then it really isn’t a joke because someone out there is probably thinking on this and is merely looking for worst case scenario hence the reason for advise. What i would say to this joker or ‘contemplator’ is Proverbs 23:7 ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’ A wise man once said the essence of temptation is the invitation to live independently of God. Be rid of such thoughts. Remind yourself of purity, wholeness and righteousness.

    Now on to the second (if this is indeed real) It is sad really sad that this happened. But it happened. You owe it to your friend to sit with her just the two of you and then break it down bse in all honesty she trusted you to look out for her, hold her hand, smile and everything else anyone would expect of a friend but you didnt. she will be pissed of at you and it might take her forever to recover (Proverbs 27:6) should be one of your references.

    And finally to all of us ladies, temptation is always bse we DELIBERATELY leave doors open, so lets just shut them and throw the keys away. In conclusion;
    Proverbs 20:6’Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find?’

    Eh i have just realized am into Proverbs 🙂 my book to unlocking complex life scenarios


  26. Of course the husband shd tell the wife himself. She made a mistake befriending this girl and for so long. As a married woman u need to cut off from certain ppl. Even if he cheats u will be spared d pain of it being a close friend. She will decide if she wants to fight for her marriage or not. I don’t think I have the courage to ask her to because those two are united. To fool her for 9 years, is she safe in that marriage?


  27. Abeg that fake friend should stop pretending she has a conscience & just shoot her self already #justkidding. But seriously,you want to snatch your friend’s husby and live happily ever after,BIG LIE,your punishment is waiting. Maybe you’ve been touched small in that your evil heart sha…..so fake friend, confess & leave your friend’s husby alone. He mustnt make the first move because some men can be confused, you should be tired of this fornication job already & you need help, REPENT.


  28. Nooooo way!!! I thought and I still believe that we women have a 6th sense when it comes to things like sensing the other woman…BUT as christians, this scenario no be am at all.

    Ahn ahn, I can only deduce that the 3 major characters, wife, husband and the so called bestie are all cheaters and are not christians. Whhhhhhaaaaaattttt, 9years out of ten, and she no even catch them one time… Terrible story, don’t even want to give it much thought cos its just Soooo WRONG.

    If the bestie is thinking who should tell the wife who is her friend and is seeking advice, my advice is the 3 of them need to seek Godly counsel and all the truth has to come out with all 3 present and a Godly counsellor, no divorce if possible and all the children have to be aware (but wait o, how come the man sees his children regularly and they still have play dates with their half siblings and nobody put two and two together)

    Well that’s my 2kobo piece…
    Peace and love to y’all. Happy New year and God’s bestest blessings+++


  29. Errrrrrrr
    I kinda believe it is true.
    Worse things have been known to happen. Thanks to nollywood…
    All I keep thinking is that truly God is a good and even nice God
    He has even forgiven them He is just waiting for them to ask..
    I keep wondering how she can trust her husband after this even if she forgives and they get back together.
    I really don’t have any advice I am sorry ma…
    I just have so many thoughts and questions… This is too painful even to imagine…
    How do you betray and then decieve your wife, a covenant relationship, atv all and for this long… Don’t you fear God?
    Where do you get off calling her your bestie still eh…
    How do you keep someone as a bestie and not know her baby daddies… I want to also ask how a believer has a bestie with this character but the message doesn’t say the lady is a believer…so I will pass…
    Two lessons here tho… Choose your life partner very wisely… Ditto your friends. Especially bestie… Both have incredible power (yes unequal but a lot)
    For the woman’s sake, I do hope someone got over imaginative and then forged this story…



  30. Oh my! This is the height of betrayal. I can’t even begin to put my thoughts together enough to say something intelligent. The lady in question doesn’t seem remorseful from the tone of the post. Its so pathetic


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