Hey people how have the holidays been so far? Seems really short if you ask me. Christmas should be like one week really. Okay so for those of you who thought solving puzzles was my last blog post for the year…. Sorry to disappoint you. Would have gladly let it be but…

I’ve been getting broadcasts this past few days and besides the fact that I find a lot of them to be thoughtless and annoying and I rarely read them especially if they end with pass this on to ten people in the next ten minutes and God will give you a miracle *rolling my eyes* won’t He give me a miracle if I don’t send it? What a petty god they serve. Thank God mine sends me FREE miracles daily. 🙂 these perpetual broadcasters have found another profound way to annoy me.

I keep getting broadcasts like “I know this year, God hasn’t done everything you prayed for but…” Or “I know as 2013 comes to an end you think you don’t have a lot to be thankful for but…” You know those broadcasts na. Wait o! Is it just me or human beings have suddenly developed the inability to count. The last time I checked we still had at least two more days to go before 2013 is over. Abi does December now have only 29 days in it? I don’t know about the rest of you but I have made up my mind to milk this year for what its worth and I’m taking everything that God promised me. I’m squeezing every last drop of the Word for this year.

Reminds me so much of the parable of the vine-dresser, the tree and the owner. You haven’t read it? Oya you must read it yourself. I’m waiting, open your own bible. Dust the bible first na… See all the harmattan dust 🙂 perfect! Now turn to
Luke 13:6-9

The vine dresser had faith in the tree so he asked for one more year. See, me I still have lots of faith in this 2013 o! Kai! I’m asking you for just one more day. Don’t give up on this year o! I know that like Jarius some people have told you “the year is over, don’t trouble the master anymore” (Luke 8:49) but like Jesus, I’m saying to you : “NO SHAKING!” Well, ok that’s not exactly what He said. He said, “FEAR NOT! ONLY BELIEVE!” (Luke 8:50) “same difference” *straight face*

Simply put, its not over till Jesus shows up. The tree was given one more year even though barren but we all know 2013 has been fruitful so far so all I’m asking for is one more day for it to give you every last drop of testimonies. Don’t give up…

So hold on… One more day… one more hour… One more minute…one more second… Until 2013 is actually over.


God bless you

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12 thoughts on “ONE MORE…

  1. As I read this, I said I would drop a ‘one-liner’ comment…
    Good thing you ended with it…
    2013 is NOT permitted to end until I testify some MORE…

  2. Yes ooooo……I’m a living testimony of last minute testimonies. For me ,the year can end right now, I’d gladly wake up to 2014 tomorrow morning but I can still be a bit selfish …2 more days and I have gone to borrow even my neighbour’s jars , waiting to receive more oil . NO SHAKING..mama.

  3. Awwwww totally appropriate, short, precise and loaded. I was still scrolling and I noticed I had come to the end. Infact ehn, if not that I am eager for the word for 2014, I would probably drag I will testify around for one more year, yes that word is sweet like that.. It been a totally awesome year and all I have right now is my thanks.. This year will not, shall not, should not, cannot, fear sef dey catch the year to end until I testify… Does that make me a little to greedy if I am still expectant?? Lovely post mama and maybe just maybe u will post something else. *kisses*

  4. On point message Mama. 2013 is not permitted to end until I TESTIFY! I will get a huge miracle this year.

  5. Am still standing out 4my testimony and I seriously dnt kia how many days is left to 2014 all am sure of is even @the 99 hour Faithful God can still do wat he’s known for. Smile

  6. Infact, I was just sitting on my own jeje, hadnt even showered because I was engrossed in a book I was reading and my uncle whom I haven’t seen in years suprises us with a visit and hands me the keys to a car he bought for me. This happened on the 28th. Truly,2013 wasn’t permitted to end until I Testify..God is totally good, His word is totally true and faith totally works..

  7. Remembered a testimony from last year,thought about this post and just thought to share. I think it was dec 30th 2012,my younger bro had gotten admission into uni but had not made dad was distraught,he even contemplated paying for runs. I told him if he did,my bro will fail,we shud just believe and trust God.
    And that night,b4 d year ended,my bro’s gce results were out and he cleared it all. Yes, faith works!
    And that miracle we’ve been waiting for can still happen 2day b4 12am.

  8. If you don’t do this or if you do this…. yea I hate those broadcasts too*eyes rolls all the time when I read them* our God sure isn’t petty and dosen’t blackmail people into broadcast ing insightful piece as always.

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