Christmas is here again folks. yay!


Christmas is special anywhere in the world, whether in America, UK, Dubai or good old Naija… whether it’s snowing, raining or blowing hot and dry with harmattan…Christmas is still very special. one thing I really like about Christmas especially pre-blackberry days when people actually sent stuff other than broadcasts ….THE HAMPER.

I’m sure you know about THE HAMPER. I remember when I was much younger and still living at home as a kid, Christmas hampers were “the thing”. especially those really big ones…so big, that had everything it seemed you would need for the entire year till another Christmas hamper came along


I really like hampers and I particularly like the fact that when you are unpacking some of the stuff in it you never really get how handy they may come in till much later down the line. maybe one day when there’s really nothing to eat in the house then you remember there’s a tin of luncheon meat, some baked beans and couscous in the basket from the last hamper…don’t ask me what you can achieve with that. let’s just say, if you are creative, you wont be so hungry any more.

a few weeks ago it was my Davida’s dedication and I finally just understood what everything in the hamper that God had given me over the years all came to. kind of like having a jig-saw puzzle and not having the cover picture… you keep working to put the pieces together even when you have no clue what its supposed to look like πŸ™‚ jigsaw

come walk with me ….down memory lane…back to 1999. yep, 1999. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). it was final year students service (can’t remember what it was called back then but that service where final year students end up running the entire service) in Christ Love Fellowship (CLF)… anyway, we were all asked to join a department for that day preferably one you were not involved in before and since I absolutely hated any form of spotlight, choir or drama was out of the question and so was ushering, or any other department that involved smiling or standing around looking pretty… okay so to be honest i don’t really remember how I ended up in protocol … but I did. So that year the guest speaker was REV SAM ADEYEMI and we were put on his detail. what was the job description? we were to make sure his hotel room was clean and ready (to CLF standards) when he arrived and then we were to wait on him, making sure he had all he needed before and after the meeting.

So since it was just before mobile phones became popular in Nigeria, we had to stand on the corridor and wait till he arrived to receive him with the other protocol guys. So there i was standing with my friend Iyabo who for years I ended up calling “protocol” πŸ˜‰ when she asked me, isn’t that Rev Femi? and I’m like who? she says don’t you know him? REV FEMI ODUWOLE? he has a daughter with a most unusual name ba-ba-ra and I smile and say what’s so unusual about Barbara before I could get an answer out of her she pulls me as she runs …sorry as we run towards the man who was just simply walking back to his room which was just a few doors away from the one we were standing in front of. We greeted him and he not “protocol” now answered me with the name is not Barbara but Oluwaseunlaiyemibabara (that’s what i remember, I hope that’s what he said the name was πŸ™‚ ) so it is actually ba-ba-ra like your friend said. I smiled and thought really unusual but thought nothing more of it. he went on to tell us he came to Ife to meet Rev Sam Adeyemi and we told him we were actually waiting for him. he stood with us for a few more minutes . Cant really remember much of what he said only that I thought he was really sweet and very warm…like a pastor should be…but I didn’t think much of this chance meeting, neither did I remember his name …in full that is…big mistake! but remember, I didn’t have the cover picture back then πŸ™‚

eventually REV SAM ADEYEMI arrives and It was an awesome service. when he got back to his room after the service, he asked our names and prayed for us…”as you have served me today, people will serve you.” I said amen but did i really expect the prayer to be answered in that light? not really…big mistake! but remember once again, like I said before I didn’t have the cover picture back then πŸ™‚ solving puzzles blindly…

okay so now fast forward to one weekend in 2002, I’m working and living in Portharcourt…attending HOTR PH, REV SAM ADEYEMI, REV VICTOR ADEYEMI and REV JUMOKE ADEYEMI all bring the word and that weekend and set me on a spiritual fire that I thank God satan has not been able to quench. Unusual experience…and story for another day… but did I think I would meet them again? nope…still solving puzzles blindly.

Now walk with me to 2005, meet my pk and he’s proposed and I have said yes. So he says to me, you need to meet my mentors and my pastor. incidentally he says, REV VICTOR ADEYEMI is inaugurating his church in Lagos so we need to go. There I am brought face to face with these three people once again and the picture is shocking but getting beautifully clearer…they were to be a part of my life. Unfortunately his pastor wasn’t in town until one weekend he was in Lagos with the whole family and this was my chance to meet him. We went to the hotel to meet him and I kept thinking to myself, this man looks so familiar, I just couldn’t place it. until he said, “ba-ba-ra, come and meet pastor Kingsley’s wife”….another piece of the puzzle…the pastor on the corridor? now my pastor? God sure has a sense of humour.

You see, I cant claim to have finished filling in the puzzle but this last few weekends have given me a large piece of the puzzle. I thank God for the influence of these wonderful men of God on my pk especially my dear dear dear darling pastor and papa Rev Femi ODUWOLE (I can NEVER forget that surname ever again) πŸ™‚ like my pk says if you don’t have a pastor, I pity you…I love my pastor…he’s as pastor as pastors go. The last eight years have been so easy because I have a pastor I can call at any time and if I don’t call will check up on me. I also believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prayer of compensation he prayed for me on my birthday brought about my turn-around and after i put to bed, he came all the way to America on his bill to see me, name and pray for my baby. to say I love REV is an understatement…like I said he’s the kind of pastor anyone should have…I hope one day I grow up to be like him πŸ™‚

so all three men came together at DCC for Last Minute Miracles and that in itself was a miracle…and they all got to openly bless our miracle Davida…

day one started off with REV SAM ADEYEMI

DSC_0548 DSC_0551DSC_0549DSC_0598 DSC_5701_DSC0568 IMG-20131220-WA009IMG-20131220-WA007_DSC0582 _DSC0587 _DSC0589





IMG-20131220-WA000 IMG-20131220-WA001 IMG-20131220-WA002 IMG-20131220-WA003IMG-20131220-WA016

and ‘Dassah wasn’t left out of course πŸ˜‰


…and oh! love this picture of Davida and her sweet god-mother Pastor Laurie IdahosaDSC_1234IMG-20131220-WA011IMG-20131220-WA017

…and thats pastor wunmi idowu beside her πŸ˜‰

just throwing in a few extra pictures of my favourite girls DSC_0028 DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0035 DSC_0037 DSC_0040

okay guys I’ve said enough


I’m going back to bed… it is after all the Christmas holidays… merry christmas y’all

merry christmas
see you soon.

45 thoughts on “SOLVING PUZZLES…….blindly

  1. See my Pastor.
    My Rev Femi… Words can NEVER explain just how awesomely TEN and then some Rev Femi is.
    How someone can have this kind of large heart is beyond me.
    I will be back for a proper comment.
    I just had to love up on my Pastor first!!!
    I absolutely love Rev!!! Forever and ever and ever. And I’m grateful to be loved back by him. Such a privilege to be his darling daughter…
    And this is me hoping I am first to comment even before Ms. Giddy


  2. LAST MINUTE MIRACLES was, and is still a blessing, testimonies still counting, thank you and God bless you and all these men who have been yielded to God for many years, God bless you all and God bless you our pastors.


  3. I am all smiley smiles as I read this. Am so happy, so very plenty much excited, so …this feelin is inexpressible. Thank God for MY PASTORS and MY PASTORS’s PASTORS.
    God is AWESOME


  4. AMAZING! Brought tears to my eyes…and ofcourse(*giggles*) inspiration…Amaka and her elder sis are going to wear the same matching outfits on her dedication in January!!!!


    1. Funny I didn’t notice the same outfits.
      Too cute
      Then is that ‘dassah pouting?
      Soon Davida will start pouting too.
      Yes Ada they totally should. And u know where to shoot me a picture


      1. Hi dearie…still in the moon? Tried shooting you some yuletide pictures via twitter but it landed on a star. Send BBM pin via twitter and I will ‘re-shoot’ πŸ™‚


  5. Oh sugar!!! E just stole my spot, how could you, mama why did u let her??? *wailing* ok E since I didn’t get to give u a wedding gift, I will let u have this one, hahahah!!!
    I like how u all say I love my pastor but what can be sweeter than having a grandpa?? See ehn, what u enjoy as a daughter is not half of what u get as a grandchild (like d way davida enjoys priviledges).. So yes I know u love love love ur pastor but I love my grandpa rev and i thank God I can walk into his church these days without having to travel :). If u don’t have a grandpa rev I feel sorry for u. :p.
    Mama dearest lovely post and I love that I can always wake up to them, to the wise words, teachings and even the jokes too. Everything all happens for a reason and there really is a divine plan, wow!!. I miss u plenty o (ok lemme carry our mushy talk out of here, we will meet at the usual place). Its good to have a pastor with so many awesome pastors in their lives and papa I wouldn’t trade you for the world.


    1. Oh giddy dawleen u missed it.
      Don’t throw a party yet…
      U see, there are two ways to get to Rev Femi.
      One way: I play the daddy card. Pastor if you like. I just jump into darling daddy dearest’s arms.
      Way two: I play the grandpa card. Pastor’s pastor if you wish. I just jump into my pastor, PK’s arm and together we jump into grandpa’s large arms (classic case was when I needed a church for my wedding *wink wink PM*).
      I wanna add Rev Victor into this mix but hey tz Christmas why torment anyone?
      *adjusts halo*
      *sticks tongue out*
      Incidentally, when God led me to start attending DCC, I had NO idea the ‘Pastor Kingsley’ son rev talked about was Pk. Then when I told Rev that I would be attending DCC in lagos, he was like ‘you are still in the family darling cos PK is my son’
      Covered on all counts.
      So you see, I kinda earned my two ways!!!
      Err, This magnanimous gift that u didn’t quite give me is well accepted. And this is me telling you that this is a gift that would keep on giving!!! :p
      Amen. Soon pastor M will start giving gifts to the first to comment. :p
      Daddies’ darling girl


      1. Mama if u know E’ warn her o, I can vex during chritmas too o.. I reckon we are in the same boat, your father’s pastor is your what?? Nne apu godi that thing I am daughter and grand-daughter by default it is not my fault, God is just pulling the strings and putting my own puzzle together.. Whew I seriously couldn’t let you have the last word now. *Lmho* I am just glad to be a part of this great family and that I am a partaker of such great blessings. Mama by the way, knows who gets the first prize, no need to argue, mama abi?? And I really have to meet Ada put a face to the “mischief” Lol!! How’s the moon by the way, I hear the honey taste wayyy better? U back??


      2. Miss Giddy just called me out? * puts on Santa boxing gloves, bouncing on my mouka form mattress…suddenly Baby Amaka yells*… Errrr…Miss Giddy, I will be back, let me go and breast feed my daughter …*walks away*


      3. And I was just about to wear the black belt I got from learning taekwondo a few years back. Too bad I can’t use a few moves on u.. Lolll!!! We will finish this soon. πŸ˜‰


      4. E’ ah!ah! Can’t somebody play with u? They say don’t fight and u pull cloth …lol! Giddy was just playing na …see all the guns you pulled out.

        Giddy love u too tread softly with E’ when it comes to Rev πŸ™‚


    2. Lol! Didnt expect her to beat you to it too…she took me unawares . Sorry love πŸ™‚

      Grandpa rev. Lol! That’s what dassah calls him. It’s soooo cute.

      E’ I must agree though she has a point πŸ˜‰


  6. Rev Victor Adeyemi is another TEN!!!
    I remember the first time I heard him preach, FINALLY after Rev had talked so much and very fondly about his ‘Pastor’. I had goosebumps (actually I figured it may not be ‘holy’ to use the term ‘crush’ lol). Later that day, I got to talk to him. More like interview him, God knows I was just smiling like a fish. I was too star struck. He was wondering what was doing this girl. Plus his skin!!! Oh my goodness. It glows and is like a baby’s. Then his undulating voice. And most importantly his message. I love how her SQUEEZES all the life out of ONE verse when he preaches. Or one story. Everytime I have met Rev Victor, I have been increasingly star struck and blessed. And I love that he preaches loooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg!
    At camp meeting, he spoke for over two hours. I loved it. I tot it was short sef. It was an all night. Nobody slept (ok I’m sure some did sha)
    Plus he always holds my Rhema and I make sure he releases it (we know how we do these things).
    Then I encountered his wife!!! I recall thinking it was a tad unfair for this fire spitting terrorist to the devil to be married to my Pastor’s pastor. I mean under one roof?!?!? Haba!!! I had a holy kinda err jealousy!!! Lemme stop here abeg… I just bless my darlingest daddy Rev Femi for having this kinda pastor and hooking me up to such grace.
    Then the BIG one himself. When all my Pastors and my husband hold this one man in such esteem, you know Rev Sam is on a level like no other. Incidentally, he also came to my campus fellowship in my final year. UI stood STILL!!!
    Pastor M, you are really blessed to be associated with such men of God.
    And I am even more blessed to add you and PK to my own puzzle. I mean!!! How can one girl be so blessed and very aware. If I ever doubted my future, NEVER AGAIN. I am solving my own puzzles with my eyes wide open burying the devil with every piece that falls in place,and yet I still trust my Sugar daddy that even the big picture I see is a JOKE compared to the one He has planned.
    Pastor M, like my Sapphire said, ur blog is GOLD on wordpress.
    If this is the last post this year, it was for me. I have taken it. Thank you ma. Even if you write again this year, this one has my message still. Like others will.
    But this post is easily my best here. Ok second best. Or one of the two bests looool. The pictures, the length, and of course if has my Rev Femi and my other very fave MOG.
    I am thinking of all my own ‘divine encounters’ as I read this. God clearly makes no mistakes. Where my shades at? The future just got even more blinding!!!
    Love you very much ma. Breaks my heart that I won’t be in DCC for christmas and esp the cross over service. Hurts too much. But it is well.
    Merry Christmas my darling Pastor.
    *squeezy bear hugs and kisses*
    Can’t wait to give you real ones again.
    God bless you ma…


    1. Lol! Eziaha you are such an intense burst of fresh air. I told u to always keep them sunshades close love…too bright future.

      Trust me u will be missed… On the DJ stand and in DCC as a whole.

      Can’t wait for that hug… Sadly no one gives E styled hugs


      1. Well I do Pastor M, even better…you just haven’t hugged me yet. Most times my ‘fans’ confuse my intense heart felt hugs for strangulation πŸ™‚


      2. Please help me tell PM, E’s hug they learn where my own dey. Mama uses this line for me too E, just so u know. *runningaway*


      3. See Ada and Giddy oooo
        Struggling for E’ styled hugs. I thought you would have even named yours A-styled or G-styled.
        PM has said it already jare. Just accept it and let’s move on happily.
        Ada, I can’t find you on twitter ooo. So maybe you should tweet at me


  7. Awwww;m stuck wif smiles and still smiling,goose bumps all over my body;PM u r such a mentor,I love that part where pst sam sd”as u ve served me,ppl will serve u”ders already an “amen”to dt cos its manifesting.More grace to ur elbow ma’am..


  8. PM, i totally relate to the analogy of fixing puzzles without the cover picture. I have only just realized that, God orchestrates things a certain way so His ultimate plan would be fulfilled in my life. Kisses to the girls.
    The way E’ goes on ehn, I imagine thatt if I ever get to meet her I will be blown away with that bubbling spirit.


  9. I have read this post over and over again and over the past months, I have been reading
    the old one’s. You are a blessing Pastor! In short, I bless the day I came across DCC website…that site introduced me to JUG and E’s blog too, in fact Eziaha is just another story and source of encouragement to me..Eziaha God has used your blog to increase the fire in my heart. What am saying? Look at the parents and grandparents you have around you!

    PM( hope its okay for me to call you that ma?), anyways, am calling you that already…so I was just telling you…and hope you don’t mind! Cos God has used you to feed the sections in the chambers of my heart!
    So even though, the calendar on my wall tells me that, its only few days to another year. I am reminded through you that, God creator of time, got me covered, and these unsolved puzzle that I see, will be solved…


      1. Speechless….God reserves d best till d crowd is gone…it doesn’t matter whether we can tell d difference now or not but wen God finally comes thru 4 us….the ANSWERS will be too obvious for pretense..tanx 4 bn a blessing ma


  10. finally ooooooooooooo…praise God with me. My account is back to life again……

    just 2 words PastorM…..Thank you.

    You are a really huge piece of my puzzle and its making more sense everyday even though I started out blindly.


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