A Good Name…

I remember my first encounter with this amazing young woman. I remember very clearly this bubbly young lady walking up to me and hugging me so warmly you would think we were long lost friends and before I could recover from that she introduced herself with “I don’t like being in a church and my pastors don’t know me (she laughed). So I’ve come to report myself” I laughed too but at the same time I thought are there really Christians like this? The average Christian I know is dodging pastor 🙂

So I asked her name but before she told me, she gave me this threat. however so pleasantly yet a threat none the less. “Pastor M, I don’t like people forgetting my name.” Okay the name already I thought.
“Eziaha” she said.
I smiled then and promised “I won’t forget”
“Anyway I won’t let you” she said then gave me a final hug and walked away but not before throwing in an “I will ask you next time we meet”
I thought to myself this must be the easiest thing ever. I mean how do you forget a name like EZIAHA (a good name)

The beauty of it is that Eziaha has lived up to the name for me in every sense of the word. Yes I know its the same naughty, mischievous yet fab E’ we are talking about. She’s such a ray of sunshine, she’s such a joy to pastor and yep Eziaha walks the walk as much as she talks the talk.

Last weekend was her wedding and after seeing my darling E dance out of that hall happily with her Aku. The love of her life. It just occurred to me that I never got to talk to her one on one about the marriage. So knowing fully well she’s on honeymoon and verrrrry busy since all the honey was left intact for the moon 😉 I guess the only way we will be having that talk is on this blog. So my darling these are a few words of wisdom. Stick around guys who knows you may learn a thing or two 🙂

Here goes…
1. Another Human Being Cannot Meet ALL Your Needs: One of the biggest and earliest lessons you will learn in marriage is that no human being not even your husband (actually especially not your husband) can meet ALL your needs. Honey, only Jesus can do that …and even He had to die first 😀 . Do not and I repeat do not place that kind of responsibility on your spouse. You will still need the other relationships in your life – your mother, your siblings, your pastors and lots of “great” girlfriends for those moments when your husband has no clue what you are talking about seeing as he doesn’t have boobs or a monthly cycle 😉 Letting him know He doesn’t have to be Jesus in your life takes off the pressure and makes your marriage so much more fun.

2. Marriage Will Not Make You Whole: I say this with caution because marriage can change your life for good (I should know 🙂 ) but if you were not whole or didn’t have a life before marriage that will hardly change. Whatever problems, weaknesses or challenges you had before marriage will not suddenly disappear. Marriage is work and only works if we work at it.

3.You Cannot Change Your Husband: trust me on this one. Women all over the world, all races, all sizes and all ages have finally come to this conclusion. You cannot change your husband the only person you can change is yourself… Ever wondered why God made us women not only suitable but ADAPTABLE? That’s your answer right there 🙂 don’t ever fall into the trap of trying to change him. Anything his mum did not achieve in how many years unfortunately my dear take it from me it isn’t achievable. So bottom line LOVE HIM- even if after he leaves for work, your bedroom looks like a hurricane just passed through or he snores so loudly if you didn’t know better you’d think a lion was hiding somewhere in the room- just LOVE him. Your job from now on is to Love your husband and train your children not train your husband and love your children. Let’s hope all the changes you want to make can be achieved in the next generation 😉

4. You Will Need Large Doses of Patience: Marriage will squeeze out every single bit of patience in you. Things will happen, you will both say or do things that will annoy each other but patience will make you STOP! And assess the situation properly. Patience will keep you from jumping to conclusions and creating unnecessary situations in marriage. Patience helps you especially when you’ve made up your mind that your marriage MUST work

5. Men Do Not Read Minds… they read newspapers. I learnt this one really early in marriage. I’m sure you’ve heard the story many times so I won’t bore you ;-). One thing you must learn is if you are sad, don’t SULK; TALK. You must say how you feel, what you expect and what you need. Don’t just expect him to know especially since he’s never been married to you before abi? 😉

6. Be Sensitive To His Needs: as much as we don’t expect him to read your mind, you on the other hand are expected to read his. You are expected to know his needs at all times and to fulfil them.
*He will need sex- satisfy him
*he will need good food- feed him.
*he will need to succeed- encourage him
*he will need wisdom- pray for him
*he will need to feel respected- venerate him
*he will need alone thinking time- give him space.
*he will need peace- be quiet.

7. Learn How to Influence in a Subtle Manner: this will require a lot of prayer, large doses of faith and an incredible sensitivity to hearing from the Holy Spirit. You will need all of this because though he may be the head, honey you are the neck and when you gently steer him in any direction you must be sure its the one God will have him take or you will both end up in BIG trouble. However, take note you are to submit so you may need to learn the art of stooping to conquer 😉

Okay E’ so I know you love looooooong posts with lots of pictures but I need to stop now and I’m doing this on my bb so I’m sorry no pictures but I hope these words of wisdom help. In marriage please remember YOUR name Eziahakaego (a good name is better than money) fortunately in your case you’ll have both sha 😉

I’m going to miss single Fab E’ but I’m sure I’ll love married E’ even more. Hopefully you’ll be busier and have less time to blog so efficiently and make the rest of us look less abnormal *covering my eyes*

What I’m trying to say my darling is I love you (there, I’ve said something sweet about you for a change) and I’m sure you will have the marriage of your dreams. Hopefully we’ve inspired you enough to believe it. Cos it exists my love. I’m living my dreams and so should you.

Bolaji, now you’re family. Welcome *big hug*


Oh! Ada congratulations my dear on the birth of your princess Uzoamaka Chinonyerem Kelechi – Ahuche.


You and eziaha just had to sha have your own blog post *rolling my eyes*

God bless you girls.

Okay people so I’m sure you know this means I’m officially back. E’ has that effect on me 🙂

And oh! Davida’s fine. Thanks for asking 🙂


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66 thoughts on “A Good Name…

  1. She’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkk with a bang.. Niceee!!! So E has left us for the fairy tale world, that’s nice, really nice and like the 2 great people I know always say U will have the marriage of your dreams, love u girl. Welcome back Nne.. Missed u plenty and as for the blogging thing, we might have to come and beg davida personally to free u till that happens, thank u D for letting mummy blog.


  2. Yaaaay!!! Finally got a post on JustUsGirls especially for E’…
    Lovely post PM… 😀
    M sure E’s tickled pink already!
    Thanks for the lessons on marriage… (Filing them away for when I’ll need them) Learnt a lotta things especially… 😀



  3. Choi
    I am screaming sooooooo loud right here with a few tear drops. Had to wake Aku m up to read it.
    I mean, I read it on my phone, On my laptop and then out loud to get everything
    And i am going to be printing and reading again and again and again
    Pastor M ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Where do I start…
    I really did all that when I met you??? Seriously?
    For shizzle??? Who does that? I was even already secretly smh but admiring the person who was acting like me before I got to know you were talking about me…
    Tz the same way I heard the most incredible things I had done to with and for my girlfriends at my bridal shower and I was like REALLY???!!!! I DID THOSE?????
    Pastor M ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    This is all shades of coooooool and fabulous
    Thank heavens it is virtual. I need to show my children and children’s children
    If Jesus tarries…
    And of course I need it to harass some people… I mean how many people have had this before? Aside PK, na only me na… I’ll ‘give my husband a wet luscious kiss’ to that
    Thank you sooooooooo much ma…
    Now on to a more serious comment….


    1. Congratulations once again dearie. Welcome to the club! So now when Pastor M and I are discussing #marriedwomentinz# with you around, I won’t have to “PG” (parental guidance) the discussion 🙂


  4. Pastor M even to we didn’t do a one on one, you MORE than taught me PLENTY
    It is the same way PK says you may not have the opportunity to ‘one-on-one’ with your mentors but there are resources to stay connected…
    In your case, there were many many resources. And everytime I had an opportunity to visit or listen to you live or via a message, I made them one-on-one’s
    Or was it the blog? Haba. Pastor M, please there were many one-on-one’s. WAY TOO MANY please. That line is not true oooooooooooooo. The same way Joyce Meyer can’t say that is the same way you can’t. I have plenty ONE-ON-ONE’S
    Then there was this day in church I was bringing my wedding drama up and then after you told me what to do, you said TWICE and each time smiling and looking me in the eyes ‘…This would soon be over and then the FUN part which is the marriage begins…’
    I mean you said it twice like you needed me to hear it well well well…
    And trust me, simple as it was, it SANK
    And then that line you keep telling me… ‘…Who you go resemble if you no marry well…’
    Pastor M, thank you for making me know that the marriage of my dreams is easily possible once we work the word and marry our friend…
    Thank you for living the marriage of your dreams and making us know it ain’t rocket science.
    And most importantly, thank you for standing on the word till the testimony showed.
    Thank you for still looking out for me even with this Post. It was well needed. Some reminders some new. My daddy has already taught me in person what the bible says… A WISE WOMAN STORES UP Knowledge…
    Now this line stood out for me
    *He will need sex- satisfy him
    *he will need good food- feed him.
    *he will need to succeed- encourage him
    *he will need wisdom- pray for him
    *he will need to feel respected- venerate him
    *he will need alone thinking time- give him space.
    *he will need peace- be quiet.
    Aku m laughed and laughed as I read those lines. Need I mention that I am going to be harassed forever with those lines… Esp the first and the last…
    People run away from their pastors? Beht why? I guess they don’t have Pastors like Rev, Rev Tj, Pk and PM. If they did, they would move into their houses…
    One last comment…


  5. Awwwww! It takes a lot for your Pastor to dedicate a post to you – and E girl you sure deserve it!! You are a truly remarkable individual!
    And Pastor M… All points noted, thank you for sharing these pearls of wisdom. It’s evident that you KNOW what you’re talking about lol. I will be saving this for future reference. Thank you
    And I’m glad you will be blogging more! Your daughter is so beautiful! God bless her richly xx


    1. One plus dear, thanks for commenting. E is isn’t she? Lol! @ knowing what I’m talking about….I certainly hope so. I get it from the Wordso it’s fail proof 😉 thanks again dear


  6. Pastor M ooo, I will not stop blogging ooooooooooooooo or be less efficient. Neither will I stop haranguing you. It was just last night I told myself to visit JUg incase I had stopped getting email alertz cos Ada was being naughty and implicating me and you had unsubscribed us both looool. Still no new post only to wake up to this… First tot was ‘Oh she is about to talk about the name IFECHUKWUNYEDICHE cos I testify…’ i NOW SECRETLY HOPED YOU WOULD sneak in my wedding even if na one line… You can’t imagine how I felt when I saw it was ALL ABOUT ME!!!
    *fans self*
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… Like you said right here on this blog, the ‘gift or blessing’ is never really about the ‘givee’ but the ‘giver’. I won’t say I deserve it, I would say you have a heart made out of pure unadulterated premium gold and I am humbled and priviledged to be blessed by you…
    Smoochy hugs and lipstick staining kisses
    Ok one last comment for Ada


  7. Ada dey vex for me ooo cos I didnt invite her. I told her she jus had a baby na she couldn’t have made it
    Ada here is my PUBLIC apology darling. For the sake of this cutest princess Uzoamaka
    Pastor M help me beg her please… hehehehe
    Ok lemme run along and I will be back to respond to all my fans… 🙂


    1. Ada please forgive her…. Please Jesus has done it all. Let bygones be…come to think of it, you won’t have made it anyway ….obviously this is one of those E and Ada mischief things….I am sooooo getting out of the way now. You two have your ways. Lol


      1. well, well, well…because Pastor M has pleaded on your behalf and because my lil one month Amaka has assured me that she will have good grades, attend Oxford University UK, meet Prince William’s son – GEORGE, get married, her dad, big sis and I become ROYALTY… I FORGIVE you dear 🙂


  8. Many thanks Pst M. Now I am going to get my bishop’s wife to do a blog post on me now now now lol. No doubt, you people are doing a great job at DCC. I have been there for a couple of programs. I am sure if you watch the video of MAN UP again, you won’t miss the guy lying flat on the floor on the front row. Eziaha insisted I make MAN UP and it was well worth it seeing that I left Bonny Island purposely for it. Thank you for honoring us at the wedding. Regards to Pastor K. And I assure you by God’s grace that I would take good care of your daughter and make her the envy of the world…
    Bolaji Olojo


    1. Awwwww…..bolaji comments. Lol @ bishop’s wife post n MANUP video. I’m sure you will and I pray for grace for you. Being a husband, groomsman, gardener, cultivator,etc can be hard especially with special daughters of the most high like E and I 😉 but I know u will make my testimonies like child’s play…the glory of this latter marriage shall surpass ours….I’m excited for her. God bless u dear….like I said u are now FAMILY *big hug*


      1. Chai Aku m, I love the sound of ‘now you are family’. Now we can move in lol.
        Amen amen amen Pastor M ooo. We will continue to testify from glory to even higher levels


  9. Congratulations to E’, girl you rock! I’m a fan. It’s true that the average christian dodges their pastors, I’m so guilty of that. ***covers face*** but I’m going to learn from you, I love your confidence, your positive outlook to life and most of all your wisdom, it shows that you really spent time at the feet of your spiritual parents, truly your good name has shown forth for the world to see. PM, thank you so much for teaching us yet again those things which we must never forget, with you and Pk as teachers and mentors, we can never go wrong. Congrats again to the newly married couple, fruitfulness and fulfillment is yours to enjoy.


  10. WOW!!!!! Just wow!
    choi! See me with goosebumps as i was reading this great post and E’s replies.
    Congratz Fab E’, i will say Victory at last! Your New Home is secured in Christ and its gonna be Fabulous for you!

    Pastor M 🙂 God bless you for these powerful nuggets you shared. i have stored them in my journal for future reference. THANK YOU!
    My love and kisses to the little one :).


  11. congratulations to E’, girl you rock! i’m a fan. It’s true that the average christian dodges their pastors, i’m so guilty of that ***covers face*** but im going to learn from you. i love your confidence, your positive outlook and most of all your wisdom, it shows that you really spent time at the feet of PK and PM, truly your good name has shown forth for the world to see. welcome back PM, thankyou so much for teaching us yet again those things that we must never forget, with you and PK as teachers and mentors, we can never go wrong. Congrats again to the newly weds, fruitfulness and fulfillment is yours to enjoy.


  12. Hehehehehehehehe…I like No.1(under his needs) and im very sure Ezi will do it superbly well…I mean, if he is still asleep by 7am, she is DEFINITELY doing a good job at night. Hehehehehehe. PM darling…I love this post…but most of all, I absolutely loved hugging u on E’s day…I almost fainted with Joy. E’ please QUENCH…lol. So, PM jare, I love your words of marital wisdom, I love d fact that I ‘know’ U (yesoooo, famzing is allowed), I love ur darling daughter E’, and I love ur most amazing Fan ‘ME’. (Btw…Lady E, did u use d honeymoon tools? *winks*)


    1. Looooooool! I really can’t get over you guys honestly. E u need to tell me where u get ur friends. I need to get a batch. Lol! U guys are such absolute fun. I love you too dear. Absolutely . ….I forgot to tell u the other day, u are soooo pretty.


    2. Loooool you meet her for 12seconds and I should quench?????!!!!!!!!! See me ooooo
      Oh nne those TOOLS are working oooo
      INFACT one has almost finished sef….. looooooooooool.
      That is what happens when you actually get two weeks complete for honey moon away from the world. One can only pray pregnancy is not a part of the honeymoon package oooooooo.
      Oh yes my booski is pretty much… With the most gorgeous smile.


  13. Young lady (eziaha) just incase you didnt realize, the post might have your name, but it is to bless everybody O! give us a chance to comment jare!
    Hello Pastor M, my name is Sapphire and my twinnie Eziaha has spoken about you so many times that i can say that although i have never met you, i have been blessed by the golden nuggets you have dropped in her. And this post is every shade of awesome, you are awesome.
    Please let the posts keep coming *now going to read all your old posts*. i can’t miss out on the wisdom and blessings from your words.
    Your daughter is soo pretty, one of my twin boys shall be parked outside your house with plenty yam and whatever else is needed.*giantsmile*


    1. Lol! U guys are just amazing honestly. E just has the best friends. But seriously even when the post is not dedicated to her she comments like this so now she has an excuse what do u expect. Sapphire trust me no introductions needed, E has your pictures all over her blog 🙂 Glad to see you here.


    2. First darling, aint no yam on davida’s list. Last I checked with pk, the list had hippo tail, FOREIGN passport page, bank statement (dom oooo) and CV… and that is not all. Eeeee ya…
      So before you birth those boys darling, ADJUST……..
      And davida is prettier than the pictures I promise.
      Pastor m my Sapphire should not be paid for one day cos she spent it all on JUG then called me to yab me for getting a whole post. Lol
      Oh yes oooo I have the most amazing friends walahi…
      Even with all their wahala


      1. Sweetie, you know whatever is needed we full ground to satisfy them. Our CV is heaven certified baby!!
        What’s JUG? About yabbing you? My yabs bring a smile to your face so you should be paying me daily in kind *prayers, love, more love and shoes* will be fine lol!


  14. A truly beautiful post from a beautiful heart…
    And the two babies in the picture are beautifully divine. Davida looks so well fed and cared for. Well done Mummy Mildred, you are doing an excellent job.
    Ezi aha- a good name, yoiu are blessed dearie…and your husband is blessed too..
    Peace of Jesus ++

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Welcome PM. I’m not married (yet) but these lessobs are for life. Davida has grown! She’s beautiful. E, how many times can I say congratulations. Your story is one of my motivations. I’m sure you would soon start dashing out stories 😉


  16. Finally a blog post for me!!!! *dancing heavenly inspired skele…* wait a minute! It’s just a paragraph with one line *falls to the floor wailing*


  17. ” I’m sure you will have the marriage of your dreams. Hopefully we’ve inspired you enough to believe it. Cos it exists my love. I’m livin
    g my dreams and so should you.”

    So many terrible marriages around! Thank you Ma, for giving us proof that we can have the marriage of our dreams. May God bless your home even more!
    Eziaha, you’re so loved! Enjoy your marriage!


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