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Before I even get into it, let me first get through all the cobwebs on my blog 😀

Removing Cobwebs

it actually feels like I haven’t been here in decades. Lol! okay so decades is pushing it (YES, Eziaha it is pushing it) but the truth is it does feel that way 🙂 . I won’t even dream of boring you with what it’s like over here right now with baby, and a very full house (thankfully) but it’s been a whole new experience. Much awaited… but a whole new experience none-the-less.


Well, one of those days when baby just arrived, between a baby and a toddler, between breast feeding and getting a two year old to eat, between diapers and pull-ups (‘dassah) I was able to steal away with my friend Mabel for some major pampering . … okay I’ll be honest it wasn’t the major kind like with a massage, facial, the whole works kind of thing, it was a simple pedicure but omo, I will take what I can get right now 😉 So as I was saying, we went to get a pedicure and I sooooooooooooooo love pedis

pedi 2

its one of my few luxuries, if I could, I probably would get one done every week so its amazing to me when I hear girls say almost as if to boast, “I’ve never had a pedicure” and I usually have my most shocked face ever as I say to them “you have got to be kidding me!”

It’s almost as bad as saying you have never been to a dentist…


okay so maybe nothing near as drastic but then it’s a luxury every woman should experience in their life-time . hey, what even got me started on pedicures? Oh okay, now I remember. I snuck out with my friend for a pedi and I  got this really sweet Asian pedicurist who gave me the full five star treatment,

pedi 1

 as soon as I sat in the chair, she set up the all over body massage function. Then she settled into doing her job. I left there with feet so pampered and soft …like babies’ feet.

baby feet

Mabel on the other hand got another pedicurist who did her pedi like he couldn’t wait to get her out of there. I’m sure you are not asking who got the tip. As much as this isn’t a blog on character *rolling my eyes at some people right now* (you know your selves) oh! alright, so what if i always preach about character somehow…I will still so throw in a one-liner… it’s not just what you do; it’s how you do it that counts [selah]. Mabel and I left that salon with well-manicured feet but at the end of the day only one of us left feeling spoiled and pampered; hence only one pedicurist ending up with a tip.

And the real reason I wrote this was as we were driving home, I just thought of Jesus giving his disciples pedicures.

img_large_watermarkedOh! To experience this… it must have been heavenly, no pun intended. lol!  However, I’m sure he wasn’t just pampering their feet because they had trekked dusty isreali roads. No Jesus was trying to teach them a thing or two about service.  Honestly, I think it takes a servant heart to be able to “wash feet” or give pedicures in this case 😉 and that’s what Jesus was really trying to teach us.  You see, when you ask people about service or ministry which by the way are actually inter-changeable, they always claim to be called to the office of pastor, prophet or apostle and claim to be called to “serve”  in that capacity only. its funny how we miss out all the other silent areas of ministry.

ministry of helps

In the last three months I have been a student of the word in a different kind of way. You know when the bible says …and the word was made flesh? Well, I saw it literally. I learned what Jesus meant when he said in…”Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you”.  In other words I believe he was saying, SERVE! In whatever capacity and in whatever way.

You see, as a pastor and a minister of the gospel, I find a lot of times that a lot of people want to serve “me” in various capacities, that isn’t really uncommon . I mean a lot of people want to carry your bible (which by the way isn’t heavy) or get something for you and believe me I am in no way belittling what they do or try to do or their motives for doing whatever they choose to do but I must say I learned a new level of service in these past few months. Its easy for someone who calls you pastor or mama to serve you but when someone you consider an equal, a counterpart, a friend, literally takes off her clothes and wraps a towel around her and begins “to wash your feet” then I’m sure you know they have found a deeper revelation of the word “SERVICE”

For three months pre and post pregnancy I have been surrounded by people who have totally challenged my understanding of ministry. How do you explain someone volunteering to be nurse, cook, driver, housekeeper, nanny and friend without pay and leaving behind everything and putting her life on hold just to serve you. …and she does it joyfully? This post is already too long for me to start to outline all she has done but one thing she has done that will impact me for the rest of my life is… shes taught me how important it is to love with action, how important it is to be there when people need your help. She has taught me that nothing is too menial to do for God or His children. she taught me how to wash feet …and to wash them as if I were washing Jesus’ feet. God bless you Mabel (aunty “naybowl” or “naybelll” as dassah calls her) ,you will never lack helpers. today, i celebrate you amazing woman.


Love you plenty.


16 years ago, you proved how strong you were. Today, you are definitely stronger. God bless you love. He’s definitely holding your case file. Loads of testimonies this year ….i will be right tghere when you testify telling you, “I told you so” 🙂

22 thoughts on “pedicures

  1. I was wondering o, really wondering where u were going with this and then I read…. :). You have so many wonderful people in your life, I should just wear a PM mask so I can get soo much love everywhere I go. Thank u aunty mabel,God bless you..I like waking up to blogposts sha. Mama, u know now… 😉 this post hasn’t even cleared a quarter of the webs u have here.. (Try harder) hehehe :*


  2. Great post.. I love the way you write and how you use simple every day things to illustrate important messages. God bless you.
    God bless you too aunty Nabell! We all look forward to your testimonies of joy! xx


  3. Finally a blog post from PM! Yayyyy!!!! 🙂 Ehemm…Eziaha…errrr….I seriously need you to play “nurse, cook, driver, housekeeper, nanny and friend without pay and leaving behind everything and putting your life on hold just to serve me as my big day draws near”? 🙂


    1. Ada Ada, Adadidioranma, I will my darling. As long as it is in America…
      After which you sponsor my Post Graduate studies to Princeton ( actually just my upkeep money since I will be on scholarship)
      And of course name your baby Eziaha whether Male or female and hand over 50percent of all CASH gifts baby gets too…
      Do we have a deal?
      Oh btw, all I cook is Indomie. Pastor M was gonna take me but for that lil snag there. Hope you and the baby are indomie-compliant.
      Btw, I don’t wash too but I am open to weekly pedis and manis and you know what washing does. So washing machine please.
      I don’t clean too hun so you will need a house help.
      Err, what else now…
      This is me HAILING Aunt Mabel ooo. Twale ma…
      Ada hun, please do and bring baby jor. Personally, I am rooting for a girl. Hehehehe


      1. On second thoughts…not to worry dearie, I’ll pass. My mama and mama in-law are very much alive. It won’t be that expensive to have them around for the next 10 years if I choose to. Errrr….please turn that “root or stem” elsewhere o! I have a girl already…we are having a boy! 🙂


  4. there’s something about fleshy people that makes them so warm, cuddly,bubbly,friendly,helpful,selfless,reliable can hold a music note both on stage and in your life. R good friends and she’s so soooo pretty( At least, I can see that clearly after digging through Mama’s ‘cobweby’ blog….lolzzz. ko easy jare. i missed mama’s timely posts sha). all d plus sized women I know r like that n I pray not to meet one otherwise. She must be a high ranking angel with extra wings even in her ears…Mabel,God bless you for us.


    1. Loooool Tricia. I have to agree with you tho partially. But that music part is totally true ooo. Kai. See Jacqueline now in TRI. That girl should be singing for Tyler Perry movies walahi…


  5. *Ah, these cobwebs are blinding me ooo*
    Ms giddy!!! this Post didn’t even enter the room talkless of clearing a quarter of the cobbies ooo.
    *covers contact lenses from even more cobwebs*
    Aunty NAYBOWL I can’t even imagine how much service you have been to PM. like someone commented once on this BLOG, You will testify, yes and when the testimonies come, you will now be speechless (my paraphrase)
    God bless you ma… this kain thing PM no go even know how to repay you… So we leave you to God biko.
    I know if you could blog for her, you would have and we would not be battling with this much cobwebs *ah in my ears too*
    *Runs out and returns with mosquito nets*
    Dassah can rename people for Africa sha. Naybowl? banthaniel? Hahahahaha. thank God Aunty Ezi no hard to pronounce.
    Chai PM, ‘…which by the way is NOT heavy…’ had me in stitches. Punchline of this Post mehn…
    Anyways, hopefully as we make attempts to clean out the cobwebs little by little, we would toss the dot wordpress too.
    Mama’licious, I MISS YOU jare.
    And Diche too. Seriously dichie, ur days there are numbered ooo. ha ahn. Do the ‘boys’ have to appear there like PK before you come back?
    Didn’t you promise me a Scaling and Polishing session? FREE looool. Biko lota inugo? hehehehe. this is my way of saying I MISS YOU oooo or do I have to do a full blogpost on same?
    Pastor M that Asian pedi love sounds like heaven indeed. #EnvyMuch
    especially now that my feet feels like I trekked in the Bible days *covers face*
    Ms giddy, we should totally get that mask ooo. err on second thot, I think I like my face even more especially this period. But mama, I know you once did this Post on BLESSED where you said it is More about the Giver than the ‘givee’ but trust me ma, you truly deserve this. A victory on the Word???!!! Haba, this is us TAPPING IN MAJORLY in anyway that we can.
    I know i tap by being mischievous but God sees our hearts…
    This Comment is LONG. E don turn to blogpost on its own but that’s how E’ ROLLS
    Muah * 6 (for PM, NayBOWL, Diche, Diche junior, Bishop Feb, and maybe Pastor Laurie if she has arrived)
    Phew… full house indeed…
    1+, Nne I see you ooo. You know there is a punishment for commenting before ME on MY Pastor’s blog. I mean, I am a MAJOR stakeholder here and the CHIEF WHIP so please be careful ooo. I am still trying to forgive you on inthe’s blog and now you are here. Nne, don’t let me go all ‘gidi-babe’ on you oooo.

    Pastor M, you can just say one word in response… ‘I love you Eziaha’
    Your Voltrons will already handle me so I can do with some loving biko *puppy eyes with some cobwebs in it*


    1. Eziaha! Eziaha! Eziaha!!! how many times did I call you?
      hmmmm…. okay “I love you Eziaha”
      still cleaning cobwebs abi? I will soon be home
      and you will kneel down. lol!

      instead of you to leave Ada with her big tummy.
      it is well.
      but i do love you and most times when i am blogging (yeah yeah not often enough i know)
      i look forward to your comment even before the post is published . feels like you and miss giddy are in a competition of some sort …like first to comment or be naughtier on my blog.

      Ada i forgive absolutely ‘cos for some funny reason i choose to believe that she is innocent, its just the pregnancy pushing her to extreme naughtiness and in a few weeks this too shall pass. please prove me right Ada 😀 😀


      1. My PM…it is o! Extreme naughtiness and too many kilos. Ezi dear, I’m having fried chicken and turkey with yoghurt on the rocks for breakfast…do you know the way to my office?


  6. Is this even my blog that I am dropping all these comments and replying people?
    Hian Eziaha… And i actually have work to do this morning ooo.
    Lemme leave and return at lunch time…


    1. My dear…my thoughts exactly. I thought I was reading your blog…with the pounded yam and pepper soup this morning, I thought I was seeing things 🙂


  7. Awwwwhhhhh, how soooo sweet. As I was reading and saw you mention Mabel a couple of times, I wondered if it was Mabel Briggs and then I saw her beautiful pics and I was without a doubt. Even after so many years of leaving comlag, Mabel’s face is still strikingly familiar and beautiful.

    Great post PM; with lots of lessons and funny anecdotes, love to IfeChukwunyediche and Dassah… Muah and God bless++


  8. PM is back! Right? Yaaaaaaaay!

    Aunty Mabel/Naybell/Naybowl will surely testify, without a DOUBT!

    Another level of SERVICE indeed. There is nothing too menial to do for God or His children! Lesson Learned!


  9. Yay!! A new post,welcome back,I love your blog!
    God has indeed surrounded u with awesome people all around.Truly,the virtues Christ has are amazinGod has indeed surrounded u with awesome people all around.Truly,the virtues Christ has are amazinGod has indeed surrounded u with awesome people all around.Truly,the virtues Christ has are amazinGod has indeed surrounded u with awesome people all around.Truly,the virtues Christ has are amazing!
    Serving on another level.I pray God grants me the grace to follow IJN,amen..
    *i wan


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