Jesus in JEANS… Relationship, NOT a set of RULES!!!

I missed this but when I read this recap felt like I was home. Loved it. Had to reblog.

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

***POST CRASH ALERT; This Post contains a zillion pictures and two videos. I hope your device can handle it… hehehehe***

So Jesus in jeans went down yesterday and it was all shades and hues of Ah-May-Zing…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I wanna share a few things that service brought up for me and of course plenty of pictures…

IMG_20130908_122708 EZIAHA IN JEANS ON POWER BIKE… Hahahaha

If you don’t know what JESUS IN JEANS was all about, please read my post on it here

There was nothing unconventionally church about yesterday but everything cool and ‘E’ compliant’ about it.


Recall my last post where I said I had to find church ‘cool’ to flow? Ehen, this is a good example of what i mean.

There is a church for EVERYONE, whatever your taste is, so far it is a LIVING church. Find the one you are most comfy with and be planted and SERVE there…

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