AUGUST…. Still Sounding Good

Hi people

I’m back again. Honestly, no matter how tired I am, today is definitely not one day that I will miss blogging. I must make noise about my darling pk. Before I go on, Eziaha and Ada (even with your big tummy) well done o! I am still pretending like I don’t see all that naughtiness going on here but I am working on a blog post just for two of you. 🙂

Okay so it’s not news that today is my wedding anniversary pic-9-weddn.jpgbut I am still just in awe of this God-written romance novel that I call my marriage. Honestly, so I don’t bore you I will keep this simple but I really just wanted to say this to that single girl out there…

Picture this scenario, young man with big visions and large dreams, a heart sold out to God but a bank account tied to heaven alone (no natural salary) and emptied (whenever full) right back into ministry work. This young man is “unromantic” by world standards – calls only when he has something to say and when he does call it’s with an “I just say make I hail you”, overly practical, won’t pull out chairs or open doors (wetin do your hand), won’t buy you credit just because you pout and make faces (my friend go and work, are you invalid?), wont pose because he likes you – will drink garri and offer you too and then abomination of all abominations when he decides to propose it’s without an engagement ring ; his response: “I’m marrying you not engaging you”. This is by the world’s standards the man to stay away from. Right?….

Wrong. That is my pk. The marriage and relationship guru 😀 ….a little over eight years ago. The one men are trying to emulate today and the one women are praying they find his kind (ameeeeeeeeen to all those ladies praying). That’s the man that I chose to marry not based on what the world was saying but on what God’s word was saying and boy am I thankful I obeyed God.

The reason I’m bringing this up today is that I see too many young girls turn away a good man because he doesn’t drive a car, he doesn’t buy flowers and candy or because of the way he proposed. Are you kidding me? I can’t even call what I got a proposal. He claims it was one but I believe that play play , play play I just somehow found myself at the altar. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.pic-1.jpgpic-4-weddn.jpg

But really the proposal was rather uneventful. In fact it was so uneventful that I don’t even have proper recollection of the date or the events of the day. I just remember us gisting about some trivial issue and out of the blue, he turns to me and says “how does august sound in your spirit?” August? Sound in my spirit? I had no clue what he was talking about at first. Until it hit me that I was being proposed to. So I said to him “August doesn’t sound anyhow o! if you are asking me to marry you, you better ask well” to which he laughed heartily and said “because I’m even asking you sef. You will see I will marry you in august.” Now talk about unromantic 😀 but today after eight years I thank God that I didn’t major on the minors, that I heard and obeyed God when he told me “he is the youngest and he is taking care of the sheep, arise anoint him for he is the one” (1 samuel 16:11-12)

My sisters (and brothers) if no be God, I for enter one chance. Because human beings must be human beings we always look on the outside, the razzmatazz and all the trappings but God sees the heart. I thank God every day I looked at the heart  and the beauty is that like the message bible describes it….The Spirit of God entered David kingsley  like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life.(1 sam 16:13). It just seems like since we got married, the spirit of God has been energizing him with ideas and the wherewithal to carry out the ideas.

So whats my point? Ladies marry well. Look not on the outside alone or by the world standards. He may not have today (my sister I drink garri well well o!) but tomorrow he may be flying you round the world upper class and throwing you surprise birthday parties on three different continents

IMG-20120918-WA000.jpg IMG-20120918-WA003.jpgIMG-20120918-00366.jpg (but my pk de try sha. Lie no good. Brothers please be inspired). Pray and trust God to lead you right.

Oya I’ve preached let me now praise my husband small

eye.gif… beefers leave the room now. Lol! I’m just joking o!

Happy wedding anniversary honey,


I’m so glad I met you and that I’m the one in the strongest covenant with you. I’ll probably need ten thousand life times to show you how much I love you. So I’m leaving it to God to bless you more and more for me everyday. Thank you for your love, strength, faith and patience. Yay! We did it. Eight years and theres a new beginning in our arms.15-ldant-16

I know this is September and it is our covenant month where lots of great things happen for us  but the way I see it, august is like when you have sown corn all year, August brings in the harvest of corn but September? now that’s the month where the blessing is processed and corn becomes corn-flakes.

So baby let me reply the way I should have eight years ago….



…still sounding great

But September…always one to remember for us . so baby I’m expectant. Love you till eternity.


You sure no marriage in heaven? Because if there is and you don’t come and ask me how august sounds ehn!…. lol!


happy wedding anniversary to two of my favourite people .. MR AND MRS SAMUEL ONYEANI. i love you guys so much….and diekola mi o! owode o! of course lol!403843_10151183064170447_2000224154_n

and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING PALMIRA. no need for too much talk you know how i feel about you.


43 thoughts on “AUGUST…. Still Sounding Good

  1. Happy wedding anniversary Mama.. This is indeed the beginning of new things in your life and PK’s. I tap into this grace, I must marry well..


  2. Pastor M ooooooooo
    *cleans eyes*
    Ada, looks like this our trouble is making PM blog more and more ooo…
    I was pleasantly surprised when the email notification arrived.
    Corn to cornflakes?
    Chai… pastor M. ..
    No words…
    Dear DCC men and men all over the world
    Pls feel free to emulate plenty things from pk (birthday surprises and trips) but this his proposal style? Hmmm… well… issorai.
    Btw when I am done processing that story about all the special skills for soap and toothpaste management, then I’ll start processing this drinking garri one.
    Jehovah di ebube…
    Happy wedding anniversary to my darling pastors.
    You guys do marriage right.
    And congratulations too to the CEO and his wife. It was like two minutes ago I realized they were a couple. The man can dress eh kai…
    And happy birthday to the heavenly voicwd palmira


  3. “The reason I’m bringing this up today is that I see too many young girls turn away a good man because he doesn’t drive a car, he doesn’t buy flowers and candy or because of the way he proposed.”

    This is word for the season. The Spirit just encouraged me. Only God knows the future of a man, our human perception sees just tody but God can see 10 years ahead. Its best to obey God in life especially in making serious life choices.

    Congratulations on the birth of your child Pastor Mildred and
    Happy Anniversary to you too. Hopefully, some day I will visit your church.


  4. Awwwwww! So sweet Pastor M. Reminded me of my ‘proposal’ 4 years ago…typically unromantic but the whole 9 yards! I was busy pouting waiting for an engagement ring, chocolates and a huge teddy bear on valentines’ day in the Office, my hubby was already at my mother’s place with his people asking for my hand in marriage 🙂 Ok, enough about me, it’s not my blog. Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastor M!!!! Many more ‘ahhhamazing’, exciting years to come…together. Amen.
    Ezi, they have mentioned our names on a blog o! Praise God o! This is our year! Very soon we too will soon be ‘celeb’ 🙂


  5. I will marry right o! Dis live fairytale is too much o! *wipes tears from cheeks* thankfully garium surface (garri) is d major reason y I use glasses,drinking it is not a problem @ all #admirers take note. If na toothpaste matter,leave am o! Been dere,done side don set!lol… Honestly ehn,I am beefn dis ur enjoyment @! Congrats mama n papa mehn! I am certain dat things can only get berra for u. Congrats 2 d onyeani family! Happy birthday pam,GBU jaburataly!


  6. *wailing* *blowing nose* *crying some more* *nowpraying* dear lord help us to recognise the kings in men even when they strike us as mundane, amen. Chai mama ehn, if husbands could be stolen, u for don make many of us thief, but I am dancing becos that same grace to have the marriage of ur dreams is upon me (hallelujah). I am still jealous sha 😉 DearFutureHubby you have Huge steps to follow, God will give u grace… Happy for u mama and happy anniversary to you and MY PASTOR and Father *bbm eyelash smiley* (are u jealous small?) May your days together continue to be sweet like honey and age like fine wine. God bless u plenty for me. Truck loads of love.


  7. just like PK said on sunday, people will tell u congratulations and you will ask…..”for which one?” mama, we are not done congratulating u for your testimony bundle and here we are yet again, saying more congratulations! mama, your congratulations will not cease, you will continue to hear it in Jesus name, congratulations will be like ‘good morning’ to you. indeed your marriage is a blessing, it’s a great gift that God has given to the world, it will only get better and better in Jesus name. (amen)
    happy anniversary to Sammy and his wife, you will know many more blissful and fulfilling years in Jesus name and you will keep on being a blessing.
    happy birthday to the sensational palmira! Respect mehn! i look up to you!


    1. thanks darling, got your email. havent had the chance to sit and reply but thank you so much my love.
      i miss you guys and even without me being around on sunday you guys did a fantastic job.
      i cant wait to be back. take care love.


  8. Awwww!!! Well said PM, dis is just d beginning bcos better years is ahead of u with more happiness, more testimonies, more wine in ur marriage, more wisdom & understanding to make it 4eva bliss & PKM Romance. Love u a million times over & i tap into this bliss 4 I must marry well o “wink” lol. PK, ur proposal carry weight o


  9. WaOoooooo… So touched, inspired, encouraging etc. Am so so so blessed, privilaged, to ve the most Fabulous couples as my pastors. Hapy weddin Anivasary mama.

    We wil continue to testify ohhhhhh.

    With wetin I dey seeee lik dis…. I cant marry wrong nua.. Godbless u PM, Godbless u real good. Muchous Love ma’am


  10. Ladies PM isn’t wrong at all cos it felt like I was reading my own story, I can even copy & paste sef to describe my husband…

    NEVER judge a man based on his present state, if he carries a genuine dream & vision stick to him & u won’t regret it..

    HWA…PM this is the smallest u guys will be..God ll perfect all that concerns you, congrats on ur miracle baby too, I’m soo excited for u Ma..


  11. happy anniversary pastor M. God will continuing to keep your home. I remembered when pastor K used to preach about marriage before he married you, he too choose a virteous woman. This is just the beginning of more of Gods blessings to your home. meanwhile how is our little cutie …i still don’t know her name(and i cant wait; as you know how to choose Ajebo God bless you and urs. Sammy happy anniversary to you and ur wife.


  12. Still trying to find the appropriate words to put down here,my spirit is happy!!Mama can you see my spirit?o happy gan!
    Congratulations,again I say congratulations.
    You have married well and you have taught us(your daughters) how to spot it….
    Baba oo!you see my mentors ni?the oil flows from the top!
    Hmmmm but this blog message is timely for me oooo!see me complaining “he’s not one bit romantic sef,I haf tried biko”.
    God bless you,bless your home,bless your family,bless your church,bless your followers,bless everything sha that has to do with you.
    Papa!u too sabi!your moves are Holy-spirit inspired ooo….I should call it “the Romantic spirit of the holy Spirit”,maybe e fit become fruit of the spirit sef….
    God be praised always and forever!
    Love you Both!
    Dassah and Davida got the Best Parents!


    1. lol! I can see your happy spirit o! kome.
      im practically rolling on the floor in laugher @ the romantic spirit of the holy spirit.
      it will definitely soon become a fruit. lol!
      love u too dear.


  13. Happy Wedding anniversary Mamalicious! Its gonna always be a Sepptember to Remember for you! More grease(anointing) to your grace & elbow! I tap into this grace in Jesus name, amen. I know it will work much more for us. *wink*. Love ya much! *bighugs&kisses*


  14. HWA Mama and Papa, I celebrate God’s grace on your lives. I love the down to earth way you write too! Congratulations! Your marriage inspires me, I know I will have the marriage of my dreams too. Much love!!!


      1. Congratulations Pst M,wish you both many more beautiful years together and thanks for been such an inspiration to this generation. You are one of my mentors and I admire you a lot. God bless you.


  15. Happy Anniversary ma.
    I really want to say a lot of congratulatory things but it will just be the regular. May God continue and increase and bless this beautiful marriage 8years and 70 more happiest years to come. Amen.


  16. You always talk about how blessed you are to have your PK, but for someone with a heart so genuine and sweet, I don’t expect anything less than someone like PK as your husband, I have never attended your church I only follow your blog, but I am blessed by everything about you, your messages, your writings, your testimony, etc, You are just a blessing to the women of this generation, I strive to be like you and as much as I try I know God will bring someone like PK my way very soon. You are standard Woman for this Generation HWA


    1. awww….. bless your heart. i also believe one greater than PK is coming your way.God bless you and i hope one day you get a chance to fellowship with us in church and probably share a hug


  17. Hmmm PM and dis r blogs sha makes 1 wana get married kwik buh issorai my time 2 wee come nd it will be worth d wait.God bless u PM af bin so touched by ur blogs;things of joy wee never cease in ur home IJN.


  18. Aww i love how you love your pk..makes me pray a fire filled prayer everytime for my boo to locate me NOW.Happy Anniversary!!!May the Lord Bless you both in many more ways.Thanks for the advice you give.I will marry well and soon too..Im not nigerian but i feel like one when i read your blog,part of the family..:)

    I was wondering if i can order the Imela dvd from Greece?Thanks


    1. lol! he will locate you NOW!!! thank u and amen. u are nigerian once u read just us girls naija and understand my ramblings. u are definitely naija. yes you can order it actually. will get details to u asap


  19. Still remember when U told me about this young Pastor in Festac God brought ur way as I gave U a bike ride from Lekki back to Surulere & how my heart leapt when heard him preach & met him. Ah! My sister, na true o & I’m so so happy for U (cos I’ve witnessed how a dear friend entered ‘one chance’ called marriage even tho I advised her against it. Now its damage control we’re doing for her.) God bless U & Pastor Kingsley as U both continue to bless many others. Love U sis.


  20. WoW! What a tribute! Love love this post and it is particularly apt for this stage of my life (plus I am sharing it with my sisters!!).. Happy anniversary in arrears to you and your husband! May God continue to sustain you and make your marriage fresh each day! God bless you xx
    PS I was referred to your blog by and I am glad I came by! xx


    1. Thank you for stopping by and thanks to Eziaha. although i have been too busy between bottles and nappies i havent acually had a chance to do any actual blogging *covering face*. i will find the time this weekend (i hope) to savour the joys of your blog as well 😀

      forgive all my typos im more interested in responding that i have lost all sense of doting “I”s and crossing “T”s


  21. Wow, i am 3moths late reading this post and although Eziaha already told me about it, i feel like i am hearing it for the first time. its indeed God’s romance novel written for you and i am glad you obeyed. Cos’ now many can learn from your obedience. he might not have been a romantic man then but he sounded like a confident man (from your post). And the answer to your question about marriage in heaven has to be a yes, cos’ i plan to marry my husband allover again in heaven.
    Amazing post Pastor M, keep’em coming.


    1. Never too late right? Yes o! Probably one of the things I love most about him…he’s very confident but not in that annoying arrogant ibo man way. ….marriage in heaven abi? You see we are plenty…we’ll see sha bcos we probably will be too hooked on Jesus to even notice these men o! So we better enjoy them till the last drop …just incase 🙂


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