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Over the years I have had pictures of me taken showing happy faces _DSC0060_DSC0164jug-173 jug-184 jug-204

but to be honest a lot of them never saw the light of day as I always felt, ‘ah! Ah! These people want to spoil my Margaret Thatcher rep, abeg this smile is too much o!’ lol! But some of course escaped through the cracks and made it to some BBM DPs or Facebook Pages

Jacquelyn Martins-Okolie-1370336254545

but honestly I saw happy yesterday and unfortunately couldn’t take a picture I was too shocked

. jug-266
So for those of you who don’t know let me quickly run an intro before getting into the gist proper. I’m pregnant after eight loooooooooong years of waiting



and I’m in the US

waiting to deliver right now and everyday has been so difficult because for the first time in my life my husband and I have to be apart. So, it’s been really hard. I miss him so much I feel, like I was telling someone the other day, that my body is here in America, my heart is back home with my pk and my spirit is in DCC. It’s been so hard. I practically cry some days for hours on end and of course because I’m pregnant I use that as a cover up 😉 but cover up or not it’s been so hard without my Pk.
So yesterday I was on the phone with him and he was saying how he was going for a long “ride” and because he’s a biker,


I didn’t think much of not being able to reach him a greater part of the day yesterday as he said his battery MAY be down but I got a bit uneasy when the ride seemed to be taking so long and by 11pm Nigerian time he said there were a few hitches but he was back “home” at last and he was sooooo tired. I kept saying please rest and don’t go anywhere tomorrow. This ride must have been too stressful. Anyway for someone so tired, he called back and asked me to go meet someone here in Delaware that it was urgent and I had to drive out with my friend Mabel only to get there and find out the guy had closed. So off to the house we went. We entered sat down and next thing I know…. Mabel starts screaming, “who is in our house? Oh! My God there’s someone in here”. I just sat frozen like okay so isn’t this what you watch in the movies in America? An escaped criminal? Then I felt hands grab me from behind and my heart says, “These hands don’t feel dangerous. If anything they feel warm, they feel good…they feel familiar” then ‘Dassah starts running around screaming : “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

My head almost exploded

.scattered head

DADDY? DADDY? DADDY?! Who is daddy? When I turned around. I almost fainted

.shocked n pretty

I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cry. I didnt just know what to do. There was pk in the flesh standing holding me, kissing me. Honestly, me I still don’t know what I did for God or this man….. how can someone love another human being like this? Me I just tire. And to think Nathaniel Bassey was just yabbing me yesterday that this our love is too much o! that I should pity bb people. little did I know that I will show them more pepper today that my pk is here. So if you are on my BBM sorry in advance I will make noise today o! lol!

So I’m happy. I’m really happy, no I’m really really really very very very happy. I’m in shock, I’m lost for words and the funny thing is I know all the planning not to make me suspect and all the gymnastics to get here after service and all the stories he had to whip up and yet not “lie”. It’s my fault sha. I assumed home was lagos Nigeria when all he meant was where I was. I guess they say HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS so being home is being where I am right? I’m just so thankful, that this is the man God gave me. I love him so much, he promised me exciting and has kept every promise. I’m really short of words. Maybe I will come back later and do a better blog when I’ve put my thoughts together. This is really too much. He makes me feel so special, like his life assignment is just to make sure I keep smiling.293401_10150339190141591_525496590_7999995_1177947104_n[1]

How can one be so committed to another’s happiness. He hasn’t flinched once in eight years. This is consistent happiness.

I just kept saying “what can I ever do to repay you for all this honey? What can I do?”


I feel so loved. You see why I say he is God’s love to me? …my pk … GOD’S LOVE MADE FLESH… my king, my pride, my joy, my gift, my blessing. Everytime I am in awe of how much God loves me because of you.

…And all this is extra special for me because? Well, apart from the fact that my family is back together


…or the fact that I feel like I live in a perpetual fairy tale and I keep hearing …HAPPILY EVER AFTER or am I part of some romance novel written by God himself? I don’t know anymore. I sure do feel like a character in that novel and boy! Does it feel good. What makes it really special for me really is the fact that today August 13th makes it officially 8years since I was first handed to my pk as wife.






Its our traditional marriage anniversary and honestly, I thank God everyday that he paid my bride price… him and no one else.

So …. What does happy look like? Definitely like this….



At least MY HAPPY.
Ladies need I say more? MARRY WELL O!

Thankyou Chike, Barrister Jude and Kuratti. I’m sure glad I’m in all your good books if not….. your loyalty to this man. Hmmmm…. And even though you will all deny knowing anything about this, he’s told me already. I’m adding to my angel list daily. Love you guys.

Found out the cure to this pregnancy insomnia…. Slept like a baby 😉

….oh! by the way, sorry guys bar raised again…lol! or like Eziaha said to me “I pity DCC men, their pastor keeps moving the goal post”. lol!


  1. I am so glad because this just shows that the GRACE for me to also do GREATER works for my wife is at work in me.(Ish8:18) thank you Sir n Ma for I am so blessed to be born by you.I KNOW WHO BORN ME JAREE(Smiles n Dancing all the way)

  2. Real love is sweet oooooo. Happy anniversary to my PAstors. E, u got me wondering, fish dey smile tru tru….

  3. Am so happy for u….may God stand by u on the day of ur delivery.Pastor K is a strong and a bold man,its not all man that can stand 8yrs without a child.May God bless u and ur family! “The word of God works”

  4. Happy Annivesary!!!! Wow!!! So happy, in shock n imaginning ur story.. U r blessed n am so happy n blessed to be associated with such great family.. U r an inspiration to me n I MUST MARRY WELL!!!! Can’t fit to make a mistake.. Thank God ones more 4 ur life is a mirror 4 d world to see..

  5. Definitely what HAPPY looks like. 100% sure about it.
    You are indeed blessed PM and your unborn too. God is your strength and joy. May God’s grace always be with you and your family, amen and amen.

    With the peace and love of Christ Jesus +

  6. Wow! My pastor is so full of surprises. Who could have thought of it if not him. Such great sacrifice. I’m happy I have parents like you, who not only teach but show us the way. Congrats mama and papa

  7. Awwww,jack and rose of our time,God will continue to bless bless and bless ur union,I tap frm ur blessing PM,I love u all,my role models*hugs*

  8. Dear God,I’m going to wait patiently for this type no matter how long because its worth the wait… My friends and family keep saying that my expectations aren’t feasible and I should lower them but thank God for PK and PM who keep showing me that the marriage of my dreams is over possible.. Happy Anniversary,God bless you..

    1. my darling … please wait. God is no respecter of persons. I believed too and see what God has done. don’t let people make you settle for less than you deserve. I re-affirm again that the marriage of your dreams is possible and you will have it.

  9. This can only be God….thank God for ur testimony and constant encouragement to single sisters to marry right!
    Continue to enjoy jare….this is my happy too!

  10. Mama so happy for u …. Ur happiness in marriage has alway inspire me and I keep getting more inspiration thru ur life style and I know dat since it is working for u my mama then it will work for me. I miss u ma.

  11. am sooo inspired, i always listen to you and pk’s msg on relationship and all i can say is may God bless u guys continually.

  12. Awww…so happy for you!! I smiled through the entire post. May God continue to bless your home! It is true when you say “ladies marry well o” I’m a living testament to that!!

    I’ve been a silent reader for a while now..first time commenting 🙂

  13. I always become speechless after reading this posts. Am very happy to always read this positive love story. Goes to show that God is always and is faithful and true and He makes dreams come true.

  14. woaaao honestly knowing DCC, Pk and PM has been touching,,,,, haaa i must marry well oo even better self,,,,,,nt after attending LDM,,,,, im happy 4 you PM,,,,,

  15. truth be told, you are truly an inspiration since I stumbled into your blog via,i have never stopped reading ur post, which always leaves me feeling like you were speaking to me…..I pray to find this kind of happiness. I plan to come worship with u @ DCC someday even thou am a Catholic.

  16. whaooo!! this is indeed happiness on earth. God bless you ma. this article has made me realise that true love and a happy marriage still exist, and I’ll pray and work towards marrying well and being a faithful and God fearing mother.
    May God continue to bless you and your marriage

  17. Am so excited about your Union. You just encouraged and assured me of a wonderful husband and blissful and happy home. God continually bless your home with Good things.

  18. wow! this is so lovely! reading this, I now know how amazing marriage can be. and i expect to have an amazing marriage….. when the right man shows up. Thanks a bunch ma.

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