Okay people, I’m back and it’s just one of those I-can’t-sleep-so-I’m-blogging nights for me. It’s funny because for some reason I pictured being pregnant as my opportunity to finally be lazy, eat loads of junk food, and sleep all the time.17693-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Tired-African-American-Woman-In-A-Purple-Shirt-Resting-With-Her-Feet-Up-In-A-Purple-Lazy-Chair Tough luck still not a sweet tooth, I eat out of necessity and obviously as you can see I am wide awake loll!
So everyone is sleeping and here I am in the dark trying to blog.tumblr_mfveqk9eT21rj5dwto1_500

Well I’m not so upset about not sleeping. In my opinion sleep is over-rated (and I’m saying that now ‘cos I cant sleep; after all a bad workman quarrels with his tools). Now rest that’s another thing. Rest is very important, sleep hmmm….. I’m sure at some point I will sleep off again. Hopefully not half-way into this blog post ‘cos if not only God knows when I will be in the flow again.
So what am I blogging about today? Something I am absolutely excited about. In fact anytime I think about it I cannot stop smilingalexia horsfall-1373553335423.

I had planned I would wait till the event was like a week or so away before talking about it but I feel like a little child who just found out she has presents under the Christmas tree


and they say don’t open?! As in for real? So I’m sorry, I can’t wait again. Self-discipline out the door.

excited outHehehehe.
Okay so when I saw this MK250813, It was on my pk’s bbm and beside it he wrote –it’s an event not my pin. I just thought that was totally hilarious. As in I’m sure some people tried to add it. Lol!just bribe me, I will send you his pin. Lol! But really MK250813 has such a nice ring to it and I am totally just excited about the event. So what is MK250813? It’s the best experience you will have in a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very…….. get it? Very long time.
I’d like to say it’s a musical concert but that will be very far from the truth. In actual fact that would be belittling what will happen on that day. It’s a worship experience called SOUND OF HEAVEN and why I am so excited is not because  of the line-up of guest artistes or the fact that I will be there (sadly I won’t but I won’t let that dampen my excitement even though I’m still beefing all who will be there and get to blog about it for weeks on end Eziaha and Johnson take note). I’m really very excited because the host of this concert is very special to me….. and no it’s not my pk *I’m so rolling my eyes at all of you* I happen to have a lot of other special people in my life. Alright alright I’ll be honest PK is still the most special sha


…but I was saying before I got lost in my own little romantic moment just thereimagesCA0TC66Y

. I love me some pk sha lol! What? He’s my husband I’m allowed to drool over him like that

imagesCAI7DZFG lol!
Okay back to that other special person I was telling you about, you see the event is hosted by my son, yep! I get to say that . I feel like a very proud mum. He’s our musical director at David’s Christian Centre. Fondly called Minister Kenn or Mk by the members of DCC choir and dcc as a whole. No stranger to gospel music, he’s been singing since he was a kid, he’s shared the stage with gospel greats like Donnie mcclurkin, Micah stampley, kirk franklin among many others, and served with sammie okposo for well over eight years. I’m excited because we’ve never seen him unveiled like thisMK MK-1373807638973.

I know him personally and MK’s quiet unassuming spirit makes it easy for him to stand on that stage and sing with such great and powerful vocal gymnastics and yet all you see is God not him

MK-1371630408575. He has a gift that causes him to decrease and Christ increase – a very rare gift among musicians. I still don’t know how he does it. That’s why we often say that MK doesn’t just sing, he ministers.
Like I said I know him and his lovely family especially his energetic wife who has learned more than her teacher 😉

moi . I will give you the entire gist later but I’m sure that if you are at the concert and wondering who she is, she is probably the one NOT sitting down, running in different directions making sure everything works. I know you will disobey me Ebele don’t worry 😀 . An army of ten thousand can’t keep you in one place when it comes to kenn I understand. I can be like that with pk too

So folks the date is Sunday 25th august 2013. Time is 4pm and here is the lineup of artistes at least some of them. I will blog specially about some of them this coming week but here are some pictures17618f033a2c6fe9d6b11e01ad6e797b 1208151322288777efe imagesCAJPHMCZ koreimagesCAZCCZQL onos sammy

Where else will you get this line-up? Trust DCC na…Peter Adewumi Nissi_ A crazy lover of God B-) !-)-1368443557383

we will definitely have your back 🙂
By the way have you bought your ticket yet? It’s just N1000 and I hear it entitles you to a free gift at the event. What? You want to miss this one too? Na wa o! You missed mc acapella’s comedy goes to church…MK is bringing him back for you. You missed pita’s live in concert event…Mk is bringing him back for you. You missed Eben’s all the way event and now you want to miss this sound of heaven?

My friend run and buy your ticket jooor…
Must you wait for blog posts and pictures? Lol. I’m not even there so I can’t make any promises about blogging after the event. I’m even tempted to leave my pregnant tummy at the hospital here in the US, fly down for the concert then come back and push and you that you are there we are begging you to go and worship God. THIS IS ME LAUGHING AT YOU AND IMAGINING I AM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR AS I CANT DO IT WITH THIS BIG TUMMY

This is not an event you miss o! It will change your worship experience for ever.
Don’t worry I will give you more gist about MK later, the first time I met him and some other inside gist 😉 about him. so you see why you can’t miss this concert? Mark the date, buy a ticket for a friend as well and be there with hearts open and hands lifted ready to encounter the sound of heaven

.@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_---1373826089446

28 thoughts on “MK250813

  1. *Bbm beefing smiley*, u now come and beat me to it. Thank God we can always copy the link and spread it. Was going to ask u for pics.. I loved, that look atew dp ehn.. Hilarious!!!


  2. Hmmm….missing u more mama each time I read from u…..but Ehn na true u talk about Ebele o,she can’t be ιη one place as u instructed her cuz Mk is involved…..dis experience is one I don’t want to be told….quickly call me for ur tickets,its just Ik (07067424581),it entitles u to a gift…..peeps u can’t afford to let dis pass u by….its an experience with God….


  3. PM! Don’t tell me those ‘outside’ cannot stream this event!

    I experienced ALL THE WAY right from my computer!

    Have a peaceful sleep!


  4. @ sisiblu u should be able to connect via stream… I wouldn’t miss it, if I were u.. We don’t want mama to miss her son’s event so streaming is definitely an option, so don’t forget to tune in. Your welcome 😉


  5. 500billion likes mama…
    Actually 250813billion likes…
    Can the date just come already???
    Chai… Rubs finger…
    Looool sisiblu I’m sure we will stream… 🙂
    And yes mama, ebele will be the one NOT sitting down…
    Spot on right. Ike ya di too much biko…
    Lemme reblog already… Whoop!!!
    Makes my work very very easy…
    And it looks like darkness and insomnia combo brings out the best in you…


    1. awww…. eziaha, u are too kind o! a million kisses my love. but the insomnia and darkness bit….. be careful o! I am fertile ground and in a few months you just MAY be in my shoes …..`#enufsaid


  6. @ Jessica, leave it like that! He’s my MK, my better half, my husband, my covenant someborri, my king, my worshipper…..ok!

    Me too I am excited cos MK will be sharing! Yes and I will be a partaker. Its gonna be a Fabawesome time with my “sugar daddy” (borrowed that from E’).

    Don’t even think of being anywhere else @ 4pm on the 25th! This kind one, its best you experience it yourself!!!


  7. PM ! I can’t stop smiling. Absolutely hilarious.I love d lookatew picture too! Something tells me we would need to hire another tent to place outside cos d crowd no go get part two! Ebele sit down? How? Highly immpossible!even if they glue her skirt to d chair I’m sure she’d remove d skirt so she can move around! Ebele I hope after sound of heaven u will sleep soundly o ! Heard u now sell tickets in ur


  8. Reblogged this on The Fab sister's Blog and commented:
    Hello FAB’ers…
    So my darling Pastor M knows how to do a fantastic post while her darling E’ knows how to re-blog
    Enjoy this FABtastic post on MK’s soundgof heaven.
    I’ll defo be back with more…


  9. When I saw the title I thought it was some James Bond code to wining something, with a second close look then I read this post and looked closely and understood the coding involved. Chaiii Efizzy ton make sense. God is good.


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