I’m sitting here and its 2:30am and for some funny reason I just can’t get myself to sleep. Some say it’s pregnancy insomnia , honestly I doubt it o! I didn’t get any of these pregnancy “ailments” and I’m thinking it’s a bit too late now don’t you think lol! I’m up so I’m making the best use of my time. I’m blogging aint i?

So anyways, here I am not able to sleep and exhausting all the songs I managed to get on my phone before I left home amidst the ones I have been begging for once I catch anyone listening to them on BBM. Shout out to Jacquelyn

Happy birthday jackie'M!!!U will testify dis year_Azonto tinzz

my supplier. Love u darling and I miss hearing you sing Tasha cobbs power in the name of Jesus.


*cleaning my eyes* its official I’m home sick. It’s funny I didn’t ever get those feelings back then in boarding school as a young girl and now old woman like me 😀 mother of how many? This is ridiculous but ridiculous or not one thing I’m sure of is I miss home. I miss my PK too much ,  and the whole of DCC.

I’m sitting here and I’m listening to PITA’s “u don bless me” and really I cant help but thank God for his faithfulness. When I think of all he’s done for me, battles he’s helped me win… I’ve gone through all the names of God and honestly he has just been my EMMANUEL. He’s been God and yet God WITH me.



One of the biggest lessons I have learned in recent times is that God never leaves me. And I mean absolutely never. No matter what I do or how much I’ve tried to stray in times past. His hand has been there and he has just stood with me solid as the rock of ages.
I really don’t know if I can see through all these tears right now to finish this post but I’m just in awe of how God is just all kinds of beautiful. I now understand CECE WINANS’ song JESUS YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL TO ME. He is dependable, Unfailing, unchanging, unquestionable. I serve an incomparable, indescribable, unexplainable God. I lack the right words. He’s all these things and yet he is the God that is with me.



He’s with me, He’s for me and He’s in me.

I recently watched a series called the bible


It was a dramatization of biblical events that charted the course of Christianity and the one thing that rang true and through all the patriarchs was their God consciousness. They all took risks, walked in faith, conquered territories with one thing on their lips: GOD IS WITH ME!!! I was just so struck by that. They understood the concept of Emmanuel even before the Emmanuel had been born. Its just such an awesome place to be and that’s where I am right now. Where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is with me… he is Emmanuel.
It changes everything. How you see yourself, how things work for you, how you respond to challenges and the steps you dare to take. God consciousness is the core of who we are.  we often don’t do much or live life to the fullest because we don’t know that God is real and that he is with us.

Yes ooo

see why I love my church? 🙂
Its 5:44am now and I still haven’t slept a wink but guess what neither has my Emmanuel.


He never sleeps nor slumbers. I just love Him.

Catch you guys later folks. I pray that today will be one of those days where you are suddenly seeing God in every place, at every turn and in every whisper. Have a God conscious day.
Love you

I know its Tuesday today and someone accused me of abandoning dilemma Tuesday. So here’s the deal, if I can catch some sleep, I will sift through my emails and see if I can put up one of the dilemma posts but you must promise to respond. As my ‘dassah will say “mummy you’d no say deal?” So guys deal? You’re supposed to respond with DEAL. 😀 :D:D


isn’t she just the cutest if that smile doesn’t brighten up your day, I wonder what else will?

17 thoughts on “EMMANUEL

  1. That word on sunday just blew my mind and that’s really all I can think about lately. How His presence is constantly with us.. I can’t get enough of that message and I can’t chant these words enough (God is for me, with me and in me). we sure love our dcc and we miss u plenty and yes u are defaulting on our tuesday bargain (that and a few other things ;)) but I say DEAL. Have an awesome, dassah full, giddy missing day :).


    1. lol! forgive me for defaulting. remember its like world cup inside me right now not to talk of the one dassah is doing outside 🙂 be patient with me please. I repent 🙂


  2. DEAL with my cute smiley icon 🙂 To other news, Pastor M, please where do you get these your cool pics you use on your blog from? I love the blushed babe by the computer and the crying smiley…about to ‘thief’ them now…but this silly Bluetooth on my PC has refused to pair with my phone!


    1. lol! thaou shalt not steal. maybe your laptop is born-again and doesn’t want to sin 😉 just joking o! enjoy! pictures? same place all bloggers do. google all the way 🙂


  3. When you blog, it makes it plenty easier…for us that really miss you
    Looks like that is why God kept you awake…
    Let me just say that if you promise to be blogging, then sleep will promise to be coming…

    To the dilemma Tuesday, I say DEAL… DEALER… DEALEST… Anything to keep you blogging…
    And I am loving the pictures. They just breathe life and beauty into blogposts…


      1. They absolutely work ooo
        The pictures that is
        And the cure to sleep has come
        And you have been blogging too
        That’s your deal right there
        You are welcome


  4. Oh and yes, Jacqueline made me absolutely love that song
    She sings it like she owns it…
    I was gonna make a special request that she sings it at my wedding as a worship song
    I may still… She really made me love it


  5. I know beyond the shadow of doubt that God is with me, God is for me, and God is in me. GodblessU ma. Yeah DEAL!!!


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