Hi people
If you are like me and you are on blackberry, I’m sure you got a lot of happy new month broadcasts yesterday

900978_scaled_jpgacf63143ed35578c1e03503bbefe0d05. And because it is the month of august and the eight month of the year, I’m sure a lot of those broadcasts told you that the eight month represents the month of new beginnings.

So, it got me thinking…. New beginnings? New things? Has it become cliché? Or do we still wait with expectancy when we hear the word NEW. I know that a lot of times when we read the scripture that says, forget the things of old for behold I do a NEW thing we just smile and quote it very nicely back to ourselves but do we really stop and think about that word NEW? The Message translation puts it like this:

Forget about what’s happened;
don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? (Isaiah 43:18-19)

I just love The Message bible. God just speaks to ME every time 164188
What does NEW mean? NEW… novel, innovative, fresh, different, latest, pristine, original. Something that hasn’t existed before? Hmmmm…. So in actual fact we should be looking out for things that we are usually not accustomed to.wherethemagichappens
I like new things. New clothes, new shoes, new cars,  brand new  unopened stuff.imagesCA5C4IND I like to be the first to use things ….but the truth is I also like old things… I like my old bible

Underlined-Bible (maybe because I can seem to find everything in it even when I don’t know how to quote the exact scripture. Its usually been underlined or a promise dated), I like old friends, low maintenance old friends. People who you may not see always but you are already comfortable with so the relationship just flows …


I guess I like old things so much because I’m comfortable with the oldimagesCA8KKJK7. Old things are where you find your comfort zone. The truth is old is good but I find that if you can get out of that comfort zone mode that new is better.
You see, new is exciting, its refreshing and it can be life-changing especially if that new is from God. The funny thing is that God himself likes new things. He’s always talking about us forgetting old things and focusing on the new. he’s always declaring how He will do NEW things. just look its all over the bible

So I’ve decided in this month of August to step out in faith imagesCAFUPEPC and expect fresh, innovative, novel and original things to happen for me and that is exciting because? Well, to be honest I had almost gotten to the point where I honestly am not sure if there’s anything else that can surprise me this year……oops! I just heard God laugh *shocked face* he just said “darling, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”. *dancing a major jig* really? Still more surprises lord? Still more exciting, fresh and breathtaking things I have never seen before? Omo, testimony no de finish for where God de sha. I’m in awe.

Okay so here is to August, my month of new, exciting, innovative, fresh and original things. I hope you will dare to believe for this august too to be that kind for you. lets celebrate in advance abi?

Okay so before I go I have a birthday boy that I absolutely must wish a happy birthday. My cute cute cute little nephew Goziem Micah Enunwa.Aina not Aino (Ngozi)@_--

He’s dassah’s favourite cousin and “my bwother” as she calls him. Everyone else is a cousin, he’s her brother 😀 and they are actually like brother and sister shaIMG_00000092 img122(2) IMG-20130612-00855
This is to many more years of blessings, you will make us all proud in this life in Jesus name. We love you so much and we will have to have that party when dassah can be in the picture.
Okay so folks it’s a wrap. See you tomorrow.

Oh! my God 10kobo who are you? I am in shock right now. You are truly amazing. How do you read through an entire blog and comment on every single post? Wow! Please send me a private email. I really would like to know who you are and while you are at it for being my most dedicated NEW blog follower I have gifts for you. Please call 08077714411 and find out how to collect your gifts but like I said send me an email first so I can get your details and drop them off so you can get your gift. Love you and hey you just made it into one of my august NEWEST NEWS… mwaaah!

and just so you know I am challenged, I will reply every single comment even if it is just with a smiley 😉

12 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. You missed NEW BABIES..
    Me I like new babies oooo
    I miss you… Chai…
    I feel for Ekamma if small me dey miss like this…
    Plenty lovagessssss


      1. Amen to the Eky prayers…. loool
        Oya bw consoling me with posts twice a day na. Even if na just ‘snap picture and post to say ‘I am still here ooo’ ” You recall using this line on me? Looool


  2. Ok o! Pastor M…let me start dropping my smileys on all your posts, since you have promised to reply. Me too I wanted to be celebrated on your blog. Here it goes… 🙂


  3. THANK YOU MA, am shocked you posted me on your blog. I only got hooked to your writtings that’s why I read it all. I will call the number for the gift even though its been almost a month now, am really excited and happy. Biggest hugs to you ma


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