tbaaheaderDid you ever see that series growing up? I did, and I absolutely loved it. Especially at the end of it all when a bright light suddenly surrounds her and she goes “I am an angel, sent by God”.

I always yearned for those kinds of experiences. I always wanted to see and encounter angels. I just believed that God wasn’t done sending men angels after all, the bible says He is the same God; yesterday, today and forever. So if Abraham got angels, Zechariah got angels, Joshua got angels and Mary got angels, well, permit me to be bold enough to say I expected to get mine too especially since I am under a better covenant.

And angels I did see, but like most people the problem was I didn’t recognize them as quickly. For some funny reason I had a stereotype in my head of what angels were to look like. As a young child I thought they looked like this ….Image

Then when I started reading the bible for myself I just couldn’t seem to shake this image from my head…Image be honest, that’s how you imagine them to look too 🙂 especially when you read the scripture that he gives his angels charge over you 😉Image

Well, you see that’s the problem, that’s probably why we miss the many angels that God sends into our lives daily.

Its 3:43am here in America and I’m sooooooooooo wide away and for some reason God just reminded me of how much I have yearned to encounter angels and he has, like he did with the blind man at Bethsaida, healed me so that instead of seeing men as trees, in this case I started seeing the angels the way they were…..albeit without wings.Image

I’ve been blessed I cannot lie. I’ve had a very favoured life. I know God is partial to me…. Thank you, I know you will say he is no respecter of persons. Thank you but to me, my God loves me specially. I don’t know about you but this is a God that has moved innumerable mountains for me, he has opened countless doors and closed even many more. He has spoken to me even audibly if it was necessary to get my attention. Like it or not, I’m blessed Image

Okay so, let me get back to my angel encounters. I’ve met quite a few in my lifetime and before I start let me clearly state my disclaimer here and now. I am not doing a post on all the angels I have encountered. I am simply sharing a few experiences. Hmmm…. Because world people! They will now say and she didn’t mention my name… if you think like that, trust me honey, that’s proof that you ain’t no angel. Angels never allow themselves to be worshipped. They know they are ministering spirits here to serve and give God the glory.

So, angel number one…… wait for it…. Drum roll….. 😀

Of course you guessed right. The angel of my life. My sunshine, my boo, my baby, my king, my friend, my pk. ImageThis particular angel I met again or should I say I really met nine years ago and my life totally changed. He doesn’t come with wings, trust me I should know 😉 besides I’ve checked every closet in the house ‘cos at some point I actually suspected he had them hidden somewhere but this man is more angel to me than any winged seraph. We’ve had some rough challenges and at every point, with him I always felt protected, it’s like seeing your guardian angel in the flesh. Someone committed to your joyImage. He lives every day thinking of ways to make me smile. I’ve really had down times, I remember the first few years of marriage when I would be soooooo ill and messing up the whole house with blood, he would clean up after me (and that is a big deal because he hates housework lol!) and never even act like anything happened, when I told him I had been certified infertile and that his chances of having a child from me were slim if not impossible. He smiled at me with love that I never imagined possible and held my face in his hand, looked me in the eye and said, “listen, I’m not marrying you for children, I’m marrying you because I love you but you WILL have my children” and that was the last he ever spoke about it. He took me to the altar knowing that this may never happen but for God, and once he could afford it, he started spoiling me silly like someone who had given him ten sons (yep, I know all you typical African men who only treat their wives well when they have given you an heir). He’s been my source of strength throughout these eight years of waiting (don’t worry full gist on that one coming up real soon) and today I’m so thankful that I’m having my angel’s baby.Image

And oh by the way did I say how fine this angel is?Image ….and he’s all mine *big grin* Imageand to think I would have missed this angel ‘cos I didn’t see wings anywhere? Hmmm…..

I met another angel recently, well a couple of years ago. You may not see her wings but she wears white alrightImage so I’m suspecting her seriously. Every single time I keep expecting her to let her hair down and say, yep you guesses, “I’m an angel, sent by God…” honestly, I don’t think I’d be too shocked. Pastor Laurie Idahosa is my friendImage. I call her my Elizabeth because like I shared at IMELA, it was her testimony that challenged me to believe God with such audacity. Wait! Wait! You were not at IMELA? You have got to be kidding me. And you haven’t ordered the DVD? *horrified face* I don’t even know where to start on that one so I’ll just leave it. *deep breaths Mildred, deep breaths*

So I was saying, with pastor Laurie I will not be shocked if she someday whips out those wings because who meets someone for the first time and just warms up and shares personal stuff that is like rhema at that point in the person’s life? Who sends you a box of clothes and stuff when she hears you now have a baby? Who buys a ticket and flies down from Benin not as a guest speaker but just to sit near a friend who wants to share her testimony? Who opens her home and leaves her car for you for four months rent free? In America, a land where nothing is free. I mean, who does that? Tell me what human being does that? Even some siblings from the same womb don’t go that far. So Pastor Laurie whether you agree or not I know an angel when I see oneImage. How can anyone person is so committed to blessing you and ministering to you. Nope, you can try to convince me all you want, my mind is made up. Angel number two.

Then there are others,  to be honest I can never even go into details because there have been many in my life…. the entire workforce at David’s Christian Centre and folks let me just tell you guys beforehand I will soooooooo sneak into the country when I am returning because I suspect a jamboree in that airport and I definitely don’t want to be responsible for that. So, sorry guys, no show for you *sticking out tongue*

Honestly I’m honoured to be surrounded by so many selfless and sold out staff, ministers and workers at Dcc. I know one day, those wings will definitely fall out and I get to sayImage “aha! Told you so”

I guess what I’m trying to say in essence is  there are people who God sends in your life but we end up missing them because we are too focused on the way they should be rather than the things God sends them to do in your life. Some people may not be perfect but they are sent to bless you. I remember when I first met my pk, I didn’t think he was fine or anything and I definitely had a picture of what “my angel” should be like- tall, dark, not Ibo, not a pastor, not hairy and definitely not light-skinned and oh! Did I say not a pastor? Well, he came in everything I didn’t want him to be. I was so blinded by all he was not at first that I almost missed what he was and the truth is now what he is ….Image.My best friend and angel are more important than “the wings” (stereotypes) I placed on him. This one especially is for all the single girls out there, be careful not to miss your angel just ‘cos you don’t see his wings 😉

Ok so, moral of the story angels are everywhere, they are in the streets, at your office, in church, on Facebook, just expect to see them and you will.

Special shout out to one major angel in my life now, thanks Mabel. I see you but God sees you more importantly. I don’t know how many people will do what you did for me but I’m eternally grateful. Love you plenty and no point hiding your wings, I know you are one of them already 🙂

Finally, the biggest and most obvious angel in my life right now: Mummy’s pride and joy and the cutest angel ever. ImageA million kisses my darling.

Okay folks that’s it for now. Please come back and see me soon. Be good and don’t take your angels for granted. Speaking of which I really hope I can be an angel to someone too. hmmm…. Let’s see what angelic things I can do today? Who can I make smile? What about you?

Let’s go and make some dreams come true 😉

43 thoughts on “TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL

  1. Chai!!!
    Angels abound and my darling Pastor M, you too are one. And I have hidden your wings so you don’t fly back!!!
    And yesooooo Eky is an angel. I saw her wings yesterday walahi!!! I caught her before she hid it…
    Yay!!! Blogging mode reactivated. Please keep it on the regular.
    And of cos, angels are really real


    1. lol! only you E…. only you….
      and yes o! Eky’s wings… could you please keep an eye on them so she doesnt fly back. 😉
      yes o! blogging mode re-activated. i’ll keep it regular. like i have anything else to do apart from doctor’s appointments 🙂
      cant wait to see u. but wait…. will i? wedding plans means wedding and moving out of lagos right?


  2. Awwww! So on point! …thank you pst M. Will definitely look closely at my life and give thanks for all the angels in my life! And yes, I loved Touched By An Angel…I can still remember the theme song…


  3. You’re already an angel PM, in so many ways than you know. Though, your post made me smile and also tear up, you still remain one, sans wings. God bless you ma. Much love


  4. Mama I m so blessed by dis,u ve jst opened my eyes to so mny angels I had arnd me all along nd didn’t realise wt great gft they re to me.God bless u ma nd u re also my angel for inspiring me all these u ma


  5. *smiles* wow! *still smilin* cnt stop smilin!
    Hmm…am really touched ma…may God help me 2b an angel too in pple’s lives…der’s joy in impactin lives positively…


  6. Wow!!! Really angels r in human form, thank u so much for making me realise that i need appreciate them anytime,anyday!!! Pm u have really been a blessing n i wudnt be making a mistake by calling u an ANGEL cus u r trully an ANGEL… Believing to see u soonest. Shalom


  7. Hmmm, u never cease to amaze me with ur story my very own sweet PM. Dey are inspiring, touching & full of comedy. Am so happy for u & you are my own angel ma. Oh yes, u just made me smile


  8. Awwwwww i luv dis writeup. Was just smiling althru and i had 2 xplain 2 my Angel (Hubby) who was making me smile… Luv u My Pst M


  9. This is one post that I cannot realy find wordsor grammar to express my feelings right now. All I just want to say is that Mamalicious,you are in kind angel. And you will always be. Love you so much. *kisses*


  10. Mama this is so inspiring. Just read it now after I got home from work and I’m already identifying all d angels in my life. Thanks a bunch and more ink to your pen.
    Well, now that you have scuttled our airport suprise, we’ll just have to think of something else. Thanks for the early notice. “Wink wink”. Hehehehehe.


    1. Johnson, don’t even go there. I’m soooooo dodging you guys. to be sure you don’t get a chance I will sneak in through another door. so meeters n greeters don’t even try anything. lol! oh by the way absolutely loooooove your blog. fantastic job. well done dear


  11. This write-up is so wonderful dat my facial
    expression is btw smiling deeply and tearful.u know dat look wen people ask if ur laughing or crying and even you cannot tell….I suspect a church service crowd on ur arrival…..we could as well hold service at the airport…lolzzz…unless mama sneaks in. We all soooo look forward to seeing you again.


    1. Tricia darling, trust me i will TRY to sneak in but even then I’m scared of you DCC people. you still have your ways 🙂 I sooooooooooo look forward to seeing you all. I miss home so much already.


  12. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! My Mama this piece is so inspiring that I was almost looking out for my pic also(smiles).indeed we all need angels with or without wings in our lives…Gearing to b ur angel too one day you much my Fabulous Mama


  13. I just had to comment. What a beautiful ode to the people you mentioned here! I pray to God that he continues to meet you all at the point of your needs in Jesus name. P.S. your husband is very good-looking. Haha 🙂


  14. You inspire me with your sweet write ups Mama, you and pastor K are the sweetest angels I’ve ever met in my life…I love you…muah


  15. ooooohh how my faith has been fired up. Thank you ma. I still am speechless after going through your blog. I think am having a Holy Ghost Hangover or something like that I really don’t know what to say. Am very happy for you Ma.


  16. Pastor Mildred, Am so happy for you. Congrats, I wish you safe delivery IJN.?Am really touched this morning reading your story. God bless your ministry. Pls let us know when u come to U.K. My regards to Pastor K and ur Sis.


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