WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP ….. IMELA…. the night as it was.

Hi people,
Were you at the just concluded WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP CONFERENCE? What? Are you kidding me? You mean you missed IMELA. Choi! Where do I start from o! I can try but can I ever really put into words the experience of the night?

You see why I say don’t miss events like this? Is it the unbelievably hot praise and worship that the ladies from TRI praise team gave us at the beginning?
imela-093 imela-081imela-079imela-045imela-010imela-080But that was just warm up for the heavenly depiction of the night of worship that the drama unit of DCC soul impact rendered? imela-111mean, when the lady came out chanting praises in Hausa, imela-114imela-485the power of God had already flooded the room, by the time the lady chanting in Yoruba came outimela-479 imela-482 some ladies were already prostrate in total abandonimela-120. Then when the lady in Ibo came out singingimela-115 I couldn’t hold back the tears floodgates any more. Once she said “Igwe!”imela-128 imela-131the whole hall erupted into shouts of praise. Tears all round, people screaming, some kneeling and some falling under the anointing. Maybe the pictures may help a bit but honestly if I say that I am doing the night justice, I am lying.

Then Palmira came up.imela-143 If heaven is missing a musical angel, I’m suspecting that girl o! Maybe we should go and check her cupboard at home, I’m sure she has them wings hid somewhere. And she’s not just a singer, Palmira dey worship! Kai! She has to lay hands on my ‘dassah o! I need that kind of anointing in my daughter. I’m coveting spiritual things na 😉 The whole place by this time was already charged with the power of God.imela-159 imela-160 imela-167
While we were still recovering, David Nkennorimela-178 (and if you ask me that his name is just so apt) snuck in without introduction and started playing softly on the keyboard (his trademark)imela-185 imela-186 imela-522. No frills, no thrills, no musical gymnastics, just pure, un-adulterated worship. At this point I was asking myself who even sent me to bother making up? Mascara running down my cheeks unashamedly, hands lifted up…… and you missed this? Ok o! I’m trying not to make you feel bad sha.
Then one of my highlights for the night … okay so maybe I am a bit partial to PITA but who can blame me? Even with light constantly tripping off (see beef from satan sha), he didn’t allow it phase him, the worship continued. You see why I love him so much? He understood that it wasn’t about him and all the songs he had planned to sing. He just kept the worship flowing… imela-188 imela-190 imela-199 imela-535 imela-537Speaking of which…have you bought your ticket for the PITA live in concert? What?! You haven’t?! Do you see yourself now? My friend, run and go and buy your ticket jare. Who do you want to give work? So I will now sit down here and start trying to give you the gist? Not that I won’t sha seeing as I am so kind and all 😀 but honestly PITA de sing sha lie no good as my people will say 😀
Up next was a serious high point of the night for me and my closely guarded secret 😉 You’ve heard of Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa abi? Well he has a son and his son is married to this dear dear friend of mine Pastor Laurieimela-051 (well, Rev laurie really but pastor just sounds so much warmer and that’s her really. Very warm and sweet). Now the real gist is I met her a couple of years ago when I was still in the “should I go the medical route Lord?” mode and she shared her story with me and I just knew then that it was God telling me to just trust him. I decided that day that if she could trust God and have her baby I could too. I call her my Elizabethimela-209. She shared her story that evening and the house erupted in praise you could practically feel everyone’s faith level go up – a million notches up .
What? I should share the story? I’m sorry I didn’t quite hear that, did you say I should share the story? Should I? hmmmm…….. why were you not there? I’m not sharing…. 😀 😀 😀 oya say please first. I’m just kidding I was going to give you the summary at least.
So she got married and the kids were just not coming, they go for a test and the doctors tell her that it is not naturally possible for her and her husband to have a child except they do it through IVF. Note, her husband is an only son and she’s white so you can imagine some of the prejudices but thank God for godly men. You see why I say marry well o! Anyway back to the testimony and this is the very very very brief version o! So long story short after four failed IVFs costing $25,000 each and selling properties, she finally has one successful IVF, has the child and unfortunately, the baby boy dies. Then without IVF miraculously, she gets pregnant and is blessed exactly one year after the death of her other baby with her first miracle baby FEB jnrimela-217, then after a while she decides to try again for a second baby and tries another IVF which sadly fails again but we serve a faithful God who will not share his glory with any man (doctors or procedures alike) and soon after she starts feeling funny and goes to the doctor who promptly throws in her face that no one wins the lottery twice. But I guess as Christians we always win because there comes her second miracle baby Nateimela-313. So while still reeling from this miracle six months later for some reason, Nate stops accepting breast milk and before she could say “pregnancy test” third miracle baby Judah was hereStephen Ezenwosu-1371485407106(1). God of impossibilities!!!! Our defender!!!!
The level of worship intensified as up next came MK (minister ken)imela-254 imela-259 imela-260 imela-277, and as his name, he ministered. You could just feel the presence and the power of God so strongly in the room. His song “odogwu na aya” inspired by my testimony just kept me crying for hours. I could literally feel God’s anointing in the room. It was so tangible. Then his own version of IMELA with TRI Choir was simply on another levelimela-315
Up next was Nathaniel Bassey… and he came with his beautiful wifeimela-149, see ehn! Let me not even try to insult you by saying I can capture into words what happened from then on. A song as simple as “dependable God!” began to sound like war chants to the devil’s ears I’m sureimela-334 imela-337  imela-362. I have no words really. And with the blast of the trumpet imela-332people were slain all over the place as the power of God filled the place. He said one thing that really struck me that night. imela-355He said “there is something in this place tonight. Make sure you collect your own” and really that’s the best way to put it, there was something in that place that night.
And some collected as testimonies have started reeling in… two ladies already confirmed pregnant, even one of them was diagnosed with PCOS and as always our God made nonsense of doctor’s reports.
of course Nathaniel’s ministration couldn’t end without the rendition of his beautiful “IMELA” song and he brought along with him the beautiful and sweet spirited Enitan Adaba imela-391 who did the song with him originally on the video which incidentally was given away free in the gift packs. The evening ended with a serious round of praise by Ibironke imela-445 imela-450 imela-457who had started her own worship and praise long before she got on stageimela-171 imela-386 . We had to practically beg the ladies to go home. Even I was too overwhelmed to really share my testimony in full imela-422but  my big tummy was enough testimony for anyone to see that God is faithful and a keeper of his WordDSC_6003 DSC_6076 - Copy DSC_6105 DSC_6244. for the full gist sha, watch out for the book coming out soon 😉
Aren’t you gearing up for next year’s WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP CONFERENCE 2014 already?

here are a few more pictures of the ladies worshipping imela-029 imela-030 imela-032 imela-035 imela-039 imela-084 imela-090 imela-096 imela-098 imela-203 imela-216 imela-272 imela-287 imela-311 imela-455 imela-470 imela-502 imela-528 imela-533 imela-539 imela-541 imela-542 imela-549
For more pictures go to our Facebook page JUST US GIRLS NAIJA and make sure you like the page while you are there. I just decided to upload ALL the pictures there instead. Follow this link and spread the word okay?
Watch out the video is coming out really soon so you can relive the whole experience.

49 thoughts on “WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP ….. IMELA…. the night as it was.

  1. A big congrats to you Ma. Incidentally my birthday was on the 16th. I have an understanding of Imela. Let me make an attempt of sharing. We are 3 girls in my house and my mom has been trying to give birth again and had multiple miscarriages even the ones she had before my last sister. She eventually started making arrangements for an IVF but God is awesome she found out she was pregnant after 16 years of trying. Behold she gave birth to my brother on the 21st of Dec 2011 and here’s the part that’s interesting she had all of us through CS but had my brother through normal means and just when we were saying Thank you Lord she found out she’s pregnant again she’ll be due in a few weeks. Imagine seeing me and my mom with my younger brother you’ll think he’s my son but that’s the God we serve , He knows how to WOW us and shut everyone’s mouth up. I share in your joy and many more to come. God bless you so much.

    1. Chijioke’s momma’s testimony still wows me sef. That’s your son sweetie. Both the one that has come and the one that’s coming…

  2. Chijioke o di ka onwe nke n’eme gi ooooo
    How can you be first???!!!
    What’s that??? Na me introduce u na…
    I had waited for ever
    Pastor M biko gburu aka

  3. Oh my God, wish i was there LIVE. No point asking when it took place (date) I just need to know if the VCD is available for sale. God bless u ma & Pst K

  4. Choi! PM I missed oooooo but thank you so much for the gist even the gist alone has blessed my life. I also rejoice with you ma,indeed God is a dependable God. Please wana know when ‘just us girls conference’ is coming. God bless you ma.

  5. Ok lemme now comment the really REAL comment
    First of all PM, I love you to smithereens mehn!!! But tz the God in you I love the most…
    :* :* :*
    God just used and is still using you to show off. Now PK has to be real careful
    U tried ooo. You see why I couldn’t do a post on this?
    This is a very good summary. But like we that experienced it first hand know, if e no be panadol, e no fit be like panadol oooooo
    I mean, where do I start?
    Pita? Chai!!!
    Pastor M is Pita married?
    #justasking oooo
    Seriously!!! I know why I’m asking.
    Ibironke and Palmira??? They make me feel terrible that I’m just singing talent-free.
    Apparently they took the one meant for some of us. Ibironke had energy mehn!!! Now I see she drew grace from the night.
    Smart woman.
    Pita!!! Oh I’ve talked about him
    Nathaniel and the amazing Enitan Adaba. Oh my!!! Felt good to watch this performance live yo!!!
    I feel like if Nath should sing twinkle twinkle little star, people go fall!!!
    How does he kiss his wife please???
    And the woman doesn’t fall??? Like MK said, he’s really born again… Loooool. Even the normal song wey I dey sing during my quiet time sounded different. Oga da nu…
    The drama??? Esp when the King got up from the throne at the praises, halted every other thing and commanded his servants to start blessing em… Oh my!!!
    Then Pita…
    Chai!!! Ok Eziaha enough!!!
    If u missed this, I feel your pain. That’s how I missed MANners too and the post was all I had!!!
    You missed the hall!!! The dome was packed full. They had to bring in chairs that almost blocked the aisle!!! And ladies were standing too
    Then Pastor Laurie… I kept staring at the kids… Esp the first!!! 4IVF procedures can’t be a joke. I heard about her from a friend at BIU
    Amazing!!! Chukwu di egwu!!!
    Pastor M, I celebrate you. And the king that is your husband. And the God in you both.
    Muah. Muah. Muah!!!

  6. Am yet to recover. Don’t think I can recover. Am saying a big big IMELA to my God n thanks mama, your testimony is really a prophecy to us allllll. Congrat mama

  7. Hmmmm P.M when Uche told me d 1st thing I said was I’m not surprised cos wt d way u held on to God He was left choiceless, u kept saying hw u ve decorated ur childrens room & u kept buyin stuffs for dem like u culd see dem already…even God knew He had to honor dt Faith…FAITH is one thing I learnt frm DCC & my life is a testimony…

    I was told frm 11 yrs of age that I can NEVER give birth normally cos of a med condition, at NYSC it was re iterated by a LUTH consultant, I was even told I needed a total hip replacement surgery & a radiographer told me if I tried to push I ll break my pelvics, but wen I was pregnant I heard in my spirit dt I ll giv birth normally, I told my mom & she said she was praying abt it, I held on to that but was still askin for CS price ( closing my face)
    But wen I went to give birth outsyd lagos I didn’t mention d med history or anytn related I held on to God’s promise & on d day I gave birth normally to a cute boy who weighed 3.1kg no complications, d matron stood by d door & watched & at d end she said sweet delivery..labor pangs started at 5:30am got to d hosp at 6:10am (my mom was wearing make up) gave birth at 8:32am..

    He is a miracle working God indeed..

  8. Last comment I promise
    I just saw myself all over
    Yes pipu, the fabulous lady in the fabulous gown praising the most fabulous God is E’
    PM I love lurv loff ur pix esp d one of u standing and laughing
    Kodak moment there!!!
    Devil, in your face

  9. Mama indeed our God is d God of all possibility, there is nothing too hard for him to do and I hv seen it through ur life, am so blessed even due I misses it and was unable to connect through internet due to heavy rain in bayelsa that cause bad network that day but through those pictures am blessed.pls let me knw when d viedo is out, will like to hv d full experience.

  10. Thank God for the success of this meeting and the lives that was blessed, i have watched the pix i can tell how glorious HIS presence was on that day, Congrats my great friend, congrats

  11. Pastor M, I praise God for your testimony! I thank God I was there against all odds. D conference was breath taking. I believe minister Nathaniel Bassey, that my life cannot remain the same after that day. Too much anointing in one place. My worship, praise & faith levels have increased. God bless you, Ma…

  12. Reblogged this on The Fab sister's Blog and commented:
    Thank God i didn’t bother droppin’ the Gist…
    You see why it is Good to maintain your own champion?
    I did the IMELA ‘Before’ and this is an absolutely amazin’ AFTER…
    Enjoy… Pastor M’s account of the night that was IMELA…
    Peek the fabulous lady in the FAB Gown…

  13. I invited a friend who got lost in worship. She left later than she promised her husband. On our way home, she kept talking about the worship and how she may change church to DCC. She will be attending the worship service at the civic centre come June 30th.
    One thing I know is that any worship session organised by PM is always a Waoh!!
    Thank you mama.

  14. Wow….won’t av forgiven myself if I has missed IMELA….I’m proud to be part of the family….

  15. Really awesome. Significant of praise came alive as neva in my life. Like d scripture says praise is comely 2 d upright & it is good thing 2 praise God

  16. Wow pastor M I can’t wait to get my hands on that book, this is awesome I could feel the anointing by looking at those pics and reading your gist..you are good with gist sha lol, you look so beautiful in that red dress with d lovely bump…love u

  17. IMELA! Hmmmmmm ,An encounter pple will not recover from in a hurry. Mama, ur Love for Jesus made d difference! Real Worshippers, Real God, Real xperience!!!
    I share in dis JOY! Glad to be part of this Great commision. Satan Ntoi!

  18. Pastor M, it was sensationally breath-taking. You needed to see my mum dancing. I have never seen her dance like that before in my entire life! I wish she met you after the meeting cos she is one of your biggest fans.

  19. CONVENANT keeping GOD, there is none like You! Alpha and Omega, All-Sufficient, All-Knowing, All-Marvellous, All-Powerful, All-Possible God.
    Who can be compared to this our Wonder working God??? Indeed, No one.
    I celebrate you, Pastor Mildred for this beautiful, amazing Writing gift that you have. I couldnt make it cos i live in Enugu but you have made the whole event come alive for me.
    How great is God’s goodness and awesome mercy + faithfulness. Chai, our GOD is gooooooooooooOood!!
    Blessed congratulations Pastor M, for your beautiful celebration of God’s goodness and mercy. Indeed, IMELA Papa, Ebube Igwe!!!
    Your testimony is the fulfillment of others’ prophecy..
    Well done for keeping and living the faith.
    God bless you and the beautiful one(s) you are carrying, in Jesus Christ holy name, amen

  20. This is God just fulfilling his promises Again in our lives to Him be the Glory he is ever Awesome.

  21. I wanted to attend,but it fell on the same date with my professional exam,reading through the whole gist,I can see that I missed a lotmjust want to know when VCD will be out and where can I get one.please reply.

  22. If I had missed IMELA, I would have been moving with regrets and if I did not go there with my friend for them to see the amazing works of God, I would be selling fish by now o. I remembered PM words when she made an illustration about a person trying to harm you and the harm he/she was planning back fired and you in happiness tells the person “ntoi”. I feel that this year and years to come, the devil should be expecting many more “ntoi” cos there are many TESTIMONIES coming our way since David Never Lost the Battle. As for our Pastor M, I don’t have to say anything than to tell u that I am inspired by you.

  23. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Mama indeed a million words cannot describe the experience at IMELA and its great you still were able to try capture it in your own words. We bless and continually thank God for your life Ma…love you more

  24. My goodness,just by looking at the pics i tab into the anointing..makes you really wish you were there.Would love to be able to come to nigeria someday for this.Praise God for your testimony,i can imagine your joy.Daddy i will testify this year..:)God Bless

  25. The anointing is on this post,I couldn’t help breaking out in tongues,as I read through. PM,I just added you on bb,pls add me,I have to talk to you in camera,lol. God bless you am. Biko,ejo make una open branch of DCC in kaduna na,I’m tired of salivating

  26. We were made to HIM to HIM who sit on d throne.Pastor M may ur life continue to c wonders,because it’s our month of wonders in worship. God bless u n d entire committee of http://WWW.we will testify.

  27. “I wish to comments my reserve” like my comedian bros would say. My own comment on this edition of When Women Worship will come as a testimony n I will sure testify. I don’t want to talk about PM becos she is an extraordinary woman of God. Not totally by becoming Pastor’s wife but I guess she has paid her price. I truly share in ur joy Mama n may the good Lord continue to bless u n ur husband. Love u plenty plenty

  28. Choi! where do i start from?

    I am not a DCC member but i always try to attend whenever DCC has programmes. “IMELA” was awesome.

    I was stressed up at work and with Life. The praise and the worship on ‘IIMELA’ day was exhilarating and i left service refreshed. I told God to help me never miss Heaven cos’ if the Praise and worship was a peek into what Heaven has to offer, i certainly do not want to miss out on Heaven’s praise and worship. 🙂

    I totally enjoyed the whole package of ‘IMELA’ but the one thing i got from ‘IMELA’ which i am still running with today is(paraphrased now) Pst. Mildred said she would hold on to the word when it seemed like nothing was happening in her life. That word touched me.

    29 years old, not in a relationship, don’t know when i’d be getting married, no guy, my life seems like it is on a stand-still but like Pst. Mildred said to us and with the rhema i received, i’d hold on to the word.

    God bless you Pst. M and Pst. K. you have been a huge blessing to me and i love you both. This is straight from my heart. God bless u and cause you to fulfill your days on earth in Jesus name.

  29. i remember our university days,though we were praying for a dear friend of mine, we used to tease Ngozi that she needed to be a yearly subscriber to always sanitary pads to enable her get good discounts….she also had the issue of blood n a long list of doctors’ repooooooorttsss.. I hope no one reading this is calculating coincidence or impact or velocity or etc that My friend Ngozi and my Ma-ma have tummy bumps ,expecting in d same year He promised we will testify!!!!!! When NAthaniel said something is happening here tonite,collect your own…i wished i had something in mind to collect cos of the powerful atmosphere. i started forcing myself quickly to think of what i wanted but den i remembered Bee, na thanksgiving u say u dey come do o, chai i now faced it squarely.Baba mi,I just came give you thanks in a way n atmosphere I haven’t done year round for d good news happening around me, for answering prayers of those i love and cherish…….WWW……..hmmmm.things happen.I was dia live n I even bot d vcd but meeeen,d former is Berra. I’ve never n must never miss any WWW in my lifetime, wherever I am in dis world, GOd help me. It has blessed me n my surrounding from the very 1st www till date. ……..Lolz @ eziaha’s twinkle twinkle little star by NAthaniel. Maybe he should consider it o, so our kids can worship even in reciting nursery rhymes.

  30. Wow! I have to be at the next Imela!!! Even me that I was just reading, my head was swelling when you were describing the Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo praise-singing
    ..And oh! Enitan Adaba sings in the choir in my church *big grin*.. You can only imagine how blessed we are :-))) xxxxx

    1. Enitan in the choir in your church? i am sooooooo jealous right now. wait! is that even a christian-like emotion? …er He’s a jealous God too abi? so i’m allowed abi? lol!. you must look forward to hearing her sing every sunday. i just absolutely adore her.

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