Someone asked a question, why do we sing? When we lift our hands to Jesus what do we really mean?
Someone may be wondering, is it all for show ‘cos at times we may be Crying when nothing’s even wrong.

I woke up singing this song this morning and it seemed like a perfect foundation for my blog post this morning.

Someone’s wondering why When Women Worship? Why IMELA? Why such a huge fuss about this worship meeting and if its When WOMEN worship why male ministers? 🙂 see, I know what you’re thinking 😀

Okay, so let me fill you in on the many “WHYs” to this worship conference.

Well, in the beginning, When Women Worship started out as a monthly worship meeting where the ladies at Davids Christian Centre (DCC) got together to worship God for just one hour every month in the early hours of the morning. Eventually, we decided to become more extravagant with our worship and decided instead to make it yearly and include as many women as we possibly could. This year with a prophetic word like “2013: I will testify!” Hanging over the house in DCC, it seemed inevitable that this year’s conference would be tagged “IMELA!” And when I got this much awaited testimony I just could not help but give life to already existing plans to give God thanks in an atmosphere of Worship. So imagine 2000 women in an exquisitely decorated room with the most anointed music minstrels you can imagine. Hands and hearts lifted to the King of all kings. All focused on one thing: that the King must be Worshipped. That is what IMELA promises to be. The meeting IMELA is an opportunity to give thanks for your life and the many blessings God has bestowed on you.

To be honest, for purely selfish reasons *covering my face* I love them and their music and what they stand for has blessed me over the years. They’ve given me music that has helped me Wait (pita’s – E no de Sleep) to constantly reminding me of God’s sovereignty (MK’s -Arugbo ojo) his inability to fail (Nathaniel’s -Elohim). Total continued surrender in the place of worship (David Nkennor’s- without restriction) and when in need of middle praise Ibironke has been my girl. No matter how many tears you’ve cried or how low you’ve felt once she picks up her that mic you forget and just praise. And of course when the testimony came I had no words but God bless Nathaniel and Enitan. Their IMELA gave me words.

Today, and at When Women Worship, my song and my testimony has become this:
“You are the reason why I lift my hands, why I lift my voice, why I sing to you lord. You are the reason I’m alive today, I am here today and it’s all because of you.”

Why not join me on sunday 16th June 2013 for When Women Worship. Does this sound like a meeting you should miss? 😉

Found this picture of my ‘dassah (my pride and joy, my miracle child, my biggest blessing yet 🙂 and her uncle “Banthaniel” (what she calls Nathaniel Bassey) lol! Hope it makes you smile. It gets me everytime.

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17 thoughts on “WHY WWW

  1. Indeed, we must give thanks! Especially in preparation for the many blessings that will eventually be uncountable. God is good.
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  2. Indeed God is great & worthy to be praised. You know, when we pray, he answers us but when we praise Him, He comes down with His glory. May God continue to increase your Ministry IJN. From Port Harcourt.


  3. I can’t miss this programme for anything. I’ll make sure I invite as many women/ladies as possible. Thank youu ma’am. God will continue to increase you in GRACE & WISDOM in Jesus name. Amen


  4. Giving thanks to GOD is the only thing that keeps us going stronger in the faith because it gives us hope for a better 2moro


  5. Please who did that song “You are the reason why I lift my hands, why I lift my voice, why I sing to you lord. You are the reason I’m alive today, I am here today and it’s all because of you.” mail me at henry1zy@yahoo.com so important please. i need the song so much. thanks as you do that, May God Bless You The More…


  6. pls earlier you said your song for the day was “You are the reason why I lift my hands, why I lift my voice, why I sing to you lord. You are the reason I’m alive today, I am here today and it’s all because of you.” Well i heard the song some time ago and would like to know who sang it and if possible get a link with which i could download the full song. It just touches my heart whenever i hear the song…


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