“… And she who was said to be unable to conceive is in her sixth month. For no Word from God will ever fail.”- Luke 1:36-37 (NIV)

Have you ever gotten a Word from God and a scripture you have been reading for forever suddenly becomes “your scripture”. It suddenly becomes such a personal and clear description of your life at that time in that place where you are now.

If any one piece of scripture does that. For me now, it is the one above. Sometimes I’m still in shock. Imagine me! To have lived like the Woman with the issue of blood for eighteen years and hear different doctors and medical journals and websites call you infertile and hear different doctors dash your hopes of motherhood while constantly offering you medical procedures which had a 25-40% chance of success then to move to the point where I’m being thrown baby showers. It is purely God keeping His word and showing off with my life.

I brag on God. I totally absolutely brag on the faithfulness of God and in his integrity and ability to keep His Word. I brag on the fact that NO WORD FROM GOD WILL EVER FAIL. Of this I’m sure. I brag on the God who unfailingly does the impossible. The God who specialises in making nonsense of medical reports. My story changer. Onye nji eme onu, Eze’m o! The God who answers the doctor’s “you may never have a child” with “you cannot be barren, or have a miscarriage and the number of your days I will fulfil”

I don’t want to give too much away yet 😉 this is just the preview but for full gist don’t miss When Women Worship coming up Sunday 16th of June 2013 at 4pm. I can guarantee you that your life will never remain the same.

You know how we do na. Spread the word and if you promise to look in on Tuesday I’ll let you in on some inside info about the guest ministers for When Women Worship. Don’t miss the gist 😉

And oh! Thank you to the Ladies of RUTH’s GIFT. It felt odd to be on the receiving end of a surprise 🙂 God bless you ladies and may the rest of this year be full of pleasant surprises for you *group hug*

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47 thoughts on “MY THANKS-IMONY

  1. Mama indeed, you are a testimony to a lot of us believeing God for one thing or the other esp. d awaiting mothers. He’s an *Impossibility specialist indeed*. Love u so much

  2. Anytime I think of your story ma, I’m just blown away by this God. Who doesn’t wear our wrist watch but is always right on time. Never late

  3. Your life has always bin an inspiration to me….and dis testimony just a tip u gave during midweek service gave me goose pimples and helped my faith dat God doesn’t throw away his words….so I’m standing on his word for me like you did….I will testify….looking forward to 16th June….won’t miss it for the world….love you pieces mummy

  4. This had me in tears. After I heard you speak at that wednesday evening service, my faith in God concerning sisters and friends I know who are waiting became rekindled. Because of your testimony, people’s faith will be stirred up. We will testify. God continue to bless you Pastor Mildred.

  5. Congratulations mama our God is faithful to his words. I believe he will do it for me the way he did for you ma

  6. I’m in tears of joy, God is good! Awesome God!! Oba ti ki janikule ope lo ye o, Your word is yeah and amen

  7. Ma, I was in that Wednesday service u testified,wen u came up I knew we were in for a great service,bt wen started sharing ur testimony I had tears dropping from my eyes, I looked up and I said to God if u can do it for her that means u will do it for me, I sowed a seed and I told God let ur God b my God.
    Mama I will testify just lik you did in Jesus name,diz year is my year no devil or enemy can not stop it in Jesus name.
    Ma ur testimony share b permanent in Jesus name

  8. Your testimony brings shivers to me at what God can do. Hmmm you are indeed a personified testimony of God’s faithfulness. Love u ma.

    1. Ma, i sat speechless the wednesday evening you gave your testimony….and I key into your testimony and I believe ma testimony is by the corner your testimony has triggered ma faith in GoD still stand in awe of this God.

  9. stunned,dazed,not out of unbelief but out of a grateful heart still trying to comprehend God’s goodness….the testimonies in DCC has been awesome….”NO WORD FROM GOD WILL EVER FAIL”….am a living testimony of that…i stood on “he who started a good word he will be faithful to complete it”….here i am today….a proof of that scripture…whole…what medicine say is impossible….so MAMA,i totally celebrate with u!God all by himself!…victory is ours

  10. Mama I’m truly happy nd thank God in all. You inspire me a lot and I love u dearly we shall testify always dis is just the beginning

  11. Grea8 is God’s faithfulness !!! Your joy will be forever nd ur life will forever be inspirational to us; and to ur world at large. Love u Pastor M. Loving kisses nd Blessing.

  12. Our God is great! His in the business of doing great and mighty things. He has done for you, I rejoice with for He will yet do more. Enemies where una dey wen dis one happen sleeping mode i guess? Make una remain in that mode. As David never lost a battle so also my MAMA no go lost any in Jesus name. Thank God.

  13. Mama. God has prove himself strong in ur life, ur testimony draws me more closer to God n gives hope to know that my case is settled. Love Ɣ☺Ʊ so much.

  14. And who says there is no GOD? The almighty one that specializes in the IMPOSSIBLE? When the Doctor said I’ve got cervical cancer and HE stepped in reminding me of his word that pests will not devour my crops?(my translation – diseases will not devour my body)AND HE HEALED ME. THE ALMIGHTY!!!! TI OLUWA NI LE…I rejoice with you mama. The baby boy in my womb is leaping with joy! Safe delivery is ours in the name of Jesus…AMEN! 2013…AND WE ARE REJOICING!

  15. I’m so thankful……. if i have to drag my girls…………….. we’re all coming !!!!

  16. Awesome – What a MIGHTY God we serve! Always sorts His children out. OUR EVER FAITHFUL FATHER.

  17. never been at dcc but I am so looking forward to this worship meeting. If God could do this for you I am convinced my tiny case is sorted.

  18. Mama ur testmony elevated me,I know dat God of sarah of old changeth own can not be different wit dis great testmony;I belive dat child will come in my home and tell me papa ilola,papa wey bread o! Papa ilola.God will do it again and again there is no reason to doubt.

  19. I am short of words, but all i have to say is To God be the Glory because he will never share this with any man. Mama, congratulations looking forward to seeing you. will never miss WWW for anything. Cheers Tope.

  20. Every testimony carries in it the spirit of the testifier and of course that of God the giver of testimonies…I will always celebrate God’s spirit of a true lover of God in you Mama cos that’s what kept you going such that not until you shared it,never would anyone imagine you had such a challenge you plenty much ma(full of smiles)

  21. Congrats Mama. Gods word is Yes and Amen, He never fails. am missing a lot of just us girls program, i always wish we can have this program in Port-Harcourt.

  22. Am officially speechless lost for words, dumbfounded, ”my jaw just dropped on the floor” . YOU BE GOD YOU NO BE MAN OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Am insanely happy for you.

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