Dont Marry Him If (2)…

Part two folks. Thank me later

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I am amazed at the feedback the first part of this post garnered. But then again, I am not surprised. This is the kinda stuiff that real people should hear. And thank you to everyone that spread word or reblogged. There is indeed love in sharing good stuff and I love you for it. Ok let’s proceed. If you missed part one, please find it here before you proceed to part 2. The message was preached by Pastor Mildred Okonkwo. I have also added a bit of Eziaha flava but the koko came from her… So on to next number …

6. Don’t marry him if he is STINGY. Need I mention that at this point all the ladies started hailing Pastor M? Yeah yeah, no romance without finance ooo don’t kid yourself. But the thing about this is not even for the benefit if the ladies alone. The…

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