Dont Marry Him If….

You need to read this. Blowing u kisses to eternity. Eziaha

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I sooo love my blog readers walahi…

See all the disturbance I got from when I mentioned that I was going to post this. You ladies love marriage sha. And yes I know men are also reading this and I am VERY happy so that you would know the kinda guy to NOT be if you are going to marry a woman like Eziaha. Yes, I said that. I am so proud of me jare. And guess who else is… yup you guessed right.

Ok, this post is really gonna be IN YOUR FACE… No petting, No cover up. So if you are not comfy with IN YOUR FACE, then sayonara baby…

 Ayodeji Zenith

Ok let’s…


This message was preached by Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo, a terrific BEAUTIFUL woman of God, at LDM in DCC sometime in 2012. I found it really really helpful and I have her permission to do this…

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