Hi people
I’m just wondering how many of us still do the new year resolution thingy. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m laughing because I gave up long long ago. If you’re like me barely keeping them in the first two weeks you’d give up too.

I’m not too hard on myself about it though because they were never really life-changing or life-threatening resolutions. Hey! I’m still here aren’t I? And I broke every single one of them I can tell you that.

However I’ve come to the realisation that its only the life-changing goals. That really matter. So here’s my 13 things that will matter most in 2013. ย  These are things that should be worked into your life consistently and you are bound to see a big difference.

Let me warn though, the key is in consistency. You can’t do them one off and expect results.

So here goes

1. Your Relationship With God:


this will be one of those years where knowing God won’t just be a plus. It will make a huge difference in your life.ย  And trust me this isn’t just pastor talk. See, there are things that only God can do and you’ll need a lot of those this year. The bible says (yes the bible… Stop rolling your eyes at me madam ๐Ÿ˜€ ) those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits- things worth testifying about (Dan 11:32). If you know God and have a relationship with Him, you’ll be like a genius. Trust me 2013 is a good year to be a God worshipper, He’ll let you in on a lot of secrets – that will favour you. Knowing God will make this a very easy and productive year.

2. Your Relationships:


this year you will meet a lot of people. You need to recognize them and the roles they will play in your life. Your 2013 will be defined by the people you let in and out of your life. So be careful. Some people are actually better out than in. Ask Father Abraham (Gen 13:14-15) Lot left and Voila! Miracles began. After all, it was the year that King Uzziah died that Isaiah saw the Lord (Isaiah 6:1). So don’t be afraid to break up with that nuisance you call a boyfriend or that “friend” that if called an enemy it would be more of a compliment sef. Point is if you don’t feel good about the relationship even the tiniest bit, darling say “Au revoir” and shut the door behind them. Make new friends, laugh a lot.Image Enjoy life with people who love you in 2013.

3. Your Faith: have faith2013 will be the kind of year you won’t forget in a hurry but it will be dependent on what you can believe for. God’s ability to bless has never been in question. Its always about what you can believe to receive. As my Pk always says “It takes the will of God and the Faith of men to make miracles happen.” So honey, dream big but more importantly put your faith to work. If you can believe it. God can do it.

4. Your Life-style:you-only-live-once-but-if-you-do-it-right-once-is-enough-mae-west-quote sweetie this year the way you live will matter. We often forget that we are here only briefly. So we only have little time to do so much. This year be conscious of how you live. Don’t take for granted the fact that “its my life abeg.” It is your life but it was given. You didn’t earn it. This is the year where your life should mean something. Be a positive role model. You de forbid for person to call you mentor? ๐Ÿ˜€ ย we have so many young people looking for people to emulate. Please help them. Live a life worthy of emulation. Don’t be two-faced. Don’t live recklessly forgetting that other people live on this earth with you. Be considerate.

5. Your Ability To Forgive:cant forgive okay so people will offend you. Get used to it. After all, you too will offend people. that also means learning to forgive yourself for your own past errors. This is not a year to keep grudges. Avoid circumstances where ย people tell you stories about what people are doing or saying about you. Besides remember that those who bring that kind of gist to you are just waiting for you to say something they can misquote. So don’t let anyone fuel your anger, forgive quickly, forget what they did and love again. Trust me, for every negative experience you have there are at least ten other people who can give you a reason to still believe in humanity.

6. Your Love Walk: 1959_32013 a great year to show love. Make it a point of duty to be good to people this year. Do a lot of things especially for those who can’t pay you back. Mehn! Its a feeling that cannot be explained I tell you. And try not to make a show of it. Its more fulfilling not to mention more rewarding. 1 Corinthians 13 would be a great scripture to meditate on daily and actually live by.tumblr_m6i7g7alPg1qbzzd0o1_500

7. Your Health :


very funny. but seriously don’t play with your health this year. Eat right,index exercise, Young woman doing tummy crunchesdrink more water, less caffeine *honestly I’d like to say no caffeine but my American friends would just kill me and that would be the end of me and my blogging ๐Ÿ˜€ * basically what I’m saying is do all you can in your power to stay alive and well. Bad year to die folks ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Your Self-Esteem:


I find that life doesn’t give you what you deserve but what you demand but its funny that what you demand depends on what you think you deserve. A lot of the rubbish we allow in our lives is because we don’t think we deserve better. That guy that’s hitting you and cheating on you and spending your money and you’re still with him even when you know deep in your heart he’s not good for you, well, the reason why you won’t leave him is because you don’t think you can do better. That dehumanizing job you’re at it’s because you think you can’t do better. Change the way you see yourself in 2013 and you’re bound to attract better.

9. Your Prayer Life: prayer childbeing able to call on God at anytime of the day at any time this year will be an advantage in 2013. jesus is kingWe can change situations, clear our mind, get direction, get answers and become more like God by spending more time with him. However let me quickly say this what ever happens to you this year. Don’t worry just pray. Don’t just talk about the situation pray about it. Pray-About-ItThere’s never enough room in your heart for both worry and faith. You must decide in this 2013 which one will live there. Prayer can help you make that choice.

10. Prioritizing:First_things_first_by_ezekielbruni This year please put first things first. Don’t try to do everything. Find out what’s really important and do it with all your heart. Trying to do everything usually results In spreading yourself too thin and not doing anything in the end.

11. The State Of Your Heart: imagesguard your heart that’s where life begins. Prov 4:23 tells us. It determines the course of your life. But how you ask? Simple be careful what you hear, see and say. Your eyes, ears and mouth are gates to your heart. Be careful what you read, what you watch and what you repeat. ย Your heart attracts things into your life. As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

12. Giving Thanks:give-thanks-decal

because a lot of great things will happen this year for you. You need to learn the art of saying thank you. If you are one of those people who find it hard to say thank you then start practicing now because the more you give show appreciation, the more great things will happen for you. Learn to thank God because any good thing that happens for you came from him (James 1:17). Also say thank you to the people he uses. Some people are very hard to do stuff for. I don’t know if you’ve met people who act like it’s their right when you do them a favour. It takes the grace of God to keep doing stuff for them.

13. Visiting http://justusgirls.wordpress.com ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m not joking o! If you don’t come here regularly just imagine the things you will miss. All the stuff you could have learned that you wont. This year look out for all the posts you won’t regret it. In fact it will make a huge difference in your life even if I say so myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

…And oh! It will matter the amount of people you tell about this blog and drop a comment every time you drop by. I’ll be giving a lot of gifts out this year so you never know. It may be the day you drop by ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay people gotta run. It’s my PK’s birthday on Tuesday. _DSC1251What do you do for this kind of man biko nu! ๐Ÿ˜€ Holy Spirit wisdom oh! Let me go and think


Any ideas though, please holler! Talk to you guys later.
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19 thoughts on “13 THINGS THAT WILL MATTER IN 2013

  1. God bless my mama plenty for me… I have definately being thinking about this, I got to number 6 and just cldnt go on, I guess I didn’t think about it hard enough or well enough but thanks for writing this. I have saved and will read this everytime so I don’t forget it. Can’t wait to find out what that gift will be. Kisses!!!


  2. God bless u Pst.M..u’re really an inspiration to me.Hmmm….as per what to get for PK???You really need the Holy Spirits’ intervention ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hmmmm, its funny, I don’t make resolutions. Just appraise the past and determine to fulfil the scripture that says that the path of the just is as a shinning light that shine brighter and brighter unto that perfect day and the Glory of the latter is greater than the former.
    Thanks for this,my friend


  4. Mama 4dis i say Muah!!! God bless and increase u more and more. Been so hurt by friends, although iv forgiven them, i really need grace. Its well ma. Love all d points and need to keep @ them . Once again, God bless thee 4 this ma’aam.


  5. hmm like u i ve long stopped making new year resolutions i just make a firm decision to make my new year better than the last one in every way possible and impossible(since i serve a God of impossibility!)


  6. compliments of the season and its nice to have u back and i believe God will give u the strength to be consistent on this blog considering the fact that you are busy and all, am also looking out for the just us girls Tv show, I hope it comes on air this year. I pray for grace to focus on the areas that matter to have a fantastic 2013.


  7. i dnot miss this blog for anything, you and daddy are truly an inspiration to me and many, am definitely sharing this on fb, May God Continue to Bless you both ma, A Happy Birthday to Daddy too.


  8. Thank you Ma. Awesome post. Love love the pictures. Saved most of them, using one as a dp already. :).

    I’ve been spreading the word about this blog oh. Gotten my best gal reading fervently also, and one in Lagos who I’m encouraging to attend just one of your services. Unfortunately, I’m in PH, so can’t be there :(. Oh well….all things are working for my good.

    Your Pastor’s PK’s birthday….esp after he pulled all the stops for yours last year, hmmm. No ideas oh! I wish you luck! We dey here waiting to read the gist. โ„“โ˜บโ„“

    God bless you plenty Ma!


  9. God bless u mama for your blogs because they relate to us.I will hold on to this 13 things u shared with us because they are what we need to make this year worthwhile.God bless u ma.


  10. No marra how much some of us comment. some of us will not win on this blog LOL… Thats what happens to ‘family members’
    PM your blog ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chai…. Thank heavens i have the privilege of reading and being a FAN


  11. Luvly, luvly statement pacKage in there 4 2013. Hve been bless by reading through. Yea, just said to myself this year 2013 is a kind of year have neva witness ever since I was born, the kind of joy and happiness I experience now is jst unspeakable. If I have this kind of things all this while my life would have been better. All GLORY nd HONOUR is ascribe unto ALMIGHTY cos, he is reall really worthy of praises. Thank u jsus. I knw deep down within mi 2013 is a Glorious nd wld be a fulfillng year ever.


  12. Wonderful piece as always Pastor M. You have always had a way with words and the English language. I remember back then in Comlag, it was probably a tie between myself, yourself and Shielibe. We give God all the glory for His mercies and yes o, this year 2013, we will testify of all the extraordinary things and blessings the good Lord God will bless us with this 2013. Your 13 things that will matter in 2013 is a real winner.
    God bless you Sis.


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