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I guess since this is officially my first blog post of the year a big HAPPY NEW YEAR is in order. I know it’s already the third week of the year but as they say, ” your morning begins when you wake”. Hmmm…… somehow that doesn’t sound as sweet as the original “na wen person wake be him morning” abi? :D. Anyhow I guess I’ve made my point 😉 happy new year guys.

Also let me congratulate you for making it into 2013. At DCC it is OUR YEAR TO TESTIFY! And the testimonies are flooding in already. Dont worry I will gist you plenty but more importantly this year I will share yours too in Jesus name. This year is a great year. I feel it already. Too many great things will happen for you. It’s inevitable.

This morning I want to ask you a question. Have you ever experienced a miracle from God? As in truly gotten something that you know is not humanly possible to achieve on your own? If you have then I’m sure finding the right words to say “THANK YOU!” almost always seems impossible. You may try but most times where words fail even though tears seem like compensation, that too at best seems like a feeble attempt.

I know they say that the English language is a very limited language and truly at those times when you need to express your love for God you just never seem to be able to figure out how “thank you” suddenly seems so hollow. So if you”re like me, not to be outdone, you’ll probably enlist the help of your mother tongue and if for instance you’re ibo you’ll cry out IMELA!

I know a lot of times IMELA is defined simply as THANK YOU but is that really what it is? I think IMELA is More than a simple thank you. For me saying IMELA is saying Lord you have done well, you have exceeded my expectations. It is me saying, “Lord you have outdone yourself”. This year I’m thinking a lot about how to say thank you because I know there will be maaaaaaaaaany opportunities to do so. With all the testimonies lined up for me this year? I expect nothing less 😉

This is my theme song in 2013. Just thought to share it with you. It’s by my dear dear dear friend Nathaniel Bassey. God bless him for us all. Someday I’ll share with you the testimony behind this song but till then enjoy……
…..and welcome to 2013, this year YOU WILL TESTIFY

Much love.

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  1. Happy New Year!! I love that song Imela so much.. So simple yet so profound. Thanks for posting the link. #wewilltestify

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