Good morning people
How have you guys been? There’s one thing that’s been on my mind and I thought to ask you about it.

I don’t know about you but I miss Him …and No! To all you “amebos” (nosey-parkers) *tongue sticking out* it’s not my PK. He’s even here right now; fast asleep beside me.

I’m talking about my dear Lord Jesus. “You miss Jesus?! But He’s always with you”. That’s not what I mean. Hear me out.

I started having this feeling recently because my PK does a lot of itinerant preaching so we get to travel a lot or visit a lot of other churches. And unfortunately I noticed a trend. Now, I could be wrong but this is what it seems like to me.

I miss when church was about Jesus- who He is, what He did and His return not just about us – what we need, what we can get and when we should be in church.

I miss when prayer was about fellowshipping with Jesus and not just about making demands and knocking on Heaven’s door.

I miss worship -pure unadulterated worship. When it was about Jesus not about the “worship” leader showing off his skills and vocal ability with no anointing. I miss when the focus was on Jesus not this politics of who should sing in the choir and who should not.

I miss when music “ministers” were just that -MINISTERS- ministering to people about the truth, the way and above all ministering LIFE (Jesus). Now before they open their mouths they first ask “how much honorarium?” They make the gospel about monetary gain. Jesus died for free and you who should sing about the person that died are asking to be paid? Oh! Don’t get me wrong. I believe in honorarium- we give it because I believe in honouring the gift on a man’s life- but like the name implies its a sign of honour and should not be demanded for. Can anyone place a price on God’s gift? Freely have you received oh! Music minister; Freely give!

I miss songs like
“Jesus is the answer for the world today above him there’s no other Jesus is the way…”

And songs like
“In the presence of Jehovah, God almighty, Prince of peace. Troubles vanish. Hearts are mended. In the presence of my King”.

Now all I hear is “I go make am o!” Or “God don bless you make shakara” or funny songs like that.

I miss when people understood why they were created and there was an urgency to the purpose in our lives. We needed to preach the gospel of Jesus. Now we cajole, prod and practically threaten people to come to church so they can be blessed.

Slowly but surely we are pushing CHRIST out of CHRISTIANITY. I miss him when I go to a church and nothing, not a word is mentioned about Him and we only call His name as a key to getting all our needs met or when we share the grace. Don’t you feel empty sometimes when you go to church and you feel you just finished a lecture in school – goal setting, etiquette, financial empowerment, motivational sessions, demon slaying techniques, etc, etc but no mention of Jesus and our covenant with God because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We now have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof (2 Tim 3:5).

Jesus is alive; Jesus blesses, Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus loves and He wants you to love Him back. As Christians that’s our true message. That’s what we’re here to tell the world. We need to remember that. We go to church not to bombard heaven with our needs but to learn about Jesus, to worship Him and in the process learn the Victory he has already won for us and the principles that unlock and activate them for us.

…And about our material desires? Our father knows you have need of these things but let’s seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness and ALL these things shall be added… (Matthew 6:31-33). Trust me, I should know 😉

So my dear friends, that’s my heart cry this morning. I love Him and I miss him in our churches today. Don’t you?

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13 thoughts on “DONT YOU MISS HIM?

      1. Hi, Pastor Mildred….I like the fact that you could share your heart, it was a very pointed piece, and sadly also very accurate. The book of Revelations is exactly that…a revelation of things that were shortly to come to pass. In Chap 3, verse 20…Jesus says, behold i stand at the door and knock….well he built His church and then were locking him out of it!…well, all in all, thanks for sharing…however I was a bit disappointed at the closing, after all is said and done, we need to take action. Godly sorrow, always leads to repentance. We must take decisive steps or it would just be same ol, same ol…lip servicing.

        The thing is, you’re a leader…ure in a privileged position to do something about what you so beautifully noted, at least in your circle of influence. So what will you do differently today, tomorrow, next prayer meeting, house fellowship, next sunday in church?

        The most alarming thing is that Jesus himself has asked the question, that when he returns will he find faith (faithful men) on the earth. I’m one of those Christians that still believe and preach that this is the last generation, and that His coming is so so close…hence, this is not the time to just say, its the time to do, to repent and begin to get our houses (his temple) in order.

        Thanks again for sharing, pls extend my warm regards to Pastor Kingsley

        With Love
        Olumide Campbell


  1. ‘We go to church not to bombard heaven with our needs but to learn about Jesus, to worship Him and in the process learn the Victory he has already won for us and the principles that unlock and activate them for us……..’

    …………….. Help me dear Lord.


  2. Gd evenin mama, tanks 4 ur inspires words at all times. I agree u with. God will gives d grace 2 serve him better nt just wat we will get from him. God bless u.


  3. HELP me dear lord,to always remember the essence of your house and to accept that if you choose not to open the heavens and bless me more dan what i have today, i will still follow you Lord.with or without reward, i must serve. Thanks ma for this constant reminders in your posts.


  4. woaw! I stumbled upon this blog this morning thnx 2 my cozin… that mumu button write up is quite….*what’s the word am looking for* yea hilarious! But filled with wisdom. This post here addresses similar issues with the book ‘Not a Fan’ and am happy many ppl are realizing that Jesus went missing somewhere btw it’s all for you Lord and i can do it all by myself. Thnx 4 kik starting my day ma’am. Blessings.


  5. Lately I’v bn feeling so empty n depressed even going to church hasn’t helped n sincerely I stopped attending services(am an anglican btw) kos I usually leave church same way I came……buh ds write has lifted my spirit and am so gr8ful 2 God and also to you ma’am…so happy I stumbled into d blog today via ur facebook page which I was about to delect kos I felt its bn inactive for sometime now….have alrdy bookmarked ds page……tnk you so much once again


  6. Thank you for this ma…. I miss songs like “Day by Day dear Lord for these three things I pray…To see Thee more clearly…….. and Draw me closer, closer to Thee”….

    I sincerely miss Jesus….


  7. These are the very right words we all need to hear and understand.we have to go back to our first love-Jesus!God bless you for these words ma.


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