Woke up this morning and as I was doing my morning jog, I just felt very thankful. Like I couldn’t stop thanking God. so very thankful….

Thankful for life – and purpose in my life. that I can move, breathe, eat, sleep, walk, jog, burst into an occasional sprint, talk, preach, sing, laugh, read, hear, write….

Thankful for my blog – that I have a place where I can pour out my random thoughts and not need to explain or apologise to anyone … well, except when I have been harassed for not blogging often enough… and even for the harasser I am thankful because it means my blog actually mattters and someone’s reading it 😉

Thankful for love – for those who love me and those I love, those who know me yet love me; warts and all and those who don’t know me but love me.

Thankful for family – my parents and parents-in-law (who are all still alive and well thankfully). I love that my daughter has grandparents. it does something for  a child. I should know I still remember songs my grandma sang with me as a child and all her wonderful stories. she made me fall in love with words. thankful for my brothers and sisters, cousins, in-laws, nieces and nephews.thankful for family – those not related by blood but are no less family. yep! I have a large family and I love it 🙂

Thankful for friends – maybe not many but enough. for the times we’ve prayed together, cried together, shared stuff. above all I’m thankful that there’s someone out there who I can call and say “hey, I need a favour” and not feel like I owe one in return.

Thankful for church – DAVID’S CHRISTIAN CENTRE and all the wonderful people who make my church such a wonderful place to be in. thankful for those who have made it their home and for those who visit from time to time and for those just passing through. for those who call me “Pastor M”, “PM”, “P.Red”,”Mama”, “Malestine” and all other names they come up with for me at DCC 😀

Thankful for helpers of my destiny – those that make my life and ministry easy; my armour bearers, my allies and my critics. they inspire me, they make me want to do more and be more for God. and guys, the good part is that you are all partakers of my grace and reward. so we all win. *awww… group hug*

Thankful for my pastors and the great Men of God. people who have changed my life. thankful for those who took the time and patience to know me personally and for those who though they didn’t know me personally, taught me from the pulpit and most times left me feeling like they knew me because the Word was for me at that place, in that season. I am grateful for the meat of the Word that has made me who I am today.

Thankful for Hadassah – my daughter, my first-born child. My pride and joy. the one that lights up my life with just a smile. my proof that i touched this earth and at the end, my symbol that i left a part of me behind. my designated first “arrow”. I shoot with caution and in awe of God . ‘Dassah my “little” teacher  – the one who teaches me to love selflessly; to enjoy being needed. Grateful to God that He chose ME to mother you. only God could have orchestrated this blessing because that’s exactly what you are – a special blessing.

Thankful for my PK – my husband, my king, the love of my life, my David – a man after my heart – endlessly wooing me even when he knows my heart is his. my teacher, my mentor, my pastor, my boss, my coach, my co-labourer and my best friend. how can any human being love like this? you are God’s love to me in the flesh. God wanted to show me how much he loved me  and sent you to me.

Thankful for the Holy Spirit – you never give up on me and for that I am truly grateful. never tired of explaining things to me even if you’ve done it a million times. never weary of teaching me, counselling me and going alongside with me to help.

Thankful for you my Lord Jesus. words are not enough. I just can’t say thank you enough. faithful friend and father. awesome god. you are amazing. you are my everything Lord JESUS – my everything. I’m thankful for what you did on the cross. I often say if the price of my salvation was up to me, I’m not sure I’d go that shameful path to save my own soul and yet you thought I was worth dying for. if only words were enough…

These are just a few things I’m thankful for. now i think about it there seems to be so much more. what are you thankful for? its worth giving it a go. go ahead, try it right now. Go on…don’t complain about anything today. just be thankful. trust me if you’d count your blessings more often your problems wouldn’t seem so big 😉

8 thoughts on “THANKFUL

  1. Thankful for life, funny I woke up this morning complaining about all the things I needed and didn’t have and I heard that small still sweet voice say u have life dear and tears jst ran down my eyes.. I have u and PK hence I know God will always send a word, I have friends that are always there,family that loves unfailingly and that same voice says there will be much more to be thankful for cos u have life.. Love u plenty mamamia..

  2. I’m thankful for life,I’m thankful for good health. The other day,I was at the market n I saw a guy with no legs sliding himself on the ground,just to get from point A to B. He didn’t even have those roller skate thingies that I see some beggers with. And there I was lamenting about how I didn’t have this or that. I’m thankful for my loving family,I’m thankful for my friends,I’m thankful for my job,I’m thankful for Gods undying love for me..I wonder why He loves me so,even in my unfaithfulness..I’m thankful for u n P.K who hav blessed my life and who keep inspiring me everyday.. With All of these,my “problems” seem so small n trivial.

      1. Am grateful to God for all…… My family, my in laws, my dreams, my business, my pastors and mentors. I can go on and on. And also for making me a blessing so that I can bless others.

  3. Thankful that i have been saved by grace, thankful that i am alive despite the rantings of the enemy in the form of illness, thankful that i am pwetty, thankful that i have a family, thankful that God is mindful about me, thankful that i have covenant-friends who help me through the storms of life, thankful that i am ME. The list is endless.

  4. Today am thankful for this blog. reading this blog I have read God word, cried, laughed and a new love for PK and M has just started burning. Thank you Lord for giving me what I need when I needed it.

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