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I know I’ve been very quiet. Sorry guys haven’t really had time or access to full internet services. Its been a very busy week for me and one of the biggest lessons I learnt is that as Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)” It’s been a really hectic week but it’s been one of my most rewarding. As I speak (actually as I write) I’m sitting at the Pearl Lounge (Kigali Airport) in Rwanda waiting for my flight back home in Lagos (with swollen feet I might add :D) but I feel really good. I actually feel really really good.

I’m on my way home from a 10 day holiday for our office staff and their families. We try to make it an annual event. Last time it was an all expense paid trip to Ghana. Exciting times! We had so much fun but this time was particularly exciting for me because we were able to take them to the UAE – The Land Of Dreams. All our staff with their spouses and kids. We stayed in Dubai but we were also able to take them to some of the other Emirates like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

It was the whole works- shopping spree- clothes, hair, shoes, bags, accessories, gold, silver, just name it (and like I said I have swollen feet to prove it πŸ™‚ ) Men! Those people can shop o! πŸ™‚ Then the cultural experience of food- chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Arabic, etc they didn’t find it funny o! So I had to come to the rescue with the occasional Egusi or Okra Soup :D. *Nigerians sha! We leave our country to go and eat our own food in another man’s country* Especially the men, now, they were extra thankful for the Nigerian food days πŸ˜€

Then the high point (I believe) for everyone was the day we went to ferrari world in Abu Dhabi… I can only say if you find yourself there it is strictly at your own risk. I have a new found respect for Arabs o! They are absolute junkies when it comes to extreme thrills. I still can’t believe I survived the fastest roller coaster in the world. It was the most excruciating 60seconds I have ever experienced in my life. Totally unbelievable! And the interesting thing is I just realised that a minute (in my opinion) is not long enough to fully comprehend fear. When I got off that rollercoaster, it was then I realised that I wasn’t dead. I actually thought I had entered another life. I can’t fully explain it so I’ll just tell you this- for me, Ferrari world is a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t think I’m ever going back *honey, abeg o! I remember you promising me desert safari was the most extreme we would do… Or wait… Was that me promising myself? :D*

Bottom-line between the dubai and abu dhabi city tours, the different food experiences, the ferrari world, the shopping sprees and the devotional times in the morning not to mention the time at God’s Pavilion Church where my PK preached, I’m sure everyone had fun.

But of course that’s not just why I’m sharing this; I learned something on this trip and that’s the real message behind this post – When people have blessed you by serving you and with you then its important to bless them any chance you get. A lot of our staff and their spouses live selfless lives. They practically work 24 hours. Some times through holidays because. Our job is PEOPLE and people never “go on holiday” and by that I mean people never stop having needs or challenges or questions, etc. Our staff patiently care for them. Not complaining or grumbling. They understand that they are sent. It doesn’t often look like the best of jobs oh! But its got lots of perks. When others are saving money we are saving lives. When others are making clothes, we are making destinies. When others are baking cakes and biscuits, we bake the word into sermons, books, cds, etc. So our co-workers work really hard so once we get a chance to bless them we seize it with both hands.

Taking all twenty-six of them to Dubai was a dream we had for a while and we activated it by faith and today we are looking for bigger mountains to conquer πŸ˜‰ You know the best part of this trip? It wasn’t just the fact that we were going to Dubai, it was the way their eyes lit up when they heard. One of them actually said to me “Mama I’ll be entering a plane for the very first time in my life”. I was touched that she would get a chance to experience something that has become so common place for some of us. I saw the awe in their eyes as they got on board and the way they looked at Dubai when we landed.

I saw their faith in God and in serving Him. I saw them believe again. Some of them said if mama and papa can dream of bringing us to Dubai and achieve it then I too CAN believe for ANYTHING. With faith renewed, I heard new dreams and visions birthed. I saw people who finally got it – that if you can dream it; you can do it with FAITH IN GOD. I’m happy we were able to give them so much joy and I fully comprehend now when Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I’m feel so blessed πŸ™‚

I love DCC staff- they are truly not just staff but our family.

Here are a few pictures. More coming up later.

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22 thoughts on “More Blessed …

  1. What can i say but i love u so much PK & PM. It is an honour to be associated with you and DCC. My faith is further strengthen as is my resolve to be a blessing.

  2. Shielly, cruising the streets of U.A.E! I see you babes! I am not a Church Office staff yet ma, but I also see their selfless service! God bless Pk and PM!

  3. Wow!!! God bless u & pastor k for ur thoughtfulness, love & kind gesture towards ur staff. I must say dis, ave not seen any church doing dis. U are one of a kind & a true hero.. I love & live for ur stories. I love u ma!!!

    1. I feel so touch that am move to tears.May God continue to bless DCC n help PK fulfill his calling. Love you both

  4. Awesome! I ws personally inspired when I heard about d proposed trip and then the eventual trip! God bless my senior pastors.

  5. Been waiting for this…I’m not even surprised..I know u n PK rock.. If u chose to buy each of em a jeep I won’t be surprised… Plus DCC has d best workers plus office staff. . If I use bose n ernest as a sample then I’ll ur office staff deserve it biko
    I recall someone I invited to church in my absence and he kept asking me ‘are the staff really ds polite or they are just pretending?’
    Amazing… I’ll dedicate a blogpost to just this. I’ll need more pictures. I need to make people of the world feel badddddd or in PK’s words ANGRY…

  6. Wow! Am blesd reading ur post. U don’t knw a giver cos he/she says he’s a giver. U recognise a giver by his actions. U r a giver and a blessing. U inspire me, ma. God bless PK and PM.

  7. Woooow! Am sooo touched and inspired, am sure it was a mind blowing experience for them, they are priviledged to have u PM and PK as their Employers, and I am also priviledged to have such amazing Pastors. I love my church

  8. PK and PM are truly amazing examples,who can be with them and not learn,not be infected by their Love for God and people,they are absolutely selfless and the inspire me so much,they are true leaders,I hope we all don’t just read but also learn.Love you loads PK and PM.Muah!

  9. God bless our papa n mama 4 givim our dcc staffs dis wonderful u bless lives,God will continue to bless n uplift u in JESUS name.Amen.

  10. No 1, I am publicly applying for a job now oh! Ehen!
    No 2, I will ask for my resumption date to be backdated and all previous benefits paid!
    No 3, I will born children on d next trip..
    Seriously, I neva hear ds kind before…
    Pk & Pm, I will be like you as I grow up..
    God bless you for giving of yourselves so much!

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