Another Abandoned Baby

These people are looking for my trouble o! Ehen! *tying my wrapper well* I’ve been quiet since o! I didn’t say anything; been busy at our MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH conference and hibernating for my meeting with Ruth’s Gift (single mums) and my Love, Dating and Marriage meeting titled 7 Mistakes Married Women Make coming up this Sunday. So I’ve been very quiet. In fact I’ve been on my own “jeje” till yesterday these girls started looking for my trouble.

The last time I talked about this issue, I was so upset. Now I am practically fuming. Yesterday I saw this picture and I just couldn’t understand it. How hard can it be really? How can you be so selfish and heartless? The last one put the baby in a sack to suffocate and now this one put the baby in the gutter so that gutter water and mosquitoes will finish this child. Kai! This life ehn! And this child didn’t ask to be born.

In case you didn’t hear me the last time, let me just say this again, SEX HAS CONSEQUENCES: You CAN get pregnant! If it is not inconvenient to have sex then having a baby shouldn’t be inconvenient. Why didn’t you even leave the baby somewhere that it can survive? I just don’t get it sha.

This baby that people are throwing away like toilet paper, some people have been fasting and praying for almost ten years. Do you know what its like to have only one prayer point for ten years? To go through expensive… No let me rephrase that …extremely expensive and very painful medical procedures yet all to no avail? To be taunted by in-laws, neighbours, friends, colleagues and sometimes total strangers? For something that most times you have no control over. And here someone has been blessed with this gift and…

Hmm… It is well! My prayer as always is that God will show them mercy and that they will not “look for” children when married. It is a harrowing experience. I’m telling you o! This thing wey dem take de play like this ehn! Some people have practically put their lives on hold. I heard of a couple that the wife has practically shut down her life because of childlessness. She’s resigned her job, practically cut herself off from the world and she’s hiding in her house while living a lie. She’s wearing a false pregnancy while waiting for an adoption to open up. She’s been at this for almost one year and no child yet meanwhile someone is throwing away her own *SMH seriously*

I don’t even want to go into this woman’s issue that’s story for another day but I need to quickly say this, Nothing Good can ever come out of lying. If a child is adopted does it make it any less special? You know its funny as I was typing this now it just occurred to me that this baby might not even have been abandoned by a single girl. Trust me ehn! The things I hear and see on this job? All things are possible!

In fact I heard the story of a couple who had been trusting God for a baby and after waiting for about five years were blessed with the opportunity to adopt. Both parents were fair in complexion and they found a very “fine yallow baby” who they were happy to take home with them. Unfortunately, they had based the adoption on lies. She had told everyone the child was hers. A few months down the line the child started “changing” colour and with each passing month the child grew darker and darker. One day the “parents” woke up early and took the baby back to the orphanage. Because they felt people would find out the baby wasn’t theirs as they wouldn’t be able to explain what two fair people were doing with a dark baby. They were ready to tell everyone that the baby died at the risk of having to start the adoption process again. Now my question is, if this kind of person doesn’t have the opportunity to return the child or if the orphanage refuses to take the child won’t she throw it in the gutter?

Hmmm… It is well o!

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3 thoughts on “Another Abandoned Baby

  1. An ideal government would start a sensitization programme on the ills of dumping babies in gutters and bins etc. This act is pure inhuman! In ireland the health service have adverts telling people options they have in the event of unwanted pregnancies surprisingly abortion is not included as Ireland is anti abortion which is great. Pre-marital sex has its consequence but the result shouldn’t turn any human being to a barbarian(even barbarians are civilised nowadays). I wonder what the offices of state first ladies are there for if they can’t take up these kind issues, seriously! Policies should be put in place that would help cushion the effect of single parenting and sensitization against stigma mayb that’s why this people kill these innocent kids. Abi wetin make I talk as the matter pass me sef!


  2. Abeg, is it that these people don’t feel anything when pregnant or even labour? I know God does not make mistakes. Its true that we can have painless childbirth and the whole pain its a curse and all. But remember, it is the multiplication of pain that was the curse meaning there was pain first anyways cos its only anything multiplied by zero that is zero. The pain is to help us change our minds if we inteded to be so callous… But then, I guess dts when the woman has not sold her soul to the devil! *SMH vigoriously. How can this be really? How? …


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