just us girls 2012 conference in pictures

Finally the JUST US GIRLS 2012 CONFERENCE pictures. Sorry it took so long.

For those of you who didnt make it hope this makes you want to be there next year and for those who made it I hope you can relive the experience.

The evening started off with redcarpet as the ladies were ushered in to the registration points and on to intense praise and worship by YETUNDE ARE who came all the way from Ibadan.

Then our lovely comperes for the evening Oyinbra and Vien were exceptional as they led us through the vents of the day. Starting off with a hilarious drama by SOUL IMPACT, then dance by ROCK EXTREME, music by the ROCK IMAGE choir, comedy by errrr…..”acapella’s sister” 😀 *the things acapella will do for me sha. God bless him o!*

The evening became more intense when Adaora and Mayowa did such a beautiful rendition of READY OR NOT by some of the guys from P4CM and Blessing did a beautiful rendition of SHOW ME HOW TO LOVE by Babbie Mason. There were very few dry eyes in the house after that.

The word came next and if you want the scope on that one, I’d say buy the CD ;). We didnt leave without giving out a few more gifts and the house went wild when I announced that we had glued some fragrances under some lucky seats. It was an exceptional night.

Now I wonder how come you missed it….

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