What I know For Sure…

I’m back! Yay!!! Finally home. And am I thankful or what?! Its been an amazing week for me and the birthday is finally here. Yep! At last. :D. Its funny but I’ve never been a birthday kind of person. I make such a fuss about other people’s birthdays. I enjoy planning parties and events for other people but I’m very uncomfortable with being the centre of attention. *Hmmm… Or is this another “I love flowers after all moment?”*

Anyway its been an amazing week and in a few hours I’ll be in church thanking God with my DCC family and my “daddy” Rev Femi Oduwole

but before then I’d like to share with you some of the things that these thirty-something odd years have made me certain of. So people, pens and paper out 😀 you may learn somthing too ;).

Here goes, so What I Know For sure:

Whether you like it or not. Whether you agree or not. I know this one for sure. I know nobody is an accident and everybody was created for one particular reason. Whether we fulfil that purpose is an entirely different issue. My own life is proof to me that God owns my life. He created me because He needed to use me for something- and whenever I was about to deviate from the plan either by taking the wrong Job, living in the wrong place or marrying the Wrong person, He showed up and steered me back on the right path. You see, when you’re born nobody really thinks Why you’re born but as you get older, if your life is going to make sense you’re going to have to let the maker back in and you’re going to have to ask him plenty questions. (Jeremiah 28:11)
…and oh! For the record Life begins when you let God in… Not at 40. That I know for sure.


I know it sounds very cliché right now especially coming from a pastor but if there is ONE thing I am certain of, it is that God is faithful! In fact as one of my dear “daughters” would say, “He is too faithful to fail”. If God tells you something, you can take it to the bank. He keeps His word 100% of the time. It may not be when you want Him to show up but He’s definitely always on time. I’ve had many of those “last minute miracles” but God is teaching me to call them “right time miracles” because we serve a God who doesn’t save the best for last. He saves the best for the best times. Too many testimonies. I cannot even start now to share them with you. Too many o! But I’ve seen him show up as Jehovah Jireh- providing our needs, as Jehovah Rapha- healing our bodies and our hearts, as Jehovah Shalom- bringing peace in a crisis, as Jehovah Tsikenu- justifying us with His righteousness and definitely as Jehovah El Elyon- being God over everything that tries to exalt itself. No matter how big the issue is God is still the Most High God. He is never intimidated by our problems. He can never run and hide. He will never relent (Numbers 23:19) The truth is I could go on. I have tears in my eyes just thinking of how far He’s brought us. No matter what you face and trust me I’ve had my share of bad times know this… God is faithful (1 Corinthians 10: 13) this I know for sure.

Hmm… This one ehn! Is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in life. In your life journey you will meet people- the good, the bad and definitely the ugly. You will meet all kinds of people. Trust me no one is exempt from this one. You may even need to learn the hard way sometimes but meet people you will.

So this is what I’ve learnt. Because all kinds of people will cross your path, its up to you to recognize them and give them their rightful place in your life. Some come to help, some come to harm. Some are friends, some are foes. Some need your help, others give you help. The truth is you need people – whether you like it or not! Don’t let the bad ones destroy your ability to trust or love others. Some people will despitefully use you but hey, look on the bright side, you’re in good company even Jesus had a Judas in his camp 😉

Here are a few extra truths about people.
people will need you: some people will come into your life for what YOU can do for them. Do it, expecting nothing in return.
people will love you: sometimes people you least expect. Give them a chance and more importantly be thankful for them. In this journey of life, you’ll need all the love you can get.
people will hate you: this one I learnt the hard way *so let me save you the stress* some people will hate you no matter what you do. Don’t waste your time trying to convince them otherwise. For a long time, I lived in this cycle of trying to convince people that I’m a wonderful person *toot! Toot! Yes o! I’ll blow my own horn. Who else will do it for me? ;)* So I was saying yes I’m a wonderful person but I don’t need to prove that to anyone who chooses to believe otherwise.

I know people who live their lives beefing others and I just discovered recently that their own lives are incredibly meaningless so they need some excitement in it hence the beef. Jesus said you are to love your enemies. I believe that it is totally unfair for you to stop giving them fodder for beef. You need to keep succeeding and doing great things so that their “little lives” can have some excitement, give them something to gossip about 😀 *hey! I’m kidding o! That didn’t sound very “pastorly” abi? :D* but Jesus said love them so please feel free to ask the Holy spirit to help you interpret. Also remember, with this set of people Be careful because more often than not they come as friends or as Jesus described them wolves in Sheep’s clothing.
people will leave you: a boyfriend will break up with you, a business partner may run off with all your customers, a friend may betray you, a family member may die. Irrespective of how and why they exit out of your life, exit they will. Now, listen very carefully: NEVER TRY TO HOLD ON!
I learnt from one of the sessions at the Joyce Meyer Love Life Women’s Conference I attended recently *had to throw that in somewhere ;)* that as human beings we need to have “the gift of goodbye” (Joel Osteen). Learn to let go of people gracefully especially those that hurt you when they leave. When some people leave you recognise it for what it really is: a blessing in disguise. And don’t panic. Usually when God brings you a replacement. Its usually much much much much much much much (E gEt EEt?) better than those who left. After a while you don’t even remember they were a part of your life (you’ll just realise you’re much happier and at peace without all their negative energy in your life) Sometimes, you may even need to declutter- delete some people from your personal space or your inner circle.
people think about themselves first: you are never a priority with people. Some people actually act like they hold your remote control in their hands so when they are in a bad mood, they treat you like rubbish and expect that when things are going their way they can simply press the play button and you will be right back to relating with them as if nothing happened. just ask God for grace to love them.

Okay so enough about people but let’s get one thing straight you will meet ALL kinds of people on this journey of life – of this I’m sure.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that your happiness in life is dependent on you. Not on other human beings, not on circumstances, not on the amount of money or material things you have but on you. I used to be soooooooo grouchy, short tempered, hot tempered, just name it. I would over re-act at the slightest provocation. I was violent and generally disagreeable *What pk saw in me? Na only God know o! :D* I’m not happier now because I’m richer or that my church is bigger. I’m happier because I want to be. Its a decision I’ve made. I wake up everyday with that as my daily goal and I’m getting better at it 🙂 I’ve just learnt how to obey God so I wake up rejoicing (Philippians 4:4)

Having anything else determine your happiness is too much power to give away. That I’m very sure of.

Because I’m talking about being happy, I thought I’d deal with one of the things that depresses women the most: our weight. Sweetie please listen to me very carefully (in my french accent now and best imitation of renee in ‘allo ‘allo) I shall say this only once: you are never as fat as you imagine.

I know this for a fact because I’ve been there, every time I look back at my pictures I’m shocked at how fat I thought I was. Can you imagine on my wedding day I thought I was humongous, now looking at those pictures I’m wishing I can be that size again. So here’s the lesson. change what you can, accept what you can’t but by all means enjoy the moment, the place and size you are. Its never really as bad as you imagine and that I’m very very sure of.


This one I’m very very very sure of. The person you marry has the ability to change your life. I know this for a fact. Not just from my own personal experience even though that is proof enough. My husband celebrates me, he nurtures me, he cherishes me, he teaches me, he encourages, he rebukes, he molds, he instructs and then he frees me to be the very best I can be – not to mention all the extra perks like the recent Love Life Conference birthday surprise ;).

I’ve seen destinies being altered because of a bad spouse. Gods plan for a person’s life can be altered simply because of the person they marry. I have plenty real life examples but I don’t have too much time today to share them. But I know for a fact that if you marry the wrong person it will bring out the worst in you but if you marry right you will be smack dab in the centre of God’s will for your life and it will be an exciting ride 😉

Marrying right is the best gift you can give yourself. This I’m certain of.

#7- WE LiVE… And then WE DIE
Yes o! We live. As in we only get one shot at life. So give it all you’ve got. We live but we also die. Which means we don’t get all the time in the world. So whatever it is you are planning to do. Do it NOW! Dream Big! Live Large. Pull out all stops. We only get this one chance to hit the mark.

I dare you to believe God to live life to the full. To enjoy your life everyday (John 10:10 AMP) and to make a difference in your generation. I believe in miracles and I believe they happen for those who will dare to believe God. Sometimes I wonder how God can take a bashful quiet little girl and turn her into this woman you see today celebrated by many.  I’m in awe of God. I dared to live. I dared to believe God that I was born for such a time as this so every where I go I do my best to touch at least one life. I’m here now but in the end … We all die.

But now I’m here, I thank God for another day, another year and another chance to touch more people… Now I’m alive.

thank you to all those who have been celebrating me, to all those who made my week a great one – Irene, Jackie, Feefee, Amaka (Zoya) , kaycee, amaka, Bimbo (even with your big tummy), Nwando, DCC lagos crime squad (you know yourselves *showing up at the airport 5am with banners SMH* and of course to my darling husband, my angel, my gift, my king – you are the best present I ever got. You are MY BLESSING.

Happy birthday to all my birthday mates – one thing I’m extra extra sure of is that OUR BEST DAYS ARE STILL AHEAD.

Don’t worry next post will be about the JUGs 2012 Conference with pictures. Mwaaah!

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16 thoughts on “What I know For Sure…

  1. Api b day PM,you will never ever lack Joy in Jesus name. Fanks for the post this morning especially the “God is faithful” . You have just listened me up with that cause ‎​Ǎ̜̣̍м̣̣̥̇̊ trusting God for a 24hr miracle which I believe he is faithful. Love you more
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  2. Ok I am trying to pic in my head where to start the comments from, but I might as well blog about it, seeing as it is plenty… Who would have tot we wld learn so much from just picking up our phones and reading a blog(even in fun surprises there are loads of blessings),bin plenty blessed… But for next time sake just drag me along since our birthdays are close I can share in ur surprise.. *grinning* welcome back!!! Mwahhh


  3. I am soo soo blessed by dis word.God will continue to bless u Pastor M.happy birthday ma.wishin ur long life in prosperity,in love,joy and peace.


  4. Woow … Each time listen to PM or read her Words its always like she is actually talking straight to me…. I was just abt steppin out of my house to give a fwend a little piece of my white eyes (lol) when I saw an update and i was like woow PM has a word for me and reading this just settled and calmed my spirit man..

    “YOU WILL ENCOUNTER PEOPLE” was d Word.. And “all kinds of people will cross your path, its up to you to recognize them and give them their rightful place in your life.” I asked mysef do I even need this lady in my life and I unconsciously spoke out ” I receive d spirit to say goodbye”….I carried my food and started eating jeje only for this woman to leave her house to mine to say to me “she has expecting me to at least call her to react to wat she did abi do I like it like that and I immediately told her bia nne I love mysef and I choose to b happy today” and wit her eyes wide open she walked away.. I felt this peace in my inside and smiled at it all.. PM wat a blessing u are…thank u


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