More on What this trip taught me…

Hi people. Landed finally! Phew! I have finally come to the conclusion that local flight na local flight – whether in naija or yankee. It just felt like I was in an aero contractors flight to Benin. Omo! See turbulence. The take off and landing sef na wa o! And very stingy people o! Very small cup of apple juice and nothing more. After we will be abusing aero that they are selling. Hmm… #enough said.

So let’s go back to the lessons learned. Second lesson right? Well, let’s see… Oh! Okay, second lesson learnt:

😀 finally! Something profound abi? Or were you expecting me to say I discovered I now like chocolate? :D.

So this one is the koko o! If you get this you’re well on your way to a life of peace, joy and fulfillment. A lot of people sent me a “awww… You deserve it” kind of message when I posted the birthday surprise thingy but the question is do I really? Is it really anything I’ve done? Is it what I’ve done or what my PK has done? The question is do my actions make me worthy? Let’s see…

Let’s try to analyse this. What do I do that makes everyone think I deserve it?
* I pray for my husband- as do many many women I know.
* I respect my husband Always – as do quite a number of women.
* I help my husband – I care for him, try to organize, raise his children, write his books, work with him in ministry- isn’t that what wives do?
* I cook his meals – my Pk enjoys eating my food; as do most men who marry great cooks *Toot! Toot!! ;)*
* I’m his best friend – at least he says so. And we truly enjoy hanging out with each other.
All these things I’ve mentioned, honestly I see represented in a lot of wives but I don’t see them getting an all expense trip around the world and a shopping spree. If anything they sometimes get insults and maybe a beating sef. So brings me to my point. When someone loves you, its a gift that is given. It is not earned. I’m not sure any of the things my PK does for me is based on what I do for him – I do my best but he loves me because he loves me not because of what I do. He’s just loving me in obedience to Eph 5 – loving me like Christ.

This trip made me understand God’s love for me more sha. It made it clearer. For God so loved me – whether I pray or not, whether I preach or not, whether I live for Him or not – God loves me. This is the proof of love in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. He loved us when we didn’t even have the capacity to love Him back. We didn’t earn his love. He just loves us. That’s how I feel about how much my Pk loves me. I’m not sure there’s any justification for it but I guess that’s what makes it love. Its more dependent on the giver. I’m loved not because of what I do but because of who loves me. I feel very cherished and nourished and trust me, its not because I’m the perfect wife *I de try sha ;)* but that’s not it I assure you. After all, many women are “perfect” and they still live with the devil at home.

I got a new revelation of love: God’s love and my Pk’s love. It has set me free. I’m not under pressure to perform. I do the things I do because they love me not so that they can love me. God loves me no matter what. My pk loves me period! I just wake up everyday ready to respond to love. What about you?

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