Another Lesson…

I’m back again. Seems like I have blogging time on this trip :D. What else am I going to do when I’m waiting to check out of hotels or check into planes. So, till I’m in the air and in-communicado, you guys are stuck with me 🙂

Okay so final thing I learnt on this trip. *before I start to bore you*

Yeah! Yeah! I know you already knew that, I thought I did too until this trip. You see, I’m one of those “Keep believing Christians” I believe God keeps His Word irrespective. So I believe in dreaming and dreaming BIG! Hey, its not my fault. Its the Word (Ephesians 3:20).

I’ve dreamt for so long and confessed it if I might add that I would …marry a wonderful man *Okay that’s not what I was going to say but I couldn’t resist the temptation to sneak it in there :D* so let me stop being mischievous. What I was going to say was I believed it for years that I would attend one of the Joyce Meyer conferences and I kept saying it and today God has shown me that Dreams Come True no matter how long they take and usually much better than you ever imagined it.

Who would have thought that I’d be trapaizing all over the world. All expense paid. 4 to 5 star hotels to attend a Joyce meyer conference? All I can say is Mark 11:23 works. So people keep believing. Dreams come true ….and usually better than you ever dreamed it.

On my way back to London Heathrow and then to Lagos. I’ll see you guys on the other side and guess what?! It’ll be my birthday. Yay!!!

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5 thoughts on “Another Lesson…

  1. Happy Birthday Pastor M!
    U are an extra ordinary woman! A strong black Christain woman, uv been a blessing to me, soul impact and DCC!
    U are indeed a CROWN and a MOTHER
    Always willing to help, listen, advice and pray with me!
    Uv taught me to love the unloveable, be nice to the unnice and forgive without questions!
    I can see Christ in you and I see you living a real, Christain life daily! You practice what you preach and
    U inspire me!
    I love you scatter and I am proud to be associated with you!
    Dis is your daughter saying, I’ll do u proud, I love u and I’ll have the DCC kinda marriage because I am watching ur footsteps closely and following too!
    HBD sweet Mama

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