What this trip taught me…

I’ve been thinking a lot on this trip. Yes I’ve been excited a lot but I’ve also had a lot of the quiet “What-are-you-trying-to-teach-me-Lord” moments… Especially at night when my darling PK is sleeping. So it’s one of those 4am moments where my eyes are WIDE open. So since you’re also awake, let’s talk *no point trying to sleep when you know you won’t sleep*

So lesson one:
😀 wasn’t what you thought I’d say abi? Lol! I just love doing that.
Okay so the point is really this, you may never really know what you like till you get a chance to experience it. You see, growing up I was one of those girls who would always warn guys who liked me not to buy me flowers. In fact it wasn’t uncommon to hear me say “instead of buying me flowers at least buy me Ugwu (pumpkin leaves) I can make some baaaaaad vegetable soup with it”

I also had the argument that I’m too much of a practical girl next door type to be caught up in fairytales and romance novels. Trust me I’m no damsel in distress. If I have a problem, I don’t wait around for some knight in shiny armour or young man on okada (naija version) to come riding in to rescue me: I solve it. So I believed that flowers were just not for me. Besides I don’t like the smell of flowers and they used to make me sneeze.

However, this trip has taught me, don’t hate till you’ve at least tried it. You see everytime I arrived at a new hotel, having fresh flowers waiting for me showed me that a lot of effort had gone into making me feel special. It simply said to me: “YOU ARE LOVED!”

If you see all the James Bond that went into all these things ehn! First of all my PK and I run a joint account and all debit and credit cards are in my name so even buying something as simple as flowers he had to be very creative. He had to plan how to get the money or credit card to book with. That’s where all those his accomplices come in. Don’t worry I will list them all as soon as I get a comprehensive list but thanks guys.
So now, I know that I don’t hate flowers. Its also opened me up to want to try new things. Things I always thought I hated. *you’d think I would have learnt my lesson by now- I wrote about this a few years ago in my book JUST US GIRLS when I wrote WHO LIKES GREEN VEGETABLES? But I guess I’m still learning*

And when I say I don’t hate flowers, I’m simply saying I’m not averse to being pampered once in a while. I don’t hate being being wooed once in a while by my prince charming …even if I am no damsel in distress.

I’ll have to give you the rest later. Waiting to board my flight from St. Louis to Chicago. We’ll talk later.

This doesn’t mean I want flowers for my birthday o! I don’t hate it, doesn’t mean I love it now o! Don’t try yourselves 😉

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5 thoughts on “What this trip taught me…

  1. Ok what mama mia is saying is that she will loveee plenty flowers for her birthday… Hehehehe, mama I shall shower u with petals, lilies, sunflowers and every other leaf we can find in naija.. I guess as practical as most naija girls are, we still like a lil fairy tale.. See u soon.. Hugs n kisses


    1. Hmmm… Don’t say I didn’t warn you o! Anymore flowers and I will keep them for you till YOUR next birthday and I believe by then you won’t know whether they were once flowers or not.


  2. So what mama mia is saying is that she wants loads of flowers, so I shall shower u with petals, lilies, sunflowers and every leaf we can find in naija. Heheheheh!!! I guess even the most practical girl likes a lil bit of fairy tale.. See u soon, xoxox muahhh!!


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