Live Amazed!

Yesterday’s sessions were a blast. I cannot even begin 2 tell you how awesome. First of all, the morning session was really good and I was reminded why I love Joyce Meyer so much. She’s so “say it like it is” that’s how the Word should be preached -practical and possible to use and believe. I don’t want to leave a service thinking “okay so what do I do with what I just heard?” After hearing Joyce preach you just KNOW what needs to change and what you need to do to change it. So as I was saying the morning session was great and she built this pretty little prison cell to buttress her point that we are or at least should be PRISONERS of HOPE but the real trip for me was the evening session.

First of all, Joyce wore a dress *haven’t seen her in one of those for how long?* but I guess since it was a red carpet event it was to be expected. Yesterday I saw Joyce in a new light. In fact she was so drunk in the spirit, speaking in tongues and laughing in the Spirit for over 20 minutes. Just such an awesome experience.

However, I guess I’m so thrilled because for me it was like a testimony service. She read some of her past prayer journals from as far back as 1982 and I just saw the faithfulness of God. That there was a time when Joyce had about a hundred women at these conferences and she wanted more and kept “prayplaining” (praying+complaining) about it. In fact at the first women’s conference she had only sixty-five (65) women and today about 30000 women at these same conferences. *Hey Just Us Girls praise the Lord! God has truly been good to us o! Our first we had over 1000 women. So guess where we are going then 😉 *

There was a time when she was believing God for $200 to pay bills and today the ministry is doing charity work in billions of dollars, no debt, no borrowing, nothing! AMAZING. She’s been through incestual sexual abuse, divorce, homelessness, breast cancer (just found out she has only one breast yet she’s doing so much because she understands she’s complete in Christ.) Just name it. AMAZING!!

It just goes to show that God can use anyone if you will DARE to BELIEVE. Irrespective of your past, God will use you if you will be WILLING and OBEDIENT. And to top it all she’s 69 years old. AMAZING!!!

I’m not sure I’ve actually told you why this birthday surprise is just the best. I came across Joyce Meyer in 1996. I read her book BEAUTY FOR ASHES and it TOTALLY changed my life. I’ve been following her since then. I totally totally love her. Best compliment I ever got in my life was when someone asked me if I like Joyce Meyer because I preach just like her. I had a huge grin for weeks. So I’ve been confessing for about 5 years that One day I would be at one of these conferences. I even confessed it two days before this trip that I would be at the 2013 conference and my PK just said “Amen!”. Now looking back in retrospect he had a sly smile as he said it. So its AMAZING that today I’m here. Still believe I’ll meet her one day and she’ll speak at one of our Just Us Girls Conferences soon *ladies shout AMEN!!!* I’m on it. Watch out!

…And to top it up this was the 30th year anniversary edition. God is just AMAZING …and so are you baby. Thank you :* :* :*

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5 thoughts on “Live Amazed!

  1. Listened to this message again yesterday and I had tears
    God’s faithfulness is (for want of a better word) AMAZING!!!


    Now I am looking for a picture of Joyce in a dress. These black pants are ‘not amazing’ anymore lol


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