He promised me exciting…

When I met kingsley okonkwo eight years ago (yes I know we went to school together but truth be told I never really knew the guy I knew about him but I didn’t really know him) we hit it off immediately. One of the evenings where we were hanging out, he said to me “Marry me and I can promise you I will make your life an exciting ride.”

At that time, I thought He was just saying it as most guys do when they want you to marry them and when I agreed to be his wife, I didn’t think much of that promise made one evening in the car as he was dropping me off. However, I need to say this for the record- HE KEPT HIS WORD!

Now I know that my first post after Just Us Girls Conference should be about the conference with pictures and that I will do I promise but I had to get this out of my system first. Just Us Girls 2012 was awesome. Way beyond my imagination. I woke up on Monday after the conference and Pastor K said we had to pick someone from the airport and I followed innocently next thing I knew I was on a virgin plane Upper Class to London. Landed in london 6 hours later. Arrived at the airport as I was trying to sort out getting to the airport I saw a group of girls holding a banner. I was about to turn to PK and say “All these Oyibo people and romance sha!” Only for me to notice the banner had my name on it. Then I recognized the girls carrying it. When I turned to pk he was smiling sheepishly. Flowers, cards, chocolates, etc oh! And the most exquisite cake ever.

Party @ my hotel room and I actually thought that was it …If only I knew. Next morning I was a plane to the United States Upper Class by the way *i’m so getting used to this* … And guess what: it’s for the Joyce Meyer LOVE LIFE WOMEN’S CONFERENCE. I just love Joyce Meyer. Landed in America and there were flowers waiting in my room and a fruit and chocolate platter.

Hmmm….. The ride goes on. More gist later. Ladies marry well o! I feel so loved and the real trip for me is my birthday isn’t even till next week. Imagine. I love my baby. He’s MY BLESSING.

A few pictures. More later. Battery running down.

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21 thoughts on “He promised me exciting…

  1. aww pst M,am so api 4 u*tears of joy* and i connect to your testimony also that mine shall be g8ta than urs because am following u and api bday in advance.Dont forget to post the Joyce Meyer Conference on the blog pls.i luv u


  2. i meet you for the first time when i came for just us girl 2012, am i cant help but to fall in love with you from that day, i love the way you freestyle with words, i most say am so happy for you, and am sure this is just the begging of most fun for you, be cos God said, eyes has not seen, hears has not heard and the part i love most, it has not come to the imagination for man his plan for us , i mean for u. love you and so happy for you…………………..


  3. Awww. This is so nice.. I was moved to tears when I read this.. Tears of joy tho.. I love you mama and I connect to this.. Have fun maam. I love you


  4. Kneeling down, eyes closed, hands clasped… God by ur grace I will marry right.. Hian see the blessing o.. Stories dat touch!! So happy for u.. I want to be like u when I grow up ooo… Much love


  5. Aaaaawwwwwwwww….smiley tears…..i love my pastors. E lo ara yin dale o…e lo ara yin gbo.u shai always be crazai abt ish oda…dis is romantic; Dis is ow life shld be lived. I tap into d anointing oooooo.happy birthday in advance mama


  6. Are u kidding me right now Pst M!!! Pst Kay can be this romantic… Ten gold stars mehn… Pk u get all d gold stars… I feel like m reading a romantic novel… Pst M biko enjoy… Ur money ministry and may I add globe trotting are tied to the man u married… D lovelifeconference for me is d deal breaker… PastorK I n’ekpo oku oooo… Keep d fire burning…


  7. Btw I love d glasses… Totally. D blue rim works totally… When u r back I’ll steal it… And if tz recomended I’ll put my own lenses…
    May I also add that now all d men in dcc wl have to try to top this… Goodluck to em… Hehehe… Pk ds bar is high n huge sha…


  8. wow wow wow wow!!!! cudnt stop blushing as I was reading dis! dis is so beautiful and sweet.I must marry right ! mama ‎​Ʊ r an inspiration to me ,I connect to dis!!miss ‎​Ʊ muchos mama, have loads of fun and enjoy !!!!


  9. Wow Pastor M jealousy wan kill me o. Infact my husband must read this Lol. I love you Pastor M n k you too are our role model looking forward to meet with you both one on one . More blessing


  10. Hewwwww! this bar is sooooooooo high! PK u’re too much.this is a romantic novel played out. Mama I know you would be back by now cos 2day is………………your birthday! Happy birthday Ma. I’m so happy to be part of this victorious house where we’re taught to live the Word and where lives are radically transformed. God bless you and PK tremendously.


  11. May this same Grace radiating in ur lives be evident in the lives of those who desire Victory in every area of their lives. Lotta love!


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