funny things (II)

I started out yesterday with the funny things girls do. Well, today, I’ve got another one for you. I saw this on someone’s blackberry PM. I found it really amusing but is it really true?

“Boys insult each other, but they really don’t mean it. Girls compliment each other but they don’t mean it either.”

What do you think? I’m not sure I like statements like these that are built on generalisation but if you are a girl, be honest. One part of you went “its true jare”. Problem with that? You forget you too you’re a girl. Does that make you insincere when you give complements too? #just saying#

Having said that though, I’ve had my own share of these fake compliments 😉 *God help us o!* What? you want the gist? Hmm.. Honey this one doesn’t need any of my own personal experiences to make it any clearer. If you search deep enough you’ll probably have one or two of such episodes. If you don’t then good for you. I’m truly happy for you and I pray that you will never.

What I want to deal with today is teach you how to deal with this very funny thing that girls do.
#1- Don’t become dis-trustful of every other girl in your life – you may just be missing out on some great and fulfilling relationships with other people.

#2- Do Pray for the offending party. Pray for them from a place of love. Jesus did it. When Judas kissed him and betrayed him; when peter declared undying love then denied him, when the Jews declared hail the king in one breath then crucify him in the next. Jesus Prayed “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

#3- Don’t React: doing so will only reduce you to their level. Anyone back-biting, usually is behind anyway. E gEt EEt? Back? Bite? 😉

#4- Do de-clutter- this may be a good time to re-assess friendships. If someone you think is your friend keeps hurting you then this may be a good time to check out if their status in your life shouldn’t change. The person who is always talking about you behind your back shouldn’t be given gist consciously or unconsciously (blackberry, facebook and twitter) you can still have their phone numbers but having them on any of the social media just gives them unnecessary access to more fodder for gossip.

#5 – Don’t get drawn into strife. Stage four requires a lot of wisdom and skill. If not, tendencies are you will be drawn into strife and malice. Make sure you can still relate with the individual from a place of love but more importantly from a place of wisdom.

#6 – Do move on with your life. Don’t let false compliments or false friends put your life on hold. Achieve your dreams. Live your life. Whether or not you are blessed, people will talk. Besides better they talk when you are blessed than when you are not.

Finally let God judge. If you have “friends” who pretend they love you and yet keep hurting you. Don’t become a detective trying to set her up. Let God. You just focus on the work. It’s only a matter of time. They usually trip themselves up. Judas ate with Jesus, walked with him for three and a half years and one day, the thing in his heart began to come out. Its only a matter of time.

Having said that though, I encourage you to build genuine friendships again. Not all women are bad. The crappy ones are just 2% but unfortunately they are a very loud 2%. Trust God for genuine friends.

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5 thoughts on “funny things (II)

  1. ladies can take things really P. smtyms i wish we could act like guys 4 some time and stop seeing ourselves as enemies. i am fortunate to av very amazing friends who are more like sisters.

  2. Yes o. Sometimes girls dey tire me. Guys are easier to be friends with, but….. they have their own wahala. They can hardly be BFFs like my girls. They either start to want more than friendship or get a girlfriend/wife and forget you exist. But my girls ? What would I do without them?

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