Good morning people. I’m so sorry I couldn’t put up a post yesterday – my phone was really really acting up.

So I wanted to say my thankyous first of all. I’m so humbled by all the comments on my wedding anniversary blogpost. I somehow ended up crying when everywhere I looked either people were putting up our picture or sending messages on facebook, twitter, by text, email, you name it. It got so serious that one of my cousins had to ask me:

“Is 7 now like diamond jubilee? Abi una two wan run? Even dem mummy when don do 40 did not kick up dis much fuss. My whole bb has ur face.”

Got me thinking… Why all the fuss really. After all, its just seven years. Right? Wrong!!! What I’m celebrating is not just being married for seven years. Its being extremely happily married for seven years. I’m celebrating the fact that the Word of God works. That if you can change your mindsets by it, if you can decide to live by it, act on it and depend on it, you CAN and WILL have the marriage of your dreams.

I’m celebrating A GREAT GOD that can take something as ordinary as marriage and make it extra-ordinary enough that it inspires others to look to the same God to do for them what only He has done for us.

I’m celebrating the awesome wonder that somehow God has made my life. I’m not special. I just have a Special God. If He didn’t love me so much where would my life be? I’m BLESSED! I have a wonderful life *even if I say so myself* I’m serving the God I love with the man I love. What more can anyone ask for?

I’m celebrating the amount of impact that God has allowed our lives to have in just seven short years. God has used our marriage to teach people that marriage should be enjoyed not endured. That you can marry your friend and be happy. That you can have a quarrel-free, stress-free marriage. Yep! Very possible – I live it everyday. *I can almost hear some of the doubters 😀 I laugh because the reason why you are quarrelling in your marriage is because of your unbelief and you’ve chosen to fight and quarrel. I choose God’s way and I’m loving it! 😉 *

I’m celebrating so many things but most importantly I’m celebrating the most constant factor in this seven years: GOD! He’s proven that you can have a Great marriage once He’s the centre that upholds all other factors. Honestly, you can survive anything – and trust me we’ve had our fair share- financial stress, infertility, ministry palaver, etc but somehow it hasn’t EVER scratched let alone touched our marriage.

So why am I making such a fuss about just seven years? What’s the big deal? GOD IS! Some people have been married 70years and its been a frustrating personal experience and their marriage hasn’t affected anyone. So I’m celebrating because I’M GRATEFUL!!! *big grin*

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