September To Remember

Hi guys I know, I know, I know *covering my eyes* I’m so sorry. Its just been unbelievably busy around here for me. What with the BREAKING FINANCIAL HARDSHIP conference that lasted one week. You weren’t there? *give me a minute, I need to pick my jaw from the floor* Are you kidding me? Where will I even start from? That’s gist for another day o! But really even if I gist you it cannot be like panadol o!

Anyhow, I actually stopped by to wish you a happy New Month. I’m particularly partial about this month because well, it just happens to be full of expressions of THE BLESSING for me (you see now, if you weren’t at BFH you won’t gEt EEt)

Starting with september 1st : Our ministry DAVID’s CHRISTIAN CENTRE anniversary. The ministry started September 1st 1996. Leave o! Pastor K have tey in this work, he just looks young 😉 then my dear dear Pastor Peter passed on September 1st 2008 *sob sob sob* don’t even get me started on that one. Funny we miss him but more with a fondness than sadness. He still lives … Maybe in like 200 people sha because I don’t think we can ever get another ONE pastor Peter again.

Then September 3rd 2005 I married my darling PK. Don’t worry watch out for that blog ;). Don’t miss it o! :D. I’ll even bring out some never before published pictures of me and Pk and you’ll see why PK “fell” hopelessly in love with me. *honey I know you say you didn’t fall, you grew but hey! It helps the effect of the gist 😉

Finally September 26th is my birthday and for the record I accept cheques, foreign currencies, landed properties, cars, etc, etc, etc. Okay, Okay don’t worry I also accept shoes (size 41), clothes (finally moved into the size 14 realm after many months of exercise and divorce from all sugars and unhealthy carbs) *by the way its a great feat if you’re coming from size 20. I’ll gist you that one later*, I will also be kind enough to accept Naira *if its the N5000 denomination even better 😉 abi is it only for our politicians? (Enough said)*

Okay so I just came to say hi and to let you know that if you’ve ever believed God for any miracles? This is the month where it will be brought to birth and because its my September, I’ll do my best to blog EVERYDAY. *I’ll try ni o!* 😀

Mwaah! Hope this month will be as special for you as it is for me. I pray that it will be a September to Remember!

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