DEATH by White Wedding

Recently I did a blog post: BABY IN THE STREET I got a lot of feedback on the abandoned baby. Someone actually said to me that she thought to herself wouldn’t it have been better if the mother of the child had aborted it rather than throwing the baby in the street to die? Honestly, the first thing that entered my head was “Really? I thought she just did”. Too many people believe abortion is only done before the baby is born. I totally disagree. Abortion is abortion whether it was the baby that was aborted or the baby’s destiny. Its still abortion.

I’m going on and on about this issue because in the past few weeks I’ve been hearing some truly unbelievable true life stories. Things that I never imagined possible. I mean there I was and someone was telling me that her friend just had an abortion and when I asked why she would do such a terrible thing. Her answer? Well, you’ll get to hear as soon as I can pick my jaw from the floor. Its one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard. She said she had an abortion because she wanted to have a white wedding. I’m wondering now isn’t that placing the cart before the horse? Shouldn’t it be “I’m not having sex before marriage because (its a sin and) I want to have a white wedding” not “I’m having an abortion because I want to have a white wedding.”

Someone else shared with me the story of her neighbour who died recently. The lady had been married for 35 years with no child. Her story? She and her husband met when they were in their early twenties. They fell in love and after a while decided to get married. As is the custom in Nigeria, they did their traditional marriage and moved down to Lagos to prepare for the White Wedding in Church. As they were having sex, in the process, the lady became pregnant. She was distraught and insisted on having an abortion. “No!” Everyone screamed. “Just have the baby.” “And not have a white wedding?” She was outraged. They begged, she refused. They cajoled, she insisted. Until the man gave in. “No one needs to know. Besides there’ll be many more children”, She told him.

So they had the abortion and had a very big White wedding. She walked down the aisle in a beautiful EXPENSIVE white wedding dress. Sadly at the expense of her baby’s life. After the ceremony, husband and wife started their lives. First year no baby. No cause for alarm though they were still on honeymoon. Then one year became two years and two became five and five ten and ten twenty. Then all hell broke loose when one day a woman came knocking on her door. “I am pregnant for your husband” she announced. She was angry, then sad, then disappointed, then she got bitter but hey, who could blame him.
She tried the medical route, the spiritual, then she tried unconventional methods still nothing. By the time she hit 30years in marriage she was a bitter 53year old woman who had a photo album full of pictures of a beautiful white wedding but her life felt empty. Her husband though he didn’t leave her for the other woman but at least HE had a son. What did she have? …REGRETS!

My question now is “was it really worth it?” I believe with all my heart that God is a God of mercy but must we continue in sin that grace may abound? God Forbid!

Too many babies are losing their lives because of their parents’ selfish desires. If you want to wear a White Wedding dress then by all means do but please let it not be at the expense of an innocent child.

And just to set the record straight, you are not more married because you did a white wedding. All are valid whether traditional or court marriage. So ladies either way you are married and I don’t see the sense in having an abortion, as in murdering your child for a ceremony.

*Shaking my head- will I ever get the things that we do as human beings?*

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4 thoughts on “DEATH by White Wedding

  1. the heart of man is desperately wicked is all that comes to mind when u hear some of the terrible things we humans do. it is to avoid things like this that God created sex just for marriage but with our foolish sabi sabi attitude we av created chaos out of something that was created with the best of intentions. May God have mercy. thnk u pst M


  2. I really cannot understand pple and why dey do the tyns dey do! Becos of white wedding you kill pikin!!!*shockedsmiley* can pple just sit and think sometimes ‘we are not living here forever!!! We are on transit eh!!! Weda na death or rapture, we are leaving here one day soon’,


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