Picking stones

“Oh God this can’t be happening!” Those were the thoughts that ran through her mind as the men grabbed her. Pulled her by the hair. This was certain death. She knew it like she knew her name. A name she herself had almost forgotten as from every direction “Adulteress! Adulteress!” Was hurled at her. She barely grabbed a sheet to wrap around her as someone slapped her, another spat at her. She stumbled as soon as the slap hit her.

“Kill her! Stone her!” She closed her eyes. Steeled herself. So this was it? This was the end? Her life in exchange for one moment of pleasure? Pleasure?! She shook her head just as a lone tear slid down her face. “No one would know” he had said when she voiced her fears “how would they ever find out?” Where was he now? Abandoned and alone. No one seemed to remember that it took two to “tango” but all that didn’t matter now. Oh! The things she would have done differently… She closed her eyes. Could she pray for mercy? She dared not. God is a God of justice. Then she heard it… One lone voice. “No! Let’s take her to Him.” Him? Him who? Could this be any more disgraceful? Kill me now she begged silently. Yes the angry mob agreed as she was pulled and pushed to another journey of shame as they walked toward the temple. More people would see her. Did it really matter? She’d be dead soon anyway.

Finally they got to the “Him”. He looked different, He dressed different. He was different. He looked simple unlike the Pharisees and sadducees but there was something more. Something He had that they didn’t. Something that made her ashamed to approach him, afraid to be near him. “Master the law says that if anyone is caught in the act of adultery that she be stoned to death” He looked up holiness permeated the atmosphere – that was it: HOLINESS. This man was holy!

“…and As this woman was caught in the act of adultery what do you say?” I felt like I was in the middle of some power tussle. It doesn’t matter though it was more a case of two elephants at war. Grass that I am. I must suffer it. So I was to be the pawn in this chess game? Well, I knew my fate and if the stones that these men are picking is anything to go by then I am mince. Meat, that is.

Then he looked up again and our eyes met but I quickly turned away but then I remembered him. I knew this man. No! It can’t be. Isn’t he the one that heals? Will he also hurt? I’ve heard he raised the dead but would he also kill the living? They say He is the son of God so He must be just, holy and He must uphold the law of his “father”. So what do I do now? Say my last prayers? What do I pray? That it be quick? The truth is the question they asked him was more of a rhetorical question. They knew what they were expecting to hear so they had already started picking stones. Large sized ones, small sized ones, smooth pebbles, rough rocks… I could see them from the corner of my eye. This Jesus, for that was His name. Saviour, Hmmmm… Would he save? Still He said nothing. Didn’t look up. Just kept writing in the sand. My heart cried “save me!” But my head said “judgement is sure”

Then I heard the eleven most important words I have heard and probably will ever hear in my life.
He said: “He that is without sin. Let him cast the first stone….”

Every one has stones picked for them at one point or another. Even our Lord Jesus was judged so you’re in good company. How much holier can one be than God in the flesh? He preached the gospel, He healed the sick, He even raised the dead but all they could bring themselves to say about Him was that he was a drunkard, party animal and a friend of 419s and aristo babes. *oh! Okay I know those were not the exact words but hey! Same difference right?*

People are always too quick to pick stones. Looking at the speck in my eye? I wonder how u see it when there’s a big log obscuring your vision. Its easier to notice the young girl who was caught having sex because of a protruding tummy than to notice that you told your boss there was traffic when you clearly didn’t set off early. How about picking stones for the man who slept with his secretary and not expecting anyone to bat an eye when you look down your nose at people who are less privileged than you. Thus the stone picking continues when we don’t think our sins are as grave just because they are less visible to the natural eye. Sadly that’s not how God sees – All sin is sin. He is too holy to behold iniquity.

So, as I was saying. They had all picked stones. I’m sure some carried large sized boulders. Until Jesus spoke those timeless words: “He that is without sin let him cast the first stone” and the bible records that they all started excusing themselves starting with the oldest to the youngest. Why in that order? For the purpose of this blogpost, its not really relevant but what’s important to note here is that because we are all imperfect, it automatically disqualifies us and relieves us of all power to judge another’s imperfections.

I heard someone recently say something about how can someone with “questionable character” be allowed to work in leadership in church. Not that I’m making excuses for bad behaviour (if there is any because when people are judgmental they tend to see imagined faults) but once someone has given his life to christ, he is righteous. His actions may not yet have lined up with his new status of Christian but He is right with God and God sees him through the eyes of His guiltless son Jesus.

While we’re still on the subject of “questionable character” I find that as I read through the bible that God has a knack for picking people with “questionable character” – who can you name that was perfect? Abraham was a liar, Noah was a drunkard, David was an adulterer and murderer, solomon was a womanizer, Gideon a coward. Even Jesus disciples were far from perfect. Peter was a obnoxious coward, james and John had anger issues, thomas was a doubter, matthew a cheat and of course Judas a thief. Don’t even go near Apostle paul he’s the worst of the bunch.

So next time before you judge someone’s character remember you’re not perfect yourself and when you judge others you are now a partaker of the number one sin – PRIDE. Because automatically in your mind you have become equal with God and it is now your place to act as judge over someone you had no business judging. Kinda sounds like the devil doesn’t it? You have now taken his place as ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN *I’m just saying o!*

Besides, If you were perfect God would have used your blood to save the world not Jesus’ :D. That tells me you need saving too. Probably from your “QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER” 😉

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12 thoughts on “Picking stones

  1. Awwwww! So touchy! i desist from dis bad attitude of judgn peeps! ƛ♍ not perfect! i ask for the grace †̥♥ continue living a righteous life.thank U̶̲̥̅̊ ma for dis wonderful revelation!i never knew dis little fin(judgn peeps)matters alot.even M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ sef ‘judgement plenry for ma bory’.i lov U̶̲̥̅̊ ma! Xoxo!


  2. b4 I mk a comment I would like to thank you for helping me out with the issue of getting some of ur messages. the reception and follow up I got wn i called that number ws amazing. thnx.
    I bless God for the priviledge to have read this message cos am guilty of casting the 1st stone. always quick to judge and condem pple, pls join me to pray for grace to desist from such and to be like Christ.


  3. You couldn’t have said it any better. Infact these days when my friends want to start talking about someone else to me i say “get thee behind me satan” and they think I am mad.lol. seriously it is not in our place to judge but to correct in love and hope for the better. You are a good person Pastor Mildred and when I move back to naija i’ll love to attend your church, tho i heard its a mile and a century from where I stay (Lekki) 😦


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