Hi people I got this really interesting broadcast message on my BBM today. Not interesting like it was a story but interesting as in catchy and it actually made me smile. It said: 

“Who will tell MEN that the strength they have is not for beating women but for building them, this Sun 12TH OF AUGUST . Pst. Kingsley will Tell them…”

So what’s happening this Sunday? Because I’m very nice… *batting my lashes* I will tell you. If you can remember some weeks ago, I made a whole lot of noise about a programme just for women with a man where he’d be revealing all their secrets 😉 . Remember? It was called MANners. Well, if you can’t its just a few blogposts away. So, after that event, the men got a little jealous (as always :D) and insisted on having theirs. Unfortunately for them and very fortunate for us, its not a meeting where women’s secrets are revealed but one where the Real MAN- the God kind is revealed. I’m not so sure if they’ll come out of there laughing or smiling but one thing I know is that no Man will leave there the same.

Now back to that BBM broadcast. I found it really amusing. I mean who will tell the men? “Pastor kingsley will…” It said. If there’s one person I know who is not afraid to preach the word of God. Not emotions, not his opinion, but the Word. it is pastor kingsley. So if the Word says men are to build women not beat them Pastor K will definitely tell them… And personally, I think a lot of men need to be told this. Imagine the other day I was in a meeting with some men and I asked them why men beat their wives and one of them said he hates it when he talks and his wife talks back so he hits her. *I see MOPOL talking back to you all the time. Still haven’t seen you hit any – so rolling my eyes at you now*

Another said his wife was rude to his mother and he slapped her. Honestly, no excuses for bad behaviour but is that really the only way to correct someone? One of them actually said “which man if his wife says to him ‘whoo hoo! Your mother is a witch’ will not beat her and I say the kind that knows that two wrongs don’t make a right. The kind that is not easily offended and does not keep a record of wrongs. The kind that knows his job is to love and lead and that love is not always convenient or easy. The kind that will MAN UP to his responsibilities as a gardener, a husbandman not a scavenger or hunter.

But how will they know if they are not taught? How will they learn if they are not mentored? Too many bad homes and bad marriages because our “trained” women are marrying Christian men yes! But christian men who are untrained.

So, because I know you’re wondering why I’m I telling you this. Last time you checked you were a woman right? Well, I’m telling you this so you can help yourself. E gEt EEt? (Chigurl’s heavily accented ibo voice). So if he’s toasting you, ask him to MAN UP. If he’s proposing ask him to MAN UP. If he’s already your husband, for your own good ask him to MAN UP and attend MAN UP on SUNDAY 12TH AUGUST 2012. Time: 4PM. VENUE: DCC VICTORY DOME FATGBEMS BUSTOP BY NEPA OFFICE AMUWO ODOFIN, Featuring: PASTOR KINGSLEY, YAW, PITA & AAHEEDAY.”

Don’t worry ladies, I’m still looking for an excuse to sneak in so I can bring you all the gossip gist 😉 pictures et al.

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11 thoughts on “MAN UP

  1. Yay!!! I’m the first… hehehe… any prizes? Anyways i have just reblogged this to my blog… You wrote it so well i just had to share. Permission granted yeah? thanks ma’am… This blogpost is sweet walahi… MAN UP…


  2. Mama,this is d making of PROVERBS 31 MEN.your Sons are ready to MAN UP n STAND UP to be counted as builders of the Kingdom,Nations,Destinies and Families.So no shaking Ma its our TIME!


  3. Very nice, very beautifully expressed. Bvut there is a discrepancy between your date and the date in the picture:

    SUNDAY 12TH AUGUST 2013. Time: 4PM.

    Please, MAN UP and reconcile the difference.

    And I’m MAN-ing up to follow your blog henceforth. My own blog is so shitty. Thanks for sharing too.


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