…While i still can

This past week has been one of those weeks where you suddenly find yourself reflecting on God’s faithfulness. You see, things may not be perfect (at least not by “my” standards) in fact this week, that was the very reason for which I started reflecting and somewhere in the middle I found myself seeing more and more the faithfulness of God.

Ephesians 4 tells us “He gave gifts to men”. One version reads “He gave men as gifts”. This week I have become more aware of my gifts and in some areas of my life, my lack of it but above all, I have been made more aware of God’s faithfulness. He’s been CONSTANT and CONSISTENT over the years. He’s truly the only one who will NEVER leave you nor forsake you irrespective of what people tell you. Hard times don’t change God. Your faith in or lack of cannot diminish His glory. Questioning his ability will not erase it. He’s still ultimately God and God all by Himself.

So there I was thinking of the nature of God and How good He’s been and then I realised that like the saying When God wants to bless you; He sends you people… God had indeed sent me people. Unfortunately, I’m not as bold as one of my very fab daughters 😉 who went on a thank you spree and actually named names *doffing my hat* I sooooo dare not. Check out her blog http://eziaha.wordpress.com and you’ll understand what I mean. Almost one week worth of thank you(s) done in parts. She’s a very bold someborri. She even did it with pictures. Hmmm… Like I said before, I soooo dare not 😀

So as much as this is not that kind of gratitude blog (because I will not call anybody’s name o!) It is a kind of thank you blog. I want to thank God for people that inspire me to want to do more and be more for God. This week I found myself thinking a lot about one particular young man. A man who though maybe not as popular as my Pastor has become in recent times but who over the years was one of the biggest driving force behind most of our successes as individuals and as a ministry. His name? Pastor Peter Emeaghara.

I once likened him to my make-up bag. It was an article I wrote some years ago and it still rings true to me. You see as women your makeup bag houses everything that makes you look good. Some things like your foundation and concealer cover your spots, dark eyes and other blemishes, other things like your bronzer or blush make you glow. Some others like your mascara and eye shadow open up your eyes. You see, with Pastor Peter all these things are true – he covered faults, he made us look good and he made our eyes open up in amazement at how God could use one person to be such a blessing.

And the major thing about the makeup bag is that it is hardly seen. You don’t see someone makeup and then cellotape their bag to their forehead. It is content to do its job and not be seen. That is the definition of Pastor Peter Emeaghara. A man content to do his job and not be seen. Men like these are rare if ever seen. He is what the bible would call an armor-bearer. One who carried ur weapons and executed your defence. He once said to me when asked what his calling was: “I am called to be an associate Pastor” and I said to him, “what kind of calling is that? You are either a pastor or evangelist or…” He laughed then with a very serious look turned to me looked me in the eye and said ” I know my calling and I am called to be pastor kingsley’s associate. I am sent to help him carry out his mandate”. I developed a new level of respect for him. Very few men are like this and personally, I’m yet to meet another. He was a colleague and yet a son… seamlessly.

Today as I sit here writing about pastor Peter I have so many things I want to thank him for. He inspired me to start Just Us Girls. He kept saying “Pastor M won’t u do something for women?” And so I started writing, then I started the conferences, then the Tv series and now the blog. I have so many thank yous to say to him but the only problem is … He’s dead! 😦 …Well at least by natural standards because I personally don’t believe that Christians die. They just change location 😉

So here’s what I’ve decided to do. I’ve decided to live my life like he did… selflessly and to stand beside the man he lived his life serving faithfully beside. And while I’m here, to ignore those who decide to live otherwise and say as many THANK YOUs to those who help make my journey lighter and my mandate from God a reality

… Especially now …..While I still can :). So here’s to all my destiny helpers. I’m blowing you kisses … While I still can.

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11 thoughts on “…While i still can

  1. i jst found abt ur blog recently but b4 then I watched pst K on tv and i appreciate God 4 wt he is using ur family to do. i av a challenge getting sm of hs messages and ur book, help needed. to today’s post, i got a call this morning and got a terrible news abt a frend who lost both parents as if that ws nt enough, i got to the office and ws told a colleague lost the dad, as sad as I am abt both incidence, I am also grateful to God for hs faithfullness and 4 the fact that my family and I are alive. the make up bag thing makes alot of sense.


    1. Hey Ojay! So sorry to hear about your losses. Losing someone can almost always feel like a finality but thank God for what Jesus did for us… We now have hope. About the CDs n books call 08077714412.


  2. Pastor M…. I was almost moved to tears… this is soooo beautiful. Love this post MUCHEST…
    Aside from reminding me that i had a blog *covers face*, it got me updating mine… yay!!!! Right after i hit the send button here, i will hit the publish buttton on my blog… Muah much…


  3. You know I actually carry a make up bag everywhere n have never imagined an illustration of this kind. Wow! I love this piece! Want more! Muah muah!


  4. Reflecting on Pst K’s dp on BB a couple of days ago stating Pst P was his Armour Bearer which is consistent with his calling to be his “Associate Pastor”, Pst K also said he prays he could find good sons that will carry on that legacy.
    It is very obvious that such people cannot be replaced but my wife and I have decided to dedicate our lives to serving under Pst K and Pst M in the Victoriuos Ministry of DCC. We will go through this journey to the very end. Thank you Pst M for loving me in spite of me. I love you ma…


  5. Hmmm! stories like this encourages one to appreciate people more while we still can but why is it so difficult ? Why do we wait till its too late say “I appreciate and love you?. I think its because we take the concept of time for granted and assume that we will all be together forever. Someday we will but till then to all my friends, sandpaper ones and otherwise…..THANK YOU ALL!


  6. Reblogged this on the fab sister's Blog and commented:
    I had been literarily looking for tim with a torchlight, to write a full article publicizing MAN-UP… Well, God answered my prayers and made Pastor M write this beautiful piece which il just re-blog… hehehe… thank God we can re-blog blogposts ooo. God bless wordpress…I could not have written a better article… You see how Pastor M and I write alike abi? Please enjoy and her blog is http://www.justusgirls9ja.wordpress.com


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