If I say that I am not upset I am lying like a cat with fish tail hanging out of it’s tightly closed lips. Throughout yesterday i was in such a “blessed” mood. first I saw this video that has suddenly gone viral. That sickening one about the child in daycare who was hitting little girls. Now, I’m not so sure whether to put it up or not but seeing as I just talked about training up a child in my last blog, you will agree I am now officially “prophetess Mildred”.

There I was still grouchy about that one then someone sends me a picture of a child her husband saw on his way back from work. As soon as she sent me the picture on BBM, all I could think was where? Let’s go and pick the child. I jumped into my car and was looking for directions to the place when she told me she sent me the picture because the child was dead. Let me back up a bit right? Okay, the story is the child was placed in a bag and the bag was wrapped and left at the busstop. Apparently what had happened was that the mother of the child didnt want it anymore and dumped the bag at a busstop. In the evening one of the conductors noticed the  bag had been there all day and opened the bag and to everyone’s suprise there was this beautiful little boy (the child is so beautiful i thought it was a girl. pastor M this one beautiful? ehn! look well… he’s soooo fine, he’s just underfed) and the child died with its eyes wide open. He suffocated in the bag.

I was heart-broken. This is a typical case of “some have food but cannot eat; some can eat but have no food…”  I know that child is some people’s daily prayer point. Meanwhile somebody carried him for nine months and just throws him away like she’s disposing of menstral pad. A CHILD! A CHILD!!! that some people are killing themselves for. I mean if you dont want the child cant you find an orphanage or something to keep him?

And speaking of not wanting the child, how did you get to that level? I hear girls everyday say with tears streaming down their face when they discover they are pregnant,  “I dont know how it happened” well, I do…. YOU HAD SEX DUH! As in can you really be that un-in touch with reality? if you have sex, you can and most likely will get pregnant. stop being silly. The bible knows that when you do get pregnant that you will see the child as an inconvenience so God said wait till you are married but will you wait? FOR WHERE? Now this poor child has just suffocated for nothing but selfishness. I’m sorry if I sound a bit rash but I’m very annoyed with the mother of this child and here is the only place I can vent. I sincerely wish you had found another way… It’s so sad…another wasted destiny…

I dont know if you’ll ever read this but I pray that you will have a repentant heart so that at least God will forgive you and I pray sincerely from the bottom of my heart that when and if you get married that you will never experience the horrors of infertility; that you will not look for children because if you do, you will probably never forgive yourself. 

But just think about it, if your mum had thrown you in the street to suffocate in a zipped up bag…. #just saying.

Now I’m seriously considering starting up an orphanage. what say ye Lord?

21 thoughts on “BABY IN THE STREET

  1. i feel sooo sad dis has just destroyed my mood! am sitting on my desk at my office looking depressed so much so my boss is asking me kilode?? how can dat woman be sooo heartless and wicked??? A helpless and innocent baby dat didnt even ask to be born! I ve always had dis pressing urge to start an orphanage……its been my dream since i was a child and still is…….God help me to make it a reality

  2. This is sad. Can’t just imagine what the baby went through before he died. This is so so sad.

  3. Ok dis is somthing rily annoying.I gave birth abt a week ago n til nw am stil having pains,so I can’t undastand y a woman/girl wld go thru all dat pain only 2 end it in a zipd bag on d street.chai! I mean if u can’t tk care of d child y not drop him/her in front of a good church since going 2an orphanage myt prove 2b a problem. Discovered dat every of God’s instruction r meant 4 our own benefit n obeying dem mks life easier .when God says thou shall nt commit adultery fornication its cos he knws we wil face d repercussion here on earth b4 we even get judged by him after death. May God forgive d woman.i

  4. Na wa!! How selfish can she be? Mama you are so right, prayer point every morning and then you read something like this, very disheartning 🙁
    It is well…

  5. Dear Pastor Mildred, I think you should open something, it doesn’t have to be an orphanage but a safe house for these children that want to be killed by their own mothers (it breaks my heart, it really does)

    1. My dear Mia, I’m really thinking about it. Like I said I was on my way to pick up the child. I really wasn’t even thinking of all the modalities at the time just getting the baby safe. So maybe a safe house may be the answer for now. Hmmm….

  6. Another sad story…but I see it from this perspective, an irresponsible man planted this seed of thought, action then the woman, whoever she is completed the cycle. If more men in the world will MAN UP, and be like God, even if a woman is vulnerable, a purpose driven man will protect her not impregnate her. It’s said that it takes two to tango, but I challenge more men in this times to be discover God’s Purpose for the male man; it’s certainly not producing babies that will be dumped by the roadside.

    1. Thank u Noah. Couldn’t have said it better. Guys need to just MAN UP *wink,wink* but even if the man is insensitive. My “aunty” that carried this baby for 9 months nko? I just really think we need to work harder at spreading this gospel so that the love of God can be shed in their hearts because natural love is selfish love and when its no longer convenient it manifests in actions like these.

  7. Every time I replay that video or see the photo of this cute baby, I look at my little daughter and I thank God so so much.

    God is so merciful. He is just too merciful oooooh! This woman will still marry and have children if she repents of this sin.

    What will she teach her own daughter?

    Pastor M, me I am a volunteer worker in the safe house oh! Infact, I am a ‘scout’ for these children.

  8. Sad! A beautiful boy actually! I am speechless, but I refuse to stay mute, ladies sex could result to a baby that has needs too, and don’t be silly or self centered, there is always a way out, don’t think I am making sense but just refuse to stay mute!

  9. Great Day Mama. I couldn’t help but to begin to imagine wat u were thinkin immediately u got d news as though u cld just activate ur ‘SUPER WOMAN’ power n fly to where d child was to save him.howevr I think ther is agreat need for individuals to realise that it is not their sexual acts that bring about the birth of children..selah but rather,God’s own way of sending solutions into d world for an appointed time such that there can be illegitimate parents but there can neva b illegitimate children cos they all come from is really sad as such a just all girls seminar on child abandonment could suffice to addressing women on the dangers of such wicked acts n presenting them with better information for making d right choices cos most of this ladies have a choice but only lack d will power to mke the right one.wethet or not it was a ‘mistake’ or the guy refused to MAN-UP,is nt an excuse.Concerning the orphage centre I believe its a reality Ma cos ure already running one where a lot of ‘children’ church members come to seek refuge n find a reason to live again is so practical in DCC n trust God to mke this one a reality cos u already have it in you Ma…SHALOM

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