Passing The Baton…

Hello people. I must say that I’m really sorry about being so quiet these past few days. I’ve been very busy. Well not that that’s an excuse seeing as I’ve just recently ended my life-long relationship with excuses and my dear friend “Mr procrastination”. (If you don’t attend DCC you’re giving me extra work now because I now need to tell you about the divorce ceremony that took place in church on sunday but that’s gist for another time).

Anyhow, I’m so sorry my dear… What do I call you guys now? If this were twitter I’d call you tweeps but since this is a blog do I call you bleeps? :D. No that sounds weird. Okay sorry guys especially those of you who screamed out on your BBM PMs *blowing you kisses, more kisses and more kisses* I love you too. 🙂 I’ll try to make this more regular.

So here’s today’s gist. I must confess though that the idea came from a “personal friend of mine” -she likes to tease me like that in public events then privately calls me mama as I’m her pastor. Yes! Yes! I pastor important people *taking a bow* ;).

So as I was saying I was telling her about this guy I know who was married to this young lady. They met in his university days and he proposed. They got married and had two lovely girls. Four years into the marriage the lady notices that the network service in the house for his phone had suddenly gone “bad”. What other explanation would you give for no longer picking calls in the house. He would always say “hello, hello. I’m sorry I can’t hear you ” then step outside to take the call. At one point she even suggested that he change his phone as hers seemed to be working just fine. Anyhow long story short. He told her after a while that he was in love with someone else and wanted out of the marriage. After much drama. He took his two daughters and moved on but not before collecting his ring from her. His point? It was very expensive.

So babe number two gets the same ring and a fancy proposal and doesn’t bother to ask too many questions and just assumes that she has something special that the first Mrs didn’t and agrees to marry Mr man. She marries him and they continue their whirlwind romance. She gets pregnant and has a beautiful baby girl and suddenly this “phone network” problem starts again. (One would have thought he would have fixed it by now). Then surprise surprise he comes home and makes another announcement. He’s in love…again. And he wants out…again. And he wants his ring…again. his reason? Same as before. were you not listening? You really need to try to keep up *rolling my eyes* 😀

So he collects his ring and his daughter. Oh! Did I forget to mention that he’s rich? Hence (I suspect) the attraction for all these women. So number three comes in and believes somehow that the real issues have been the fact that he has no son. He’s a great guy after all and all these other women are the problem and blah the blah the blah… Well, she soon gets married (with the same ring I might add) and gets pregnant and tadaaa… She has a boy. Immediately the new range sport was launched but you see she also made the same mistake the other ladies did. He didn’t fix this phone network “problem” and sooner rather than later, uncle comes with his favourite line. I’m in love with someone else and blah the blah the blah… She tries cajoling, then tries talking sense to him, then tries emotional blackmail – she leaves with his son. He let’s her go with these famous words: “Don’t worry children always look for their Father. Go with him. He’ll come looking for me when he’s old enough.” Interestingly, she leaves with their son but not with the ring which funny enough was nicknamed “the baton” by “my personal friend” :D. No I’m not telling you her name. You’ll find out soon enough.

So, now he’s unto number four and they are currently still in a relationship but I’m not sure I understand why. Maybe the first one’s excuse was “love”, the second only God knows, the third was “the first son mentality” but you my dear number four what’s your excuse? Women are amazing sha. My husband jokingly says “if you must put a specie of the human race in the zoo, it must be a woman” I concur. He has male and female children wetin you wan born? Jesus? *shaking my head seriously*

Its funny but sad because women generally think they can fix or change a man and sadly you can’t. Was that loud enough for you? Okay I’ll say it again YOU CAN’T!!! Let it sink in: You CAN’T, YOU can’t, YOU CAN’T! If he’s cheating now. He’s a cheat. That’s who he is, that’s what he does. You don’t have anything the other girl doesn’t. So if he’s in a relationship or married and you’re “the other woman” and you don’t mind. Well when you become Alpha (fe)male don’t be surprised when he brings in another woman. After all, “cane wey dem take beat first wife, dem keep am for second wife.”

Remember the Golden rule of life Jesus Christ gave us “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12, Luke 6:31).

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10 thoughts on “Passing The Baton…

  1. PK shared this blogspot on facebook and I just checked because I know PK makes a lot of sense so anything that he shares will make sense too. But this space makes more than a lot of sense oh. I simply wowed. Most pastor’s wives are usually a lil bit uptight but PM your approach is simply simply amazing. I just added you to my role models list and I must definitely attend DCC service soon. God bless you ma


  2. Hi Pastor Mildred,
    Am interested in the photo illustration accompanying this sad article on cheats and …
    Do you know if the baton in the photo was used in a ceremony of some sort? If yes, and it was a ceremony you did, could you refer us to a link on it?


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