These days I have found a new trend of men. They are the ones I want to talk to you about today. They are a new breed and it seems they are increasing terribly in number. There are also a few people who can stop them – women! and I’m campaigning for more women to join me in stopping this silly trend. They are the SINGLE YET MARRIED MEN.

Have you encountered any? Don’t be too quick to say no. Let me first tell you who they are. They wear their wedding rings quite alright but only on their fingers not on their hearts. They wear “and co” with their wives but only as a fashion statement not as a covenant statement. Some of them even have kids but inside they are barely kids themselves.

Are you still saying “No, don’t know any”. Okay let me give you a few more clues. They are the ones who are married but still have women they are chatting carelessly with on their BBM, they are the ones who don’t see anything wrong in buying single girls things, after all she’s just a “sister” in church. (Mscheeeew na your mama born am?) Jesus said let the dead bury the dead and I say “let the single take care of the single.” Fight no de the matter na. In fact I heard gist that one of them actually gives out his wife’s stuff (without first telling her) to people just to appear nice. Some of you wives senior me in this marriage thing o! I bow to you #doffing my fedora#

Another amazing one. One new husband said he was taking a single lady home to discuss business with her. I don’t understand. His wife wasn’t aware o! I don’t know whether he was just gullible, naïve or just plain stupid. And the girl in question was dressed, well… Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly looking like someone you should take anywhere but to bed. Hmmm…

Unfortunately these men are married but still want the single lifestyle. Marriage has responsibility. You cannot enjoy the benefits without the responsibility. You cannot be married and be living single.

So, ladies I’m making a clarion call. If he’s a married man and he’s looking for a friend, point him to his wife. If he’s looking for someone to take to the movies, point him to his wife. If he’s looking for someone to chat with, copy and paste it to his wife. Since they have refused to be responsible let’s help them. If a married man hugs you or holds you in an uncomfortable manner then tell him immediately or better still scream it so you’ll embarrass him and you’ll have witnesses.

I’m tired of married men who still want to be single. Abeg choose one let’s know where you stand.#just sayying o!#

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7 thoughts on “MARRIED YET SINGLE

  1. am glad i got the opportunity to read this, am 1 who respect the institution of marriage and am soo pissed off when i see married men behaving like single men. if u want to be single , WHY DID U GET MARRIED?


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