I remember when I first heard the saying: “There is nothing hidden under the sun”. I remember thinking at that time that “Of course there’s a lot hidden. Are you kidding me? What else do they call SECRETS”

Well now I’m older I realize that a secret like someone once said to me, is something you tell everybody and tell them not to tell anybody. 😉

Funny isn’t it? The truth though is that there are some hidden things that open negative effects and those are the things that God is trying to get us from doing. Those are the things that break homes, spoil friendships and destroy destinies. Ask Adam and Eve (hmmm… This Adam and Eve matter again but if you read it you’ll learn a lot) Genesis 3. From what happened there you can see that the things they thought happened in secret (they went to hide for good measure) had repercussions that have transcended just that one singular act in a corner of a garden some many many many many many(get it?) years ago.

So be careful because sin thrives in secrecy. Sometimes it’s that little lie that you call a “harmless” white lie that may break up your relationship or that secret sexual relationship that may lead to an “unwanted” pregnancy and in some cases an abortion and all the other complications that can arise from that. Sometimes that “secret” act may not bring you trouble. It may just keep a blessing from you.

I just recently heard the story of one young lady. She was single but her closest friend was married to a wealthy man. After a while, her friend’s husband started hitting on her. He bought her expensive gifts, visited her when the weather was cold, held her when she was lonely and before she knew it she had allowed him have sex with her. After he left she cried and cried and cried but she couldn’t tell her friend so it became a SECRET -first mistake!

Because they already had a secret between them the sin continued to grow and the devil of course decieved her with “just this last time.” so she promised herself every time he came that this would be the last time – second mistake!

The man became bolder with his gifts – a tv, a couch, changed the (sin) bed and eventually renewed her rent. Eventually she became pregnant. Secret has become public right? Wrong! She aborted – third mistake!

You must understand how the enemy works. He never really tells you that the first mistake will lead to more mistakes or that one secret will lead to another secret or that one lie will require more lies to cover up the first lie until you find yourself caught up in a web of lies and deceit and at the end of the day things fall apart and the centre cannot hold.

So this young lady is single, dating a married man, her best friend’s husband, gets pregnant and aborts, then takes in again and aborts. It gets easier. Finally she’s sick of the whole thing and goes to her pastor (yep! She has a pastor. Remember a church is like a hospital) and confesses all – first step to being healed.

So her pastor said “go and end it!” But by then she was used to doing secret things. He said ” I believe God is saying this is your season. This is your time. God is about to do a new thing. He is sending you YOUR king”. She went home and for three years continued in the lies and secrecy. Eventually it became too much for her and she went back to pastor (after three years).

Her pastor said to her “letting go of this man would be easier if you would let go of all his things. So give out his stuff and repent”. She had finally come to her end and repented and went home and let go of all his goods (or should I say “bads” 😉 ) One day as her pastor was praying for her he got a word of knowledge on her behalf saying: ” I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.”

She received it and went on with her life. Exactly one month after, a young handsome oil-company working “bro” (remember I taught you bro is a rank in the spirit? Hey, keep up) 😀 so this fine, young, rich someborri came to her and proposed to her with these exact same words: “Before I say what I want to say to you, I need to apologise to you. What I’m about to do I should have done THREE YEARS ago. (Getting down on one knee) Will you marry me?”

Guess what she did. She burst into tears. Yes hot tears of regret. The devil is a bastard. If she had just been strong enough to withstand that temptation of getting into sin and secrecy.

The real problem I see with this whole thing is that the devil tells you “shhhh! Let’s keep this from everyone. No one needs to know. What he doesn’t tell you is what the “secret sin” is keeping from you. For her she delayed her own dream marriage by THREE WHOLE YEARS with all the shame and guilt included. She did herself more harm than she could ever know. Just like some of us are doing now- that “secret sex”, “secret masturbation”, “secret lifestyle” is just not worth it.

When she asked the guy why it took him three years he said he knew she was his wife. He just had a “knowing” but anytime he prayed, he saw a cloud of confusion around her. Like she was single yet married. Hmmm… And you think still think there is any such thing as a secret? I daresay if he had prayed more about it he just might have gotten a revelation of the real scenario. #just saying o!#

So just remember sin thrives in secrecy… Oh! I must not forget. if someone is making you keep a secret you shouldn’t then you owe it to yourself to speak up. Particularly if you’re being sexually abused. It only gets worse if you keep quiet about it.

I pray you find the courage to speak up in Jesus name. Much Love. PM

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11 thoughts on “SECRET THINGS

    1. I shout a big AMEN!!!! to that. cos it will indeed take great courage to open up ooo.

  1. I have been so blessed by this ,I have got goosebumps on my body,Amazing truth! Really.

  2. Hmm! I especially like the energy you employ in delivering these pieces and must admit that they are well thought out. I have read from the beginning but on this I will comment because I need to make a comment.

    Unmistakably I believe the second picture (yellow) with finger on lips is that of Angelina Jolie. Clear my doubts or confirm my believe. I had 2 questions on mu mind while I was reading… Can’t remember anyway.

    …like I said earlier about the write-ups, you have tried to balance the issues/problems generally on both genders but from my view the bias is clear. You used antics for male and tactics for female. Lol…

    To high heels and beautiful cars…!!

  3. Dunno if u got my initial note… The second pics with a finger on d lips is unmistakably Angelina Jolie.. Clear my doubts or confirm my believe..

    Nice pieces … Gone through almost all.

    To high heels and nice cars…!!!

  4. True. But its difficult finding someone genuine to talk to, someone spiritually mature to handle issues like dat.
    It amazing how forgiving God is, in the midst of her sin, he provided a way out n provided what her heart had long for(apparently the very reason why she went into dat particular sin).
    I really enjoy reading stories like this cos they uplift my soul, and so Pst M, keep up d good work. I pray God continues to strengthen and uphold you to keep bringing his un diluted word for this crazy times. Xoxo.

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