Some days I wake up on a very loud high. On some other days I wake up like an electric cooker – I start off cold and then gradually bring myself to a boil. Well, Today I woke up ready to take on the world. Bright and early and feeling really strong. I found my cape where I tossed it last week. Which cape? My Super cape – you know, the one that makes me a SUPER mum (the one I use to mother hadassah and every other person who calls me mama), SUPER wife (the one I use to be the “perfect” suitable and adaptable helper to the greatest, most gifted, wisest, most loving…need I say more? MOG I know), SUPER woman (yep! Whether you agree or not my life requires that SUPER just to be the woman that can live my life Lol!)

Okay so I whipped out my super cape but the only problem was I had a plane to catch this morning to Uyo so I bundled everyone out of the house at 7am so I could beat the mile II demon that controls traffic. We made it through after much James Bond tinz. Eventually made it to the airport at 8:30am for my 9:45am on Arik and as was to be expected, Arik decided first of all that after selling me a business class seat that they would use an all economy airplane #shaking my head vigorously# naija my naija! Why sell what you don’t have. While still rolling my eyeballs at them, I realized that they had decided to move my flight by 4hours #angry with steam shooting out of my ears#. Dana o! Dana! 😦 they used to be my best o! Very sad that they decided to choose money over value and today… Well, that’s another matter.

So here I am still praying that they actually leave at 1:45pm and in the midst of it all I hear some disturbing news then I just feel my cape slip off my shoulders…

That’s the problem with this super cape of mine. It has the tendency to slip off easily. All of a sudden I’m just not up for it all anymore. I just want to go back home, crawl into bed with my two “babies” and sleep for like one year #wishful thinking#
Hey! What was I saying again o! Okay I was telling you about that cape. Ehen! Hmmm… The problem with the cape is that because it is man-made -designed and produced by yours truly 😉 it is also often conquered by some level of human problems. If there ever was a cryptonite for that cape it is human issues (there are some things people tell me that I just feel drained instantly)

and because with this cape, it is not only man-made but self-imposed it can fail you as it did me.

So there I was sitting in the airport still waiting for my flight after almost 6hours of setting off from my house. Then I realize that I have fallen into the same trap that EVE fell into when she first met satan. (Go read it people! I’m not gisting you that one. read Genesis 3)

Like God? I don’t need a cape or “fruit” to make me super. I am already SUPER! Christ in me makes me SUPER! (Colossians 1:27) #singing I FEEL GOOD taranranranranranran#

Hey! As soon as I tapped into the spirit of God who strengthens my inner man (Ephesians 3:16). The news doesn’t sound so depressing anymore.

And guess what Arik boarding…
See you in Uyo 🙂

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