Why are men and women sooooooo different? Some say it’s the way we were created. Some say it’s WHY we were created that makes us so different. I’m not so sure which one is the correct theory or if both are but what I do know is that we are different.

Take for instance, a little while back, I saw two girls fighting and washing each other’s dirty linen in public. Seriously exchanging words and quoting curses from the bible. Yes! The bible. Oh! Forgive me. Did I forget to mention they were “christians”? Anyhow, when I finally got round to the bottom of it all. I found out that these bossom friends (oh! Did I forget to mention that too? Where is my mind?) Were fighting over a ‘bro’. now if you don’t speak christianese you may mistake this for the american bro! No, as PK will always say “bro is a rank in the spirit. After you get born again you become brother so and so. When you become more serious, you become “bro” after that is pastor”. Lol!

Anyway back to my gist. So these girls were fighting because one so-called “bro” had proposed to them both and then found out somehow even though he had told each one to keep it a secret as in his words “I don’t want anyone else getting into our business”. So there they were beating each other black and blue because each girl wanted to be alpha (fe)male. Sadly, while they were fighting instead of thanking God they had been delivered from a womanizing, deceiving liar and cheat, Bro had taken someone else to his parents as the girl he actually wanted to marry. You don’t see guys doing that now do you?

While still trying to recover from this episode. Someone came to see me that she was having issues with her fiance. The guy in question used to work with a major tele-comms company and had lost his job. He then set up a dry cleaning business and was planning to get washermen but this planning to first started with one week then one week became one month and one month became one year. So she started paying his bills and whenever they needed to see she would pay for him to get a cab to her or wherever they planned to meet. Not to mention paying for the date. So on an average on every visit she was paying between N5000 to N10000. Then she finally summons up courage to broach the subject with him and he has the audacity to say God has not told him what to do. Well, God won’t speak because all his bills are being paid by you. Duh! #rolling my eyes#. If he was hungry I’m sure he’d be praying seriously to hear God and what more do you want God to say? The bible says LOUD and CLEAR that whatever you hand finds to do, do it with all your heart (Ecclesiastes 9:10). And I’m guessing his hand found the laundry business so why can’t he wash clothes? Is there any business that you need to be more hands-on (excuse the pun) than a laundry business? If your hands have found laundry then by all means wash with all your heart. Which other revelation is he looking for?

Meanwhile that’s not the most annoying part. I heard he actually said to this his “madam” (what else do you call a girl who is “keeping” a man) when she asked him “so baby, when are we seeing?” He replied, “That’s up to you. You know what to do”. As in???!!! If it were a girl who was involved in this kind of lifestyle men would be dodging her but this guy who is a lay-about is actually appealing to girls.

That’s not all o! Imagine because of marriage the things girls will go through. Another young girl actually met a guy on facebook #shaking my head seriously# this facebook palaver is gist for another day sha… So they become friends then they start a “relationship”. Guy is based in china. Being an “international business man” and all. So they do “internet love” for a few weeks and of course he promises her heaven and earth. Finally they decide it’s time to meet physically. Now instead of the guy to come down to Nigeria, our dear aunty decides to go to china since he’s VERY busy (and you are not?? Mscheeew) so finally she gets a visa (which she paid for) and buys a ticket (which she paid for) to go to china. She arrives in china and first day they meet, (of course) they have sex. Then he asks her to borrow him money to pay his house rent that he was actually on the way to the bank but had to pick her at the airport so couldn’t make it to the bank. And of course that was the first of many loans which she was never paid. Thankfully she bought a return ticket if not she would have bEen stranded in china. Eventually she found out he had no such international business. Well, unless you call duping people of all nations (that’s inter-national business right?). So my dear girl came home worse off than when she started.

You need to understand how men think. We are emotional beings as women so we don’t see some of these things coming. We tell ourselves that As far as he fulfils my emotional needs even if he’s lying, cheating or even hitting me, it’s alright.

Honey if you intend to get it right with men. There are a few things that you may need to know. And I have good news for you. Come SUNDAY 15th JULY 2012. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (yes that fine pastor 🙂 and he’s the bestestest husband in the whole wide world 😉 ) will be teaching on MANners. @ David’s Christian Centre Victory Dome fatgbems busstop Amuwo Lagos. Time 4.00pm.

Don’t miss it. It’ll just be pst k and ladies (sorry guys you’re not invited. How could we invite you? We’re going to be gossiping about you 🙂 )

So ladies. Don’t miss it and please bring a friend.

And oh! singing sensation Yinka Davies will be there and Palmira and (ya gurl again…) Chigurl. So see you there.

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5 thoughts on “MANners

  1. Pastor M, I have read every single post and I absolutely love your way with words, you are filled with uncommon wisdom and you have a way of writing; very fluid and interesting. The only problem I have though, it is a BIG problem is…please you need to update more often please. Like daily!! This can be part of your daily ministry. You are touching lives Ma! You certainly have touched and blessed mine both from the pulpit and from this blog. Please let’s do this more often. x x x Love ya

    1. Awww.. Thanks Fifi. I’ll try really hard to make it daily. I’ll try I promise. Its just been so busy around here. But like you said I’ll work on it. Maybe to make it easier -kll add on a daily devotional. Yeah? Hmmm…. Now ideas flowing much. Anyway I’ll come up with something. Mwaah! You’ve made my day.

  2. Wow!!
    We women can swallow a lot all in the name of love
    And we humans can condone a lot all in the name of ignorance .
    I guess its time for an eye opener and this goes for everyone
    Will definately be at the programe . Won’t miss it for the world !!

  3. Infact pastor m. Am trying hard to resist the temptation of leaving my church for dcc. Pastor k hold amazing program every month. I have invited all the ladies in my ofis.sure I will not miss this.

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