If Gold Rusts…

I woke up yesterday to some disheartening news that a popular MOG was getting a second divorce. Hmmm… Not being one to judge I will not talk about another man’s servant sha o! But…

You see the problem with this divorce matter is that we have been sitting here shaking our heads and looking all self-righteous saying “dis oyibo people sef” not realizing that the thing has reached our “doormot”. Its incredible that divorce has become just another status on our forms. We now have what warri people call “mind”. We can do whatever we like. We don’t even fear God anymore. If I’m not mistaken “The Lord God of Israel says: I hate Divorce.” (malachi 2:16) is still in the bible.

The other day someone was giving me gist. You know I was telling you before that “pastor M de hear things o!” So I was saying, this guy met this girl who had one goal in life (at the time) to marry before she turned 25. Her parents had told her “25 must not meet you in this house” and as the usual fashion is for cholerics. It seemed like her parents had just said the words : “on your marks, set, go!” So my dear sister was out to get anybody who would make her a MRS before 25. She met my young gentleman who loved her for her drive and somehow not being sure in the end who proposed to who, they landed at the altar.

Anyway just so I don’t bore you with too many details because the gist was long. Uncle and wifey started living “happily”. He got a job in a bank and she worked as a secretary somewhere but because they both didn’t have a university degree she couldn’t get her dream job so she came up with the idea that they should both go back to school but offered that he should go first. He said No since he had gotten comfortable and suggested she go first. She tried in her ususal choleric manner to make him but oga was having none of it. (You’ll understand how frustrating it can be if you’ve ever met a phlegmatic man. You’ll understand fully the saying that you can get a mule to water but you cannot make it drink). So after many failed attempts. She decided “whatever! I’ll just go back to school. That’s his business”. So she started a degree program and a professional course at the same time. she passed all the stages of the professional exams and eventually finished her law degree. She went to Law school and in the year she got into law school, Mr man lost his job.

See wahala! But as God would have it, she finished top of her class and got a job in one of the major oil companies in the country as a company secretary. That was when all hell broke loose. So there she was with a jobless, partly un-educated, laid back man. He became a house-husband. Picking the kids, cleaning the house, running errands, etc. Of course he became more and more annoying because he just didn’t fit into her picture of a dream life.

Eventually she bought a house in Apapa and they moved in. First major sign of trouble, she wanted separate bedrooms, then she constantly belittled him in front of friends. Then finally she thought about it. She was feeding him, clothing him and paying his house rent… Rubbish! What next?! DIVORCE! Simple. She just signed papers and filed irreconcilable differences and kicked him out. What happened? She simply OUTGREW him she says.

OUTGREW him!!! Like buying a size 10 dress and suddenly waking up one day to find you’re now a 12. So toss it out right? Wrong! You don’t just throw away a human being.

Okay o! That’s one. In fact people have turned this marriage thing into a joke o! Even pastors are tossing out wives and my question as always is IF GOLD RUSTS WHAT WILL IRON DO? If we who have the Word of life cannot obey the word of God. What do we expect from the world?

There’s more gist o! This divorce thing seems to be reigning! I have to run now. Let me go and cook for pastor k o! But I’ll be back to give you gist soon. But we need to keep praying for the body of christ. Seriously.

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5 thoughts on “If Gold Rusts…

  1. Well said Pastor M.I was also shocked to my bones when i heard the news and immediately i asked,whatever happened to “till death do us part?” In the marriage vow.We really need to pray for the body of Christ.


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