What prophecy will cause for people ehn! the kind of things I hear this days. imagine someone came to my office just the other day and was gisting me about their neighbour who was preparing for their child”s first birthday and as is the usual tradition with most naija families had declared the full works. so to facilitate proper “road block”they had bought a cow . the cow had been there patiently awaiting its slaughter even though i suspect it must have been praying for a miracle because the day before it was to be killed, here comes their FAMILY PROPHET. now that first cracked me up – family prophet? where do people get this kind of nonsense? anyway so here family prophet comes with this prophecy: “THUS SAITH THE LORD, IF THOU KILLEST THE COW THAT THOU BOUGHTEST WITH THINE OWN MONEY, THY CHILD SHALL ALSO DIETH”. okay so i’m guessing you know by now that he didnt go beyond THUS SAITH THE LORD in king james english but that was basically the message that as soon as they put a knife to the cow’s neck, baby too was going to die. lucky cow 😉

so what do you think the parents did? they relocated the cow (by the prophet”s further instruction of course) to a motherless babies’ home. now my question is: is the cow there as an adopted cow or for slaughter? if the cow is that child (which he insinuated by saying the life of the child and that of the cow are intertwined) then does it matter where it is killed? whether in the house or at the orphanage. so as i speak sorry write to you now, mummy is in the market buying meat parts (maybe someone else’s child since cows are actually children) to celebrate the birthday.

its so sad what people get up to in the name of prophecy. someoen else told me that their prophet said she has spiritual husbands (apparently in the spirit world it’s alright to be female and polygamous) so they gave her a special soap to bath with and she was to read psalms into a white bucket with water in it before taking a bath. people are commited o! =)) ROTFL. unfortunately they are committed to nonsense. how can soap cure a spiritual problem? why did Jesus have to die? he could have just made a factory that makes soap to cure sin. mscheeeeeew!!!

the one that actually annoys me the most and im praying that girls will get a grip on is this “peter wants to marry me and paul wants to marry me. who should i marry pastor?” if i dont know you because most times people send these questions by email. so if i dont know you and i dont know peter or paul, how am i supposed to know who you should marry? ladies please know God for yourself. you cannot throw away your life and destiny on the whim of a man. who knows maybe his wicked uncle is named Peter. so what will he tell you? know God for yourself!!!!!! rememeber God is not a gossip so he will not need to tell someone to tell you something when he has access to you. the spirit of God inside us confirms that we are children of God (Romans 8:14). stay on the word of God. it is a more sure word of prophecy (2 peter 1:19). if God needed you to know anything more He would have put it in the Word.

i really wish there was another way to help you. ok! there is. call +2348077714412 to order pastor Kingsley’s message on THE PLACE OF PROPHECY IN MARITAL RELATIONSHIPS. (LOVE DATING AND MARRIAGE SEMINAR JUNE 2012 EDITION).

LET ME LEAVE YOU WITH THIS FINAL ONE… these prophets are becoming sharp these days o! one lady said the prophet said they should make a sacrifice of white chicken with no blemish but it must be fried.. it still cracks me up just to think of it. next thing it will be in stew with a little rice. im soooo SMH vigorously.

11 thoughts on “THIS PROPHECY THING !

  1. Mama wont kill us with lafta ooo.. D fried, blemish free, stewed chicken…next to corrrrrect freshly boiled hot white rice,probably to be eaten by a blemish free!he!hee! Women ..sometimes we just choose to gork tins by ourselves. Dat prophet had dreamt of eating fried chicken siiiince and d opportunity came.cant get over dis. Laughing to tears.


  2. “.Loº°°ºoL”. Nice one Pst M. Tnx for sharing that piece! Its a amazing how many women’s lives & destinies these ‘prophets’ have altered cos they let them. It will surprise U̶̲̥̅̊ how many ladies lives ve stood still cos of these so called ‘prophecies. I kno of a lady that was in a relationship with a man that †ђξ ‘prophet’ said is her husband, taking all †ђξ nonsense dished out by †ђξ man mnyl †ђξ man is, permit M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ to say as useless as they come. Very irresponsible. So ladies like PM said, we shud kno GOD for ourself.


    1. Thanks dear. Did she marry the man eventually? Don’t know how women can be so gullible. Let’s be reading our bible o! Its for reading not for putting under the pillow.


  3. We allow these “prophets” easy sell because most ladies are to lazy to pray, read the word, and instead want the so called prophets to do it for them, thereby fally prey of deceit. I know of a prophet that told a man that his wife of almost 13yrs was a witch and that she had spiritual powers, and out of fear, the man left his family. Now tell me, how come in the 13yrs, thw wife had not chopped him and killed him?, why was she still preserving his life and he was progressing in his business and the couple were also blessed with 3 lovely kids. Hmmmm, dat woman must be a good witch. The bible don talk am, test all spirits ooooh


    1. A witch that helps you prosper. That’s a new one o! Lol! The man should get a life. How can a prophet tell you to leave your spouse and you believe. Where is the prophecy coming from? If it is God, he has already told us I hate divorce and the putting away. The man should just be honest with himself. He just wanted to go.


  4. The phrase ‘God is not a gossip…He doesn’t have to tell someone ist…’ Just about sums it up for me. Puts a whole lotta stuff in perspective 🙂
    And that fried chicken??? Geez!!! What’s next? Blemish free red bb porsche to communicate with the gods on her behalf??? Ife mmadu y’afu n’uwa… *longhiss*


    1. Honestly if you’re on speaking terms with God why would he have to tell someone else something to tell you. When his mouth is not paining him. How can the one who gives mouths and words suddenly not know how to use His?


  5. This is a good and straightforward piece. The havoc that false prophets have wreaked on the church is incalculable. We’ll however agree that the office of the prophet has its place in the church. Please could you kindly do a follow-up piece on the place of the prophet in the New Testament church? Thank you.


  6. This is an eye opener. Am back to my precious bible, My God will reveal to me what I need to know no more finding answers when the answer is in front of me. Thank you ma.


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