E No de sleep!

Pita n my daughter.

Singing *”E no de sleep! E no de slumber! When I’m going through the fire. My God de see the pain… I know he will answer me when I call”* Okay. Let me rephrase. Trying to sing. 😀

I love that PITA song especially now when I’m trying to figure out where I kept sleep. My eyes are so WIDE open. Was about to start asking for sound sleep afterall I’m his beloved 😉 (psalm 127:2) till I remembered this song. So hey! I’m in good company. I’ll just stay up and gist with God 🙂

I’m thinking though that very few people do what PITA does. He says PITA sings but do I agree? Not exactly. Singing doesn’t fully describe what he does. His music heals, it soothes and it gets my 14 month old daughter dancing. Its purifying and its really good music. I know I’m advertising but if you’d just listen to his album you’ll know what I mean.

I know plenty plenty people who love pita especially @ DCC but very few who know how to show him. here’s an opportunity Log onto. http://www.africagospelawards.com/nominate.html

PITA has been nominated in 2 categories for the Africa Gospel Music Award. Best Video of the year (One Man) and Discovery of the Year. Please follow the link above to vote for him and bring the awards home to Nigeria.

Ok so now you know. Vote o! Don’t be the typical nigerian. Always moved but never motivated enough to do anything about it. Ok people I’m going back to trying to sing along to my “over-scratched PITA cd” and in the process gist with my Never Sleeping God ({})

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