speaking of anger…

How can someone be sooooooooooo annoyingly infuriating. After contact with some people you feel like you just drank a cup of vinegar. I just had one of those episodes. I cannot understand how you can give so much love and yet receive hate.

But you know when walking with God you will never find an excuse good enough to justify anger, bitterness, strife or offence.

You know why? Because Jesus came face to face with all these emotions and did not succumb. (Hebrews 4:15). He was betrayed, denied, insulted, flogged, slapped, stripped naked and all he said was : “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. (Luke 23:34)

Easy? No! Possible? Very!!! How do I know? Because Jesus did it and everything Jesus did on earth, He did as a man which means as a (wo)man I can do it too. Besides I have the Holyspirit. So all you annoying people … Bring it on!!! 😀

2 thoughts on “speaking of anger…

  1. thanx ma,dis is what i need to hear at this point in my life because i’m prayer for the grace to overcome anger.may God give you more knowledg,thanx ma


  2. I am gradually seeing God change me in this area. I am more open than ever to the Holy spirit to open me up for more change. Thank you for this at least I know am human, and that scripture Heb 4 vs 15 came as rhema to me. I needed this. Thank you Ma.


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