high heeled shoes

Just the sound of shoes makes me feel good. Okay! I know that to the “religious” mind that sounds very carnal. Hey! Pastor. Lol!

I’m sorry to upset you o! But I believe God gives us ALL things richly to enjoy (1Timothy 6:17) and that includes shoes 😉

Ok so with that out of the way. I was saying I love shoes. In fact anyone that knows me well knows I have a teeny weeny unhealthy love for shoes. Kinda like how some people love cake and others love flowers? Well, pastor m’s thing is I love shoes. High-heeled shoes especially do it for me. You know the peep-toe platform kind? Yep! That’s me.

However there’s a downside to this for me. You see the real reason I love high-heeled shoes is the elevation and confidence I get from the lift. Sadly it’s short-lived because once I take them off I go back to being what my cousin pcee calls me “shorty”. No not the funky american slang that sounds like “shortay!” No! Its the igbo-accent one that sounds like “shorteeee”. 🙂

Ok so this is where I’m going. I’ve found something that can give u a constant lift. Want to find out? Be at David’s Christian Centre amuwo on June 20th to 24th. For more info call +2348077714411.

See I’m so sweet. I’m sharing my new found secret 😉

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